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Chapter 320 Su An

  March 2WWw……lā 8:00 am. Li Dong and Xu Shengzhe agreed to meet at the entrance of the Global Building. As a result, until 8:30, Xu Shengzhe was like fleeing from the desert, carrying a small backpack and hurriedly climbed into Li Dong's car. Li Dong saw the situation and joked: "What is it? Mother-in-law is chasing after you?" Xu Shengzhe said with a sigh: "Don't mention it, the old man doesn't know what kind of wind, I have to go around with the boss, I'm tired of it." Li Dong was surprised: "Your big brother does not care about things?" "Who knows, look at him reluctantly, probably forced by the old man." Li Dong thought about it and said, "Is your old man know what we are going to do?" After all, Xu Shengzhe mobilized fifty million dollars, although the money is his own, but their family's old man really do not know at all? Xu Shengzhe said indifferently: "No matter what he, whether he knows or not, it is the same thing. The old man is old now, even if he knows, he may not dare to take the risk." This is a risky trip. If the new city is not located in Anyuan, then they will lose this time, the Xu family's old man is old, and no longer the impetus of youth. Besides, there is no shortage of money for Longhua now, and it is still a profitable business to take land and build houses through formal channels. Li Dong nodded at his words and said nothing more. But seeing that he brought a backpack, Li Dong still laughed and said, "So you're even saving money on gas?" "Look at your stingy energy, I'll give you the fare later, right! When I came out, the boss squatted by my car and guarded it, too lazy to break up with him, I took a taxi directly here." "Listen to you say so, it feels like you three whole with the war, also not too annoying?" Xu Shengzhe said with contempt: "You are now talking like an outsider, wait until you have a few more children, then you will know if it is annoying." Li Dong hummed: "I'll give birth to one later, you see who he grabbed with." "Huh!" "What's the matter, listen to your tone of voice is not believe?" Xu Shengzhe waved his hand and said, "Come on, you're a bachelor now saying what children are too early, too lazy to talk to you about these. Let's go, or to the place noon meal are over." "Wait a little longer, Liu Qi went up to get something." "Liu Qi also go?" Li Dong despised: "Nonsense, just the three of us old men, go to the other people will not take us as a liar, besides, I am a big boss to go out without an assistant like this?" Xu Shengzhe grumbled, "I should have known I'd bring Yueqin with me." "Fuck you, I'm taking Liu Qi for work, you two show your love and find your own time." The two laughed and joked for a few minutes, and Liu Qi hurriedly got into the car with her folder in her arms. Li Dong saw her get into the car before he said to Zhou Haidong, "Old Zhou, let's go." Zhou Haidong started the car, Xu Shengzhe stared at Liu Qi for a while, squeezed his eyes towards Li Dong and said with a low smile, "Good, just now I did not understand, now I think I understand, you are drunk." Li Dong did not bother to pay attention to him, adjusted the sitting posture and angle, leaned back on the seat and said, "Do not disturb me, did not sleep well last night, make up for a sleep." "Last night I remembered, you can enough! Hu Xiaorui crazy, you also accompanied her crazy? I was still sleeping when someone called me and told me that you and Hu Xiaorui went straight to Yao's house and smashed it up, you're now addicted to smashing, right?" Li Dong lazily said, "Don't blame me for everything, Hu Xiaorui had to go, could I have stopped her?" "Hmph! Anyway, I don't think it's that simple, Hu Xiaorui is a great talker, if you didn't encourage her, I don't believe she would dare to do this." The corners of Li Dong's mouth curled up slightly, Xu Shengzhe this guy is really shrewd. But the two did not say much on this matter, Xu Shengzhe is not concerned about the matter lazy to care, Li Dong is taking advantage of the sneaking pleasure on the line. Really want to get a good deal, Yao Hong will not find his life. Next all the way without saying anything, Li Dong two people are closed eyes to recuperate. …… around 12:00 noon, Li Dong's car arrived in downtown Suan. The flood faded soon, through the car window, you can still see the obvious traces of the flooded. Suan's old city was originally old and dilapidated, and after this flood, the whole city looked much more depressed. The first impression of Li Dong was that it was dirty and disorganized. Xu Shengzhe also woke up at this moment, opened the car window and swept a glance and shook his head: "An old city with no development prospects, Jia Wenhao's decision is right, such a city even if a new city is built next to it, ten years later the old city is a reflection of the old city." Li Dong laughed: "Are you so sure that Governor Jia must choose Anyuan to develop a new city?" Xu Shengzhe hummed: "As long as Jia Wenhao has some drive, Anyuan he is selected, I know Jia Wenhao, this guy will certainly not be willing to be mediocre."