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Chapter 317 - Tan Yong's release from prison

  The next day. Fire Ran? Wen? ? w?w?w? Early in the morning Li Dong took Zhou Haidong a few people to Pingchuan prison. At 8:30, Tan Yong was led out of the iron gate by the prison guards. Zhou Haidong several people went up and Tan Yong hugged, Li Dong patted his shoulder and laughed: "Looks good, except for a little white nothing has changed." Shaved head Tan Yong touched his head, some raw, said: "Mr. Li, it's all because of your up and down, no one inside to make things difficult for me, I'm doing well." Li Dong laughed: "Don't mention that, it's shameful for me to say it." Tan Yong laughed and scratched his head, "Mr. Li, why are you here in person?" "Preparing to give you a reception, but it seems that I'm being nosy." Li Dong laughed and looked at the woman and several children standing timidly to the side not far away, Tan Yong's daughter-in-law and children had also come. Tan Yong was embarrassed to see this and laughed: "Let you laugh, I'll let them go back." "Don't, sister-in-law and a few children have come to pick you up, so we won't cause you any trouble. I'll say a few words and then leave, we'll talk later." Tan Yong hurriedly said, "Mr. Li, you can say whatever you want." Li Dong did not rush to speak, handed a cigarette to Tan Yong, and helped him light it, and lit one himself, and then said, "No more sensational words, you just came out, rest at home for a while, go back to the company report." See Tan Yong did not speak, Li Dong said: "Or you do some small business, I help you to play, to ensure that the rest of your life without worry." Tan Yong's face was a little shaken. Next to Zhou Haidong saw this and quickly said: "Old Tan, what are you thinking! Let's continue to work together, Mr. Li can still treat you badly?" Cao Hongbing also said with a satisfied face: "Brother Tan, you still don't know, I bought a house in Pingchuan at the beginning of the year. Anheyuan house, one hundred and ten square feet, three hundred and sixty thousand, a handful of me paid two hundred thousand down payment!" "Two hundred thousand!" Tan Yong was a little surprised, Cao Hongbing family what condition he knows. This guy's family condition is not much better than his own family, otherwise last year would not have gone to work for Li Dong as a fighter. But this guy now actually has money to buy a house? Cao Hongbing said with a smug face: "You do not know, I became a leader. Does the supervisor know? A month's salary plus bonuses are 10,000, the New Year's Eve, Mr. Li also gave me a year-end bonus of 50,000, the family and then together, the house will be in hand!" When Cao Hongbing finished, Zheng Long also said, "I am similar. Not only did I buy a house, even my children have been transferred to the city to go to school, and it was Mr. Li who helped me. Both said with a face of emotion, in just one year, their lives have changed radically. From the struggle for survival, to now in the provincial capital city to buy a property, simply a heaven and a ground. Who would have dared to believe that they would have today when they first came to the far side? Seeing Tan Yong dazed, Cao Hongbing smiled again and said: "We are nothing, Brother Zhou is the cow! Not only did he buy a house, he also took out a loan for his parents to buy a small apartment, and we're all envious of this little life." Zhou Haidong's smile was full of sunshine. Compared to Cao Hongbing them, Zhou Haidong because to help Li Dong drive, take a double salary. Last year's year-end bonus Cao Hongbing they take 50,000, Zhou Haidong but took 100,000, plus he is the manager level salary, this year down saved more than 200,000. He usually have nothing to spend, plus buy a house when Li Dong also subsidized a little, and finally Zhou Haidong bite the bullet, in the same district to buy a small house for his parents. Compared to the past, Zhou Haidong feels that he is now living a god-like life. See the three said so, Tan Yong could not help but gulp. He would like to go to Li Dong that dry, but too embarrassed to ask. Just now he did not say anything, now listen to people finished, and then open their mouths, with the money to go like. Wanted to go, but Tan Yong is really embarrassed to say. Li Dong is actually speechless, Cao Hongbing a few people talk is not what he taught, these guys are not afraid to treat Tan Yong? Ignoring these guys, Li Dong smiled at Tan Yong and said, "There is no hurry beforehand, you go back to spend more time with your sister-in-law and family, some time later I treat, we get together, then we can talk." Tan Yong gently exhaled and said, "Thank you, Mr. Li." "What are you polite with me, all right, I won't bother you anymore, Old Zhou, send Old Tan and his sister-in-law back." Zhou Haidong answered, Tan Yong hurriedly said, "Mr. Li, don't bother you, we can go back by ourselves." Li Dong was about to speak when Zheng Long next to him said, "Mr. Li, I'll take Lao Tan and his wife back." In the morning, Zheng Long also drove the company van to pick up Cao Hongbing, this guy has learned to drive and likes to show off his skills. Li Dong smiled and looked at Tan Yong, and then looked at his own car, and finally nodded and said, "That's fine, let Old Zheng send you back, family reunion today, I will not bother you." Tan Yong hurriedly said, "Thank you, Mr. Li, for your trouble." Li Dong waved his hand, walked over and chatted with Tan Yong's wife for a few minutes, teased the children, and let Tan Yong go back first. Stopped in place for a moment, Zhou Haidong whispered: "General Li, Lao Tan actually wants to work with you, he is just thin-skinned, you see ……"