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Chapter 314 - The Lion and the Rabbit

  Yao Li left, and the crowd of onlookers gradually dispersed. Meng Qiping said with a smug face: "Brother Dong, how about it, see the combat power?" Li Dong despised: "Clean up a kidney deficit guy you still got so long, in vain grow a fat!" Meng Qiping instantly bristled. Cheng Nan next to the moment to calm down, do not even think about grabbing Meng Qiping's ear scolded: "You head into the water is it? If Li Dong had not come, I see how you end up? Is he someone you can afford to mess with? Meng Qiping, do you not want to live anymore? If you don't want to live, let's break up!" Meng Qiping screamed in pain, "Let go first, there are so many people, give me some face!" "Why do you need to save face? Don't you like to beat people up? I'll fight with you!" "……" Li Dong ignored the two people's fuss and said to an angry Hu Xiaorui: "Xiaorui, what do you do with this car?" Hu Xiaorui deflated and said, "Let's drive back first." Li Dong nodded and said to Zhou Lele, "Miss Zhou, I'll let my driver take you back, I just met my classmates, accompany them to talk." Zhou Lele lightly smiled, "Don't bother, I'll take Xiaorui's car back, it's actually similar." Hu Xiaorui nodded, still looking a bit sullen. The first thing you need to do is to get in the car and call Zhou Lele, Hu Xiaorui stood next to the car and said to Li Dong Dong: "Li Dong, I'll go back and tell my dad about this, I'll call you when I smash the door of Yao Li's house, don't forget this time." Li Dong narrowed his eyes and smiled: "I can't forget, by the way, I haven't asked you what Yao Li actually does?" "Oh." Hu Xiaorui carelessly said: "His family is also engaged in real estate, but not very famous, what seems to be called the disciples of real estate or the gods of real estate, anyway, almost the name, go back to your own check will know." Hu Xiaorui did not care to chat, said these on the car. Then the pink Lamborghini disappeared into the parking lot in a flash. Li Dong stood in place and stroked his chin, this time there should be a good show, as for smashing the door of Yao Li's house, Li Dong really want to try. This guy provoked himself for no reason, Li Dong until now did not understand why. The opportunity to take advantage of Hu Xiaorui's nonsense, Li Dong does not mind fanning the flames to see the lively, for all the guys who have hostile intentions towards themselves, Li Dong likes to eliminate all in the bud. "Brother Dong, people are gone, still watching?" Li Dong glanced at him and asked, "You guys came to the spring tour?" "Yeah, I should have known not to come to this shitty place, I told the class president, the botanical garden is quite good ……" Meng Qiping rambled for half a day, Cheng Nan on the side pulled him a bit. Meng Qiping shrugged helplessly and asked Li Dongdao, "Brother Dong, why did you come here too?" "A friend asked me to climb a mountain together, and I just finished the activity and was ready to go back." Meng Qiping also did not ask more questions, but some curiosity said: "just that woman who ah, driving a Lamborghini master, too awesome, than your car are better." Li Dong gave him a white glance and pointed to the Maybach not far away and said proudly: "Brother, I changed my car long ago, see? That Maybach, mine!" Meng Qiping's eyes were rounded! Not only him, several people standing around Meng Qiping heard it and turned their eyes to the Maybach. Then Meng Qiping couldn't help but gulp: "And spring tour what things, brother Dong, give me over, later when you leave take me one." The others didn't say anything, but just looked at Meng Qiping with envious eyes. This kind of luxury car they naturally also want to take a ride, but their relationship with Li Dong is also general, this can not open the mouth. Meng Qiping can directly ask for it, but they can't. Li Dong laughed: "OK, but are you sure you don't want to play?" Meng Qiping pointed to his dirty clothes and sighed: "Which is still in the mood to play, the body is still sore, go back early to rest." "I say you are also idle, this kind of thing is also you can manage?" Although Meng Qiping helped him clean up Yao Li today, Li Dong still cautioned. Yao Li is the son of a real estate developer, and can play with Duan Yong, obviously not the small real estate developer Hu Xiaorui said. Li Dong is not afraid of Yao Li, Hu Xiaorui does not put Yao Li in the eyes, does not mean that Yao Li is really so good at bullying. Today if Li Dong they did not come back, based on Meng Qiping grabbed the other side of the hair to fight, Yao Li get him killed is not uncommon. Don't think the world is peaceful, want to get rid of a person way too much, especially for these real estate developers, Yao Li want to clean up Meng Qiping, not too many ways. Meng Qiping mumbled: "I'm not just doing what's right, and besides, I only went up because I saw him alone, if there were more people I wouldn't dare to provoke ah." Li Dong shook his head, advised: "Next time pay attention, don't mind everything, people scratch is Lamborghini, drive this kind of car is so easy to mess with? Grow some eyesight, don't get yourself killed someday." "Got it." Cheng Nan on the side saw the situation and hummed: "Long overdue for Li Dong to teach you a lesson!" Meng Qiping was a bit unhappy, but did not say anything. Li Dong smiled and said, "But it is not without merit, at least the fat heart is still good, this guy looks ugly, people are still quite good." Meng Qiping laughed bitterly: "Are you sure you're complimenting me?" Li Dong gave a laugh and was about to speak when Bai Su, who was not far away, suddenly said, "Li Dong, do you want to barbecue together?" Li Dong looked at the crowd and saw that the class was a bit timid when they saw themselves, shook his head and said, "Forget it, I have something to do later, you guys have fun." Bai Su nodded without saying anything. Li Dong looked at her ready to leave, suddenly turned back and said, "Bai Yueqin is your what?" This is what he just remembered, before seeing Bai Yueqin Li Dong felt some familiarity. But at that time Li Dong also did not think of this matter, until seeing Bai Su, Li Dong know why look familiar, the two were not some age gap, look a bit like. Bai Su heard Li Dong ask, frowned slightly and said: "My cousin, you saw her?" "Well, just on the mountain, you wait here for a while maybe you can meet later." "Forget it!" Bai Su seems to be a little upset, and did not explain to Li Dong, turned to the class and said, "Let's go, still have to get the barbecue grill, late noon will not be able to eat." Other people have left, and Li Wan who is familiar with Li Dong a few people and Li Dong said hello also each go. Finally, only Meng Qiping and Cheng Nan remained in the same place. Li Dong led the two to the car, Meng Qiping first greeted Zhou Haidong, "Brother Zhou." Zhou Haidong nodded, and then said, "I didn't see it was you, if I had known it was you I would have gone over."