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Chapter 318 - Hu Xiaorui's Secret

  Although Li Dong does not know Hu Xiaorui's mind, but for no reason to smash people's doors, this is too out of tune. I was thinking of an excuse to get by when Hu Xiaorui suddenly said, "Li Dong, if you do this job with me, I will tell you a secret." Li Dong's face is full of black lines, dry a vote, how to say this word and bandit-like? But for Hu Xiaorui mouth of the secret Li Dong is still a little curious, slightly interested: "What secret?" Hu Xiaorui said with contempt: "I said it is a secret, you think I will tell you?" Li Dong said: "always have to give some hints, or else when you casually say that you wet the bed when you were a child, is this also considered a secret?" "You're the one who wet the bed!" Hu Xiaorui angry grabbed Li Dong to bite him, Li Dong cried and laughed for a while before pulling the girl away. Hu Xiaorui does not relent, open teeth and claws to bite, Li Dong was forced to say: "Okay, I'm wrong, I wet the bed when I was a child, okay, the world only you do not wet the bed." "Yes! I did not wet the bed!" Hu Xiaorui huffed and puffed. The two of them have been fooling around at the entrance for a while, and they have attracted the attention of many people. It is not how handsome and beautiful the two look, people look more or two luxury cars. A Maybach, a Lamborghini, which can be rare in Pingchuan, two at once to see even more rare, even the security guards of the Global Building are not anxious to let Li Dong and Hu Xiaorui move the car away. Li Dong did not want to be seen as a joke, hurriedly said: "first upstairs, smash the door what is the hurry, it is not dark yet, in broad daylight do not go to smash people's doors?" Hu Xiaorui crooked head to think, then nodded: "Okay, then we go up and then plan plan plan!" …… went upstairs, Li Dong casually found an excuse to send Hu Xiaorui to find the tools for the crime. Then Li Dong took out his cell phone and gave Duan Yong a call. The company's business is to provide a good solution to the problem. Li Dong immediately smiled and said, "Thanks, I'll trouble you with this." "You're welcome, willing to gamble and accept defeat, besides, it's not difficult, the director of the Economic and Trade Commission and my father are hairy friends, a matter of a phone call." Duan Yong said with carelessness. Li Dong thanked him again, although the selection of "leading enterprises" was not too difficult, but if no one passed the word, it would not be so simple. Since Duan Yong said so, it means that this matter is sure, just go through a show. Li Dong care not "leading enterprise" this title, but the next government support, subsidies, not to mention how much money, the key to have this name, the next far side can be a lot smoother. But today's call is not about the "leading enterprise" selection. After talking about the material, Li Dong turned back to the subject: "Duan Yong, ask you something." "You say." "The last time we climbed the mountain, Yao Li seems to have some problems with me, this matter before I did not care, do you know what the reason?" Duan Yong pondered for a moment before saying, "I didn't ask about the specifics, but it seems to be about the land. His old man muttered a few words at home, A Li this guy has no brain, probably want you to make a fool of yourself, Mr. Li do not bother with him, this guy is a mixed man." "Land?" "I'm not sure about this, his family is in the real estate business, because the land some disputes are normal. Mr. Li don't think too much, this matter is his old man casually mentioned, not necessarily they have to oppose Mr. Li." Li Dong laughed: "I understand, just ask, just have an idea in mind, thank you." "You're welcome, next time you have the opportunity to get together with Mr. Li." "Okay, sure!" The two of them exchanged a few words of courtesy, and Li Dong hung up the phone. After taking a look at the office, Hu Xiaorui was looking for a hammer, so Li Dong didn't care much about it. He called Liu Qi to come over, Li Dong said, "Check for me to see if they are planning to take the land of the distribution center or the land of Huafu, tell me when you find out." "Got it!" Liu Qi took the task and went to work. Li Dong's heart is a little helpless, far away from the real estate, only to take two pieces of land to build some infrastructure, did not expect that this is on the mind of people. The water in the real estate industry is really deep enough! And think of tomorrow to go to Suan, Li Dong heart sighed, this time to earn a sum, may not be the future to offend how many people. Now those real estate developers can be in the old city that area of land, and so Jia Wenhao plan to expose, these people must lose a lot of money. Good heart is okay to say, if the heart is not good, may be a grudge on the big profit Li Dong. What people have these days, you make money, people lose money, it is not uncommon to be hated. Of course, Li Dong also just think about it, cynicism on cynicism, he is not a god, can not care how others think. Can not because of fear of people cynical about themselves, making money business and not to do it. This time Hu Xiaorui also found Li Dong's hammer, holding a small steel hammer, Hu Xiaorui a face of curiosity: "Li Dong, you have nothing to hide a hammer in the office why? Is it that you use a hammer to teach your employees a lesson when you control them?" "Don't bullshit!" Li Dong cried and laughed and said, "also use the hammer to teach a lesson, said I and tyrant like, last time the curtains are a little loose, I took the hammer to get a little, forgot to put back." "No way, you a boss also want to repair their own curtains?" "Nothing to do, a little activity." Did not dwell on it, Li Dong asked, "What about the secret you said, tell me about it?" "Then you agree?" "Tell me first, if it's really a secret, I'll accompany you." Hu Xiaorui considered for a moment, and finally reluctantly said, "Okay, then I will say it first, you are not prepared to back out." "Say it." Li Dong looked indifferent, although he was curious about the secret in Hu Xiaorui's mouth, but actually did not take it too seriously. This girl has been fooling around all day, and Li Dong doubts that she even knows what her family's business is for, so what secrets can she have. Hu Xiaorui thief looked around and finally lowered her voice and said, "I told you, you are not allowed to talk to others." "Got it, say it quickly." "Old man Chen is going to fall." "Who?" "Old man Chen!" Li Dong said speechlessly: "How do I know which old man Chen, say the name okay." "It's Chen Jikuan, the old man of Chen Rui's family." Li Dong's face changed and he said, "Really?" "Of course it's true!" Hu Xiaorui looked unhappy and said with a huff, "I never lie." Li Dong licked his lips, feeling a little dry, and hurriedly said, "How do you know?"