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Chapter 319 - Smashing the door together

  <> Genius One Second Remember『→Net. , to provide you with wonderful fictional reading. Evening. 【△ net WwW. 】 The entrance of Fortune Garden. Li Dong is a little tired, looking at Hu Xiaorui who is wearing a cardboard box on her head, Li Dong exhaled and said, "Miss, can you get rid of this thing?" Hu Xiaorui stifled: "Didn't you say you couldn't show it to people? This way others won't know that we did it." Li Dong powerless to spit, big sister, this is rich garden, rich people's community! People do not have security? No surveillance? Well, these aside, we are driving your Lamborghini in, the Yao family head did not go into water also know that it is you, right? Lazy to say anything else, Li Dong drove the car directly into the community. Don't ask why not registered, these days the car is the face, open Lamborghini, people are not stupid security, and not into the government agencies, who will come up to check you. In the community around, Li Dong found the Yao family villa. It was already dark, and the lights were on in Yao's villa, so there should be someone inside. Li Dong pulled off the paper box on Hu Xiaorui's head and asked, "People are at home, do you really want to smash?" Hu Xiaorui some hesitation, after a while before gritting her teeth and said: "Smash, just smash their front door, after smashing we will run!" Li Dong laughed: "Okay, listen to you, then I can go on?" "Go ahead, Pikachu!" "Pikachu your head, you first and I second!" Hu Xiaorui thievingly took out a small steel hammer from the car, and handed the steel pipe to Li Dong Dong: "Let's go together, I don't dare to do it alone." "Good!" Li Dong's eyes flash of strange color, get out of the car and walk to the villa door. Yao family villa is the outside layer of the courtyard, inside is the main door, but the courtyard door is not closed, the main door is closed. Two people walked to the front door, Hu Xiaorui some afraid to make a move, Li Dong laughed, picked up the steel pipe and "bang" smashed on the door. "Who!" "Come on, someone!" "……" some chaos in the room, Hu Xiaorui see Li Dong smashed, which is still worried about what, the only thing left is the excitement. Pick up a small steel hammer "bang bang bang" and began to smash the door. Although the little girl's strength is small, but the Yao family is not an iron door steel door, for the sake of beauty, the Yao family chose a solid wood door. In a short time, the door was smashed by the two potholes. △ net WwW. 】 In the distance also came the noise of the community security, Li Dong saw the situation and shouted to the inside: "Yao Li, still do not quickly get out!" As if hearing Li Dong's voice, then Yao Li's furious cursing voice came from inside the house: "Li Dong, I'll fuck your ancestors! You're out of your mind! Are you sick ……" With Yao Li's cursing, the two smashed the door more and more vigorously. Before the Yao family thought it was a gangster did not dare to come out, now know the door is Li Dong, the Yao family is not afraid, just when the two smashed the door, the door was suddenly opened. Li Dong was stopped, but Hu Xiaorui's small steel hammer was to smash forward. Yao Li is angry jumping to open the door, face to face to see a small steel hammer smashed over, immediately scared face are purple. Or next to Li Dong see the situation quickly, hastily pulled Hu Xiaorui arm, Hu Xiaorui small steel hammer in the hands of the deflection, just from Yao Li's shoulder side brushed. Yao Li's legs were weak at the moment, his face was pale and he didn't say a word. Hu Xiaorui saw this spit out her tongue and whispered, "Still smashing?" "Smash ah, you continue, first smash the door before, I go in and communicate with them." Li Dong let out a laugh, smoothly pulled Yao Li and went to the house. Hu Xiaorui also did not bother to think about what Li Dong went in for, continued to crackle and began to smash the door. …… Yao family living room. Yao Hong sat in the dining room and continued to eat, as if not far away Hu Xiaorui smashed the door of their home is not the same. Yao Hong's wife's face was a little white, seeing Li Dong dragging Yao Li in, this middle-aged woman boiled with anger and screamed, "Li Dong, what do you want to do!" She did not know Li Dong, but her son had just called Li Dong's name, and she heard it. Knowing that Li Dong was not a thug, the woman was emboldened, or else she would have dared to speak. Li Dong casually pushed Yao Li away and said smilingly: "Don't misunderstand, don't you see? I just saved Mr. Yao's life, the door was not smashed by me, do you think so?" The woman still wanted to say more, Yao Hong knocked the basin, said in a deep voice: "Quiet, smashing, smashing, yelling what!" Li Dong gave a thumbs up and laughed: "Yao always has insight, if you don't let Rui out, she might do something, as for Yao, just change the door later." Yao Hong said in a low voice: "This is the reason, I admit!" Saying this to see several security guards have entered the courtyard door, Yao Hong said to his wife, "Let them out, let her continue to smash!" Yao Hong's wife was half dead with anger, but seeing Yao Hong's gloomy face, she was a little afraid, but got up and went to the gate. Li Dong leisurely sat down at the table, reached out and picked a piece of meat and stuffed it into his mouth, tasted it before commenting, "The taste is not bad, but the taste is a bit heavy, Mr. Yao is old, pay attention to health, eat less greasy things." Yao Hong glanced at him and said coldly, "Mr. Li, I'm sorry for your concern!" Li Dong laughed, looked around and asked, "Hey, Miss Su doesn't live here? I thought Miss Su lived here too." "Li Dong!" Yao Hong finally couldn't help himself, the corners of his face twitched and said, "Don't bully people too much! You have smashed the door, you have beaten my son, what more do you want?" Li Dong shrugged his shoulders and said, "I'm really wronged, I didn't smash your door, as for your son, when did I hit him?" Yao Hong's black face did not say anything. Li Dong saw the situation can not help but laugh, before he did not know who Yao Hong is, but wait for the afternoon to read the information of the door Shen real estate, Li Dong knew that he actually know this guy.