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Chapter 321 - Three Targets

  A group of people all in the same floor out of the elevator. When the two men and two women next to him opened the door and entered the room, Liu Qi was annoyed and said, "Mr. Li, the room they entered is obviously the one I booked before!" Li Dong shook his head and said, "Forget it, go out and understand each other, where to stay is the same." Liu Qi gave a light hum, did not continue to dwell. Several people into the room, put down the luggage, Li Dong to Xu Shengzhe said: "Suite for you to live, me and Lao Zhou will go down to live later." Xu Shengzhe laughed, "Why so polite, I'm not picky." "Come on, you are the young master with the golden key, I can still suffer you? We mudbloods come from, as long as there is a piece of tile on top of our heads to cover." Xu Shengzhe laughed and scolded: "I heard you mean you are full of complaints, ah, if I live in this, you will not be angry back to sleep all night, right?" Li Dong thought about it and nodded: "It is really possible!" Several people are a burst of laughter, see the time is not early, Liu Qi and Zhou Haidong cleaned up the surname Li, then the people will go downstairs to eat. …… dinner, coincidentally just that four people also came to the restaurant to eat, right next to Li Dong them. But it's not a coincidence, after all, it's just the mealtime now, and it's normal for people to come down to eat. Lee Dong and Xu Shengzhe are not people who like to talk at dinner, plus the afternoon, the two did not drink, this side of the table seems much quieter. The table next to the different, the gold woman's voice can be heard from a long way away. <> "Wang Ming, Sun Man, just this meal you can also eat? Really bad food, look at all full." "Manman, why don't we both go out and eat somewhere else?" "Wang Ming, you give a word, if not follow you, I do not come to this shit!" The golden woman did not stop her mouth from the table, the little flathead did not pay much attention to her, and the other young man was always smiling and did not say much. Finally the black woman said comfortingly, "Lulu, let's settle for a while, when we get back to Pingchuan, we'll treat you to a French meal, okay?" The golden woman called Lulu reluctantly responded, and then idly said, "Manman, do you think the news is accurate or not? I have taken out all my pocket money for so many years, more than three million, if this lost ……" the black woman frowned gently, then reassured: "Do not worry, Lulu, you do not know Wang Ming's person." The little flathead saw the black woman talking about herself, glanced at Li Dong their table, see them bowing their heads to eat, and only then said in a deep voice: "Do not worry, if you really lose, all count me, and when I have more money on hand, how much you lose I pay you all back!" The black woman hurriedly said, "Look at what you said, even if you really lose, we will not let you pay for this money." The gold woman also muttered: "I am not short of money, just talk, big deal, save this year." She said, "Wang Ming, where in the world did you hear this news from? My dad said that the big real estate developers in Jiangbei are hoarding land in the south of the city, let's go to An……" "Ahem!" Little flat head lightly coughed, glanced at the gold woman, slightly shook his head. <> gold woman some disbelief, but also did not make another sound. The next few people spoke in a much lower voice, and said much less. …… gold woman's previous words although not finished, but Li Dong and Xu Shengzhe both heard the meaning. The two looked at each other, and then Li Dong whispered: "Know which family?" Xu Shengzhe glanced at a few people, thought about it and gently shook his head: "Do not know, have not seen before, may have dealt with their fathers, but do not say the name I do not know." Li Dong nodded and said, "It feels like the nature of the play ticket, I hope it does not affect us." "It's okay, a few kids, even from where they heard the news, but also no capital to play with us. Besides, the place is so big that we can't eat it all, so there's no conflict with us." "I'm not worried about that." Li Dong frowned: "Even these few people have heard the news, I'm afraid the night is long." "That's true, hurry up." Xu Shengzhe thought, shopping malls and officialdom is nothing secret to say. The company's main goal is to provide a better understanding of Jia Wenhao's character, combined with his usual means of action, over time even if Jia Wenhao himself does not say, the people can also guess the general. …… had lunch, Li Dong and Xu Shengzhe went into the room. Li Dong took out a map of Anyuan, pointing to several of them and said: "If you want to build a new city, these should be the future location of the main city, our next main attack is these places. <> "Xu Shengzhe looked down for a while, pondered for a moment and said, "This, and this, these two places are probably impossible, if the main city is here, the restrictions are somewhat large." After crossing out two places, there were still three locations left on the map. Xu Shengzhe said again, "These three places are the most likely, if Jia Wenhao is more daring, maybe all included in the main city are possible."