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Chapter 322 - Tian Xiaoyu

  Li Dong a few people went to the resettlement site in the morning to look over. The most important thing is that the people are not too many, most of them are mountain people, these people are also the most seriously affected group this time. Because of the small number of people, the government resettlement is also convenient. Su An side deliberately vacated a few authorities quarters to arrange these people to stay, drinking water and food are also okay. Li Dong briefly looked at, and finally a wave of the hand, the victims are still short of quilts, in two days the far side will transport a thousand beds quilts over. The deputy director of the municipal office was happy, he liked the work of this kind of reception businessman, to visit the victims, how to get some blood to do. A thousand quilts money is not much, but also can save the government a lot of trouble. After seeing the victims, several people ate a casual meal together at noon. In the afternoon, the deputy director of the municipal government office led Li Dong to the orphanage again. The painting Tian Xiaoyu is now in the orphanage. When the flash flood, Tian Xiaoyu's parents were unfortunately killed, plus Tian Xiaoyu also has no close relatives, and then was placed in the orphanage. Tian Xiaoyu is now a celebrity. Director Lin said about Tian Xiaoyu: "Mr. Li, this girl often talks about you. Last time you bought her painting for ten million, the girl was so happy that she didn't sleep for a few days and kept saying thank you to Uncle Li. Later, the orphanage was too busy to send her there. This time Mr. Li came personally, the little girl must be very happy to know." Li Dong nodded and asked, "Is the little girl still in school now?" "In in in, did not dare to delay the children's learning, Secretary Liu specially instructed, the flood waters receded, the first time we let these children resume classes. <> "Li Dong Dong: "That's good, the children's parents are gone, learn a little something, in the future can also have a basis for survival." Director Lin catered a few words on the side. When they arrived at the orphanage, the director of the orphanage was waiting at the entrance with a dozen children, probably because the government had notified them in advance. Li Dong glanced at Director Lin, who hurriedly said, "This should be their self-organized, before coming I was afraid that Tian Xiaoyu was not there, so I made a phone call to say something in advance." Li Dong nodded his head and said nothing more. The good thing is that before it is ready to see Tian Xiaoyu, Li Dong also prepared some things that the child can use. School bags, stationery boxes, some snacks and some new clothes, because the space in the car is not large, Li Dong did not prepare too much. But there are not too many children in the orphanage, one person share a little or enough. After dividing the things, Li Dong and the orphanage director communicated a few words, leaving Tian Xiaoyu alone. Tian Xiaoyu is nine years old, probably because of malnutrition, looks like a child of six or seven years old in the city. Small size, the head is a little yellow, reflecting the little girl's eyes are particularly large. The little girl is a little afraid to see strangers, see the little ones around them are gone, the little girl's eyes show a trace of fear. The director of the orphanage saw that she did not dare to speak with her hands pinched, and quickly said: "Xiao Yu, this is Uncle Li who bought your painting last time, you always wanted to see him, right? Now Uncle Li is here, quickly shout people. <>" "Li …… uncle ……" Tian Xiaoyu timidly shouted, and stole a glance at Li Dong. The little girl is young, and can not feel any momentum, is to feel that this Uncle Li in front of you is so young, should be called brother only. Li Dong smiled, stroked her head and said gently, "Little Yu, aren't you happy to see me?" "Happy!" Tian Xiaoyu grinned, revealing teeth that were missing two large incisors. As if feeling that Li Dong did not look like a bad person and was the kind uncle who bought his painting, Tian Xiaoyu gradually let go a lot. Timidly glancing at Li Dong, Tian Xiaoyu asked, "Uncle, were you the one who bought Xiaoyu's painting last time?" Li Dong nodded and said, "I bought it, Xiaoyu's painting is very good, I like it very much." Tian Xiaoyu smiled shyly, tugging at the corner of her coat and said, "But they all said my paintings were not good, and said that uncle spent so much money that he could have bought several orphanages." "Whether it's good or not is up to uncle, I say it looks good." …… and Li Dong talked a few words, the little girl gradually and Li Dong acquainted with a lot. Said some of the past, and talk about the current life, and finally the little girl with a longing said: "Uncle, in the future I want to learn to paint. Teachers and aunts, they said Xiao Yu's paintings are not worth so much money, uncle bought a loss, later, when I learn well, I will give uncle a painting, do not charge uncle money. <> "Li Dong burst into laughter, nodded: "Good, then learn to draw, uncle wait for you to draw for me later." Said Li Dong looked at the orphanage director and said, "Dean, can you learn to draw here?" The director of the orphanage had some difficulties on his face, and Director Lin hurriedly answered at the side: "Yes, definitely, if the orphanage doesn't have one, we can arrange an art teacher to come." Li Dong did not make a sound, his face showed a touch of hesitation. Taking the little girl's hand, Li Dong pondered for a moment and asked Tian Xiaoyu: "Xiaoyu, is it good to be here?" Tian Xiaoyu was a little nervous and said, "It's good, just sometimes I miss my mom and dad." Li Dong let out a long breath and nodded: "It's okay if you're doing well, I'll visit you often, do you think so?" "Yes!" Tian Xiaoyu nodded his head happily. Li Dong smiled and chatted with the little girl for a while before letting her go back to her partner. Before leaving, Li Dong left 100,000 yuan for the orphanage, without saying anything, and left the orphanage in Tian Xiaoyu's small hands that kept waving. …… beat away Director Lin, Li Dong several people returned to the hotel. Liu Qi saw that Li Dong seemed to be in a somewhat bad mood and tried to say, "Mr. Li, do you want to adopt this child?"