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Chapter 315 - The Bridgehead

  The company's main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to the public. Li Dong from back let Liu Qi find an enlarged Suan map to study up. Shen Xi and Sun Tao when the two arrived, Li Dong people are almost into the map. Seeing the two enter, Li Dong hurriedly said: "Come over and help me see, you say Suan if you build a new city, where to build suitable?" Shen Xi slowly walked over, swept a glance on carelessly said: "still need to see, Suan old city south of a large open space, ten ** will be built there, you are ready to speculate on land? I've heard that many real estate developers have recently smelled the fishy crocodile, and have long partnered to speculate on the land." Li Dong glanced at her, feelings this guy also do not know the inside story. Did not ask Shen Xi, Li Dong asked Sun Tao said: "Sun, what do you think?" Sun Tao laughed: "I really don't know Suan, but I guess it's also the south side of the piece, where the terrain is flat and more suitable for building new cities." Seeing that both of them guessed this, Li Dong raised his eyebrows and said, "If a new city is built here, will a 100,000 square meter shopping center go out of business?" "Nonsense!" "How many people are there in Suan, and 100,000 square meters? Do you know what a 100,000 square meter shopping center means? If the new city doesn't have a million people, the shopping center will collapse." Shen Xi finished and looked at Li Dongdao: "This is not your idea, right? We are investing and not speculating, I think you should stop." Li Dong shook his head and said, "I didn't say it, Jia Wenhao said it." "Jia Wenhao?" Shen Xi frowned at once and said with slight doubt, "When did you meet Jia Wenhao?" Li Dong briefly said the morning mountain climbing, then said: "Xu Shengzhe said Jia Wenhao is a shrewd person, I also think he will not say this to me for a good reason, so I guess he is ready to make big moves in the new city construction. <> "Shen Xi fell into deep thought. Li Dong saw the situation and asked: "You have no news about the new city?" Shen Xi shook her head and said, "The new city plan has just been adopted, not yet formally planned, the leadership group is also just completed preparations, and I am not a member of the preparatory group, how can I know." Li Dong thought about it and pointed to a blank spot on the map and said, "Do you think if Jia Wenhao built the new city here, it would be right?" Shen Xi and Sun Tao looked down. Immediately after Shen Xi frowned and said, "This place is separated from the old city by dozens of miles, but also separated by a mountain range, really want to build here, then it should not be called Suan New City, almost a new city, the investment is too big." Sun Tao also added: "I have been here once, sparsely populated, flat terrain, it is possible to build a new city. But there is one thing you should pay attention to, here almost out of Jiangbei, Suan originally and Jiangbei is not close enough, if the new city is built in this, almost out of the Jiangbei boundary, Jia governor dare to do so?" This time it is the Jiangbei appropriation to build a new city, turn around Suan new city if it becomes the Sunan, then the Jiangbei leadership must not be angry. Once the middle of the problem, Jia Wenhao later do not want to mix in Jiangbei, this kind of eating out of the people not many people will like. Other than that, the province can not pass this plan is a problem. And Sun Tao think different, Shen Xi suddenly said: "It is not really possible to say, there is a point you may not be clear, Jia Wenhao this guy is not actually Jiangbei people. <> This guy is to Jiangbei gold-plated, his regional concept can not be as heavy as we are, in our view impossible, not necessarily he does not think so." "That means Jia Wenhao may really do it?" Shen Xi thought about it and said, "Pay attention to his recent itinerary to know, if he builds a new city here, he must negotiate with the Sunan side. As long as he went to Sunan, then it is ** not far from the truth, this guy does not look like a bored gourd, the courage is not small." Li Dong listened to her mouth is "this guy", can not help but ask: "He and old Du is not a gang?" Shen Xi rolled her eyes and said, "Who are you calling Old Du? What a gang or not a gang, this guy is a gold-plated, in Jiangbei who does not rely on anyone, alone, who knows what he thinks in his heart." "Then you say he came to me to talk about this, is not trying to lean on Secretary Du?" Shen Xi said, "I'm not an official, how do I know what they think. But if there are benefits we will take, as long as it does not break the law, the other care so much why." "That's true." Li Dong gave a laugh and continued, "What do you think if I guessed, we take some core lots in advance?" Shen Xi was not very interested, said casually: "Whatever you want, you can go toss if you have money. But I have to remind you, this is all your guess, if you guess wrong, in this place to take land but blood money, almost no other use." Li Dong guess the place is now a wasteland, more rural than rural areas. Once the new city is not built, it is of no use whatsoever, building factories are not cost-effective, it is definitely a losing deal. <> This point Li Dong has a number in his heart, but he is sure of his guess, or not a guess, this is where Jia Wenhao is about to build a new city.