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Chapter 313: Hitting people without hitting their

  The lumpy man said half a day did not say anything, Li Dong finally understand, this guy's feelings are no more than they know WWw……lā twisted head to see Hu Xiaorui has to crowd, Li Dong had to follow to squeeze in. Waste a lot of work, causing all the way to yell, Li Dong squeezed to the scene of the incident. Did not have time to observe what happened, you can hear Hu Xiaorui angry to the extreme cursing. "Shit, looking for death, right? Dare to scratch my car, impatient to live!" Li Dong followed the voice and looked over, and saw Hu Xiaorui stroking the pink sports car parked in the middle of the field with a distressed face. This is a Lamborghini, specifically what model Li Dong do not understand, but just look at the appearance of the know cheap. Hu Xiaorui drive a car is not cheap, this is supposed to. Hu Xiaorui is the pearl of Hu Ming, is her grandfather's family's heart, open a few million sports car is nothing. But now this pink sports car at the left door is more than a clear scratch, destroying the perfect appearance. Although Hu Xiaorui usually like a little girl, but the heart and children are similar, now the beloved toy was broken, Hu Xiaorui while cursing, while starting to shed tears. Li Dong was shocked to see this, and did not even care about the crowd that was fighting next to him, and hastily squeezed to Hu Xiaorui's side and said comfortingly, "Xiaorui, do not cry, it is not just a car, turn around and buy it again." Hu Xiaorui sniffled and choked slightly, "But this is my father's 20th birthday gift to me, I've only driven it two or three times, my father will definitely be angry when he finds out." Li Dong hurriedly said, "It's okay, I'll ask Mr. Hu to send you another one later. If you don't want your father to know, I'll send you one of the same, if you like the original one, then send the car over for painting, a scratch does not affect anything." Hu Xiaorui pouted, still feeling aggrieved. Li Dong saw that she did not cry, slightly relieved, this girl is a time bomb. If this makes her cry, her family is afraid to come over and look for someone to fight for their lives. Although not Li Dong's responsibility, but Li Dong also do not want to because of such a small matter of the unbearable, but today the car scratching people are definitely finished. Li Dong turned his head to look at the people who are tearing, just focusing on Hu Xiaorui, Li Dong did not see clearly. But when you look clearly at the two people fighting together, Li Dong some speechless. Two people he knew, one is just driven away by Hu Xiaorui Yao Li, the other is not seen for many days Meng Qiping. Not only is there Meng Qiping, the ones who are pulling the strings are also acquaintances. Li Tie, Yuan Qingfeng, Bai Su, Cheng Nan …… Then Li Dong looked around, and found that many people are familiar, should be the classmates of Jiangnan University. Seeing that they are still carrying things in their hands, Li Dong probably guessed why they came here. Today is Sunday, and it's spring, the class should be out for a spring trip. The environment of Lanshan is not bad, there is also open space at the foot of the mountain for everyone to barbecue, and there are various tourist attractions on the side for everyone to visit, so it is indeed a good place to tread on the green. These thoughts Li Dong flashed, see Meng Qiping also and Yao Li wrestling together, and hurriedly go forward to pull the frame. While pulling the frame, Li Dong asked, "Don't do it first, what is going on?" Meng Qiping is holding Yao Li's hair, grimacing: "Brother Dong, why are you here? Help me fuck this bastard!" Cheng Nan next to me was about to cry and said loudly, "Stop fighting! Quickly let go, if you hit again, people will die!" If not for the arrival of Li Dong, Cheng Nan really want to cry. So many people did not care about the matter, the fat man had to care, and the result was this. The man who fought with the fat man, at a glance, you know that is not easy to mess with, wearing brand-name clothes, but also drive hundreds of thousands of cars, this kind of person which is their students can clean up. The entire class of so many people, when everyone's eyes are blind? But finally, in addition to their two dormitory people up to pull the fight, almost no one made a sound. And Li Tie, although they say pulling the fight, but obviously not too much effort, to really boil the blood, five or six boys have already put this little white boy down, but also need to fight into this. The more you think about it, the more angry Cheng Nan, see Meng Qiping still pulling Li Dong to fight together, immediately cried: "Fatty, let go, or I'm leaving!" Meng Qiping grinned and was about to speak when Yao Li, who was being held by Meng Qiping's head, cursed, "Fuck you, let go! Damn fatty, you fucking hit me, I'll kill your whole family, you have the guts to kill me, or you're dead!" Meng Qiping is not a good temper, heard another punch on the back of Yao Li. Li Dong saw that Meng Qiping did not suffer much, pressed the hand and said: "Let go first, what is going on?" Meng Qiping heard Li Dong say so, only then let go of the hand holding Yao Li's hair. Once Yao Li's hair was freed, he punched Meng Qiping without saying a word. Li Dong saw clearly from the side and kicked over without even thinking about it! Bang! Yao Li was already weak because of the half day of wrestling, and now he was hit by Li Dong's kick, he fell to the ground. "Fuck you!" Yao Li was mad with anger, looked up and opened his mouth to curse, but when he opened his eyes, he saw Li Dong's face. Yao Li's heart was a little weak, his eyes turned one by one, and he just glanced at Hu Xiaorui beside the car again.