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Chapter 316 Partnership

  (Thanks to the strong face ~~ happy smile brother's million reward) and Shen Xi quarrel a few sentences Li Dong also did not take it to heart, this woman often come to the aunt, today may also be. r?anwenw?w?w????????? The two quarrels are good for physical and mental health, and Li Dong quickly cast aside. As soon as Shen Xi left, Li Dong said, "Sun, you first let Liu Hongmei get the money ready, in the next two days I am ready to personally go to Suan to investigate." Sun Tao asked, "One hundred million?" "Well, let's start with that much." Li Dong finished and said, "If I'm not in the company, you keep an eye on more, I found that you've been idle a lot lately, don't really think of yourself as a pension." Sun Tao smilingly said: "Which can, it is not feeling out of date, I am recently charging it." Li Dong smiled and said with some interest, "Charging? How do you charge?" Sun Tao was a little embarrassed and said, "I bought some books and watched some experts' lectures on the Internet, and I feel pretty good." Li Dong some emotion said: "It seems that I have to learn from you, recently I feel that I also can not keep up with the pace, and then do not learn really outdated." Previously, Li Dong did not have this feeling, but when he came into contact with Xu Shengzhe and these people, this feeling became obvious. Not only Xu Shengzhe, even he previously despised Hu Wanlin and Chen Rui, these people are not good stubble, really calculate, Li Dong is not necessarily their opponent. The reason why he is invincible, there are two reasons. Rebirth mastery of the general direction is one point, the other is Shen Xi. Although Li Dong machismo outbreak, think no Shen Xi is actually the same, but the fact can not be argued, no Shen Xi, he may have been swallowed. The reason why just argued with Shen Xi, and this is not unrelated. Sun Tao laughed: "Mr. Li, don't be modest, if you are out of date, then we old bones really have no way to live." "Come on, don't flatter me. Just this period of time is busy, and so free I have to find a business class to learn a little, to recharge themselves, these days the boss is not capable, the staff dare to blow up, and then do not show their skills, must also be struck dead." Sun Tao lost his smile, he knew Li Dong was talking about Shen Xi. ……3 27th. Xu Shengzhe found the door, see Li Dong first look, Xu Shengzhe said: "partnership or single?" Li Dong narrowed his eyes and said, "What do you mean?" Xu Shengzhe smilingly said, "Still playing sloppy eyes with me, Li Dong, you can't eat such a big piece of fat meat, let's join hands and eat the fattest meat first." Li Dong smiled and said, "I do not understand what you mean, I recently found that I have become stupid, you do not speak through I can not understand." Xu Shengzhe had a black face, for a long time before he gritted his teeth and said, "Anyuan County!" Li Dong shrugged his shoulders, this guy really guessed, the IQ is not low ah. Anyuan County is the address of the new city determined by Li Dong, of course, that area is very desolate, although it belongs to Anyuan County, in fact, there are some small villages scattered, far from Anyuan County city. Li Dong saw Xu Shengzhe really guessed, also do not test, doubtful: "Long Hua strength so strong, do not have to join forces with me, right?" "Not Longhua, I personally." Li Dong looked at him not to speak. Xu Shengzhe smiled lightly and said, "What's wrong? I do not want to work alone? You Li Dong is a human being, I Xu Shengzhe is also a human being, you can fight alone, I am more abject than you?" Li Dong waved his hand and said, "I don't mean that, I just think you don't have to do that." Sooner or later, Long Hua is Xu Shengzhe's, now Xu Shengzhe left Long Hua alone is only to prove himself, Li Dong feels no need for this. These days a good birth is also a capital, since you were born in such a family, it is only natural that you enjoy the fruits of such. After all, rich people are not born, Xu Shengzhe's father and mother had also worked hard. Xu Shengzhe shook his head and said, "You don't understand." Li Dong snorted and scoffed, "How can I not understand, after all, just two words - pretentious!" Xu Shengzhe glared at him, and after a moment of silence lit himself a cigarette. After a few puffs, Xu Shengzhe said, "Say you do not understand you have to pretend to understand, know what is called the greater the hope the greater the disappointment?" "Tell me, I find myself seemingly a little interested." Xu Shengzhe did not care about his flirtation, softly sighed: "Sometimes not hard work will be rewarded, and not all expectations will necessarily come true." Li Dong heard some meaning, some curious said: "Do not be your own imagination, right?" Xu Shengzhe said self-deprecatingly, "I hope so, but I think the possibility of being the King of Han is very high." Li Dong pondered for a while before he figured out who Xu Shengzhe was talking about, Zhu Gao Xu, son of Zhu Di. This guy accompanied his old son to fight the rivers and mountains, a lot of merit, skills are not weak, his old son has been said to give him the throne. But who knows his old man is a big fool, the throne was finally handed over to the eldest son, this is called the first and long. Li Dong thought of these, truly some surprise: "Your elder brother is not a playboy? Your old man can give him Longhua?" "Oh, anything is possible these days." Xu Shengzhe did not want to say more, turned back to the main topic and said, "Off-topic words will not be said, what do you think?" Li Dong saw that he did not want to talk about this, did not press further, shrugged his shoulders and said, "I do not care, alone or in partnership, but I have limited funds, how much money can you use?"