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Chapter 323 Cooperation

  The township of Heming is very poor. The sky music novel Ww『W. ⒉The township government does not have a building, but a row of old red-brick houses. The red brick house outside a large courtyard, where the land is not valuable, the courtyard of the township government covers a large area. Li Dong's car just into the township government has attracted the attention of many people. When Li Dong got out of the car, a middle-aged man standing in the middle of the compound asked, "How many of you, from the city?" Li Dong nodded, took out a cigarette and handed one to the middle-aged man. The middle-aged man took the cigarette and looked at it, then clamped it on his ear and said with a smile, "Good car, it's not cheap to look at." Li Dong laughed lightly and said, "Not bad." After chatting with the middle-aged man for a while, the man asked, "A few of you look like big bosses, I wonder what's going on in the township today?" Li Dong glanced at Xu Shengzhe, saw him nod, then smiled: "Brother, it is such a situation ……" will be briefly said, Li Dong did not say much, said he wanted to get a vegetable base, just fancy Zheng Village next to that piece of barren land, now to The situation is now to inquire about. When Li Dong finished, the middle-aged man's eyes were a little strange. Looked at Li Dong a few people for a while, the man's face showed a touch of old fox-style cunning, he said with a smile: "You also have eyes on that piece of land?" The word "also" came out, Li Dong and Xu Shengzhe's face changed a little. The men did not care, do not look at their knowledge is not extensive, but in the grassroots as a small official for decades, what people have not seen. Don't say Li Dong they young people, is that those official bigwigs, sometimes also by these grassroots government old greasy to find the north. <> See several people did not make a sound, the man continued to laugh: "It is really a coincidence that yesterday afternoon there are people to inquire about this matter, is also Pingchuan over, you are not digging the treasure?" Li Dong said without moving his voice: "Big brother is joking, it may be a coincidence. If you really want to dig up the treasure, it is not our turn, you have lived here for decades, we can still have a share?" "Hey, that's true." The middle-aged man smoked a cigarette and exhaled a smoke ring and said smilingly, "Come on, I'm not asking you guys anymore. Whether or not to dig up the treasure, it has nothing to do with us. As for the land, we will discuss the matter in the township, you leave a phone number, we will inform you later." Hearing his tone of voice, Li Dong quickly laughed: "Look, I still don't know what leadership position big brother holds in the township?" The man was full of concern: "What leadership or not leadership, are serving the people. My name is Yu Jian, deputy mayor of Heming Township." Li Dong heard a few compliments, and accompanied Yu Jian chatted for a while. Heming Township Government does not have so many rules, Yu Jian, the deputy mayor of the township talk and talk and the authentic farmers are no different. Several people did not enter the office, stood in the compound and chatted up. After about half an hour, Li Dong left a few people phone, said the next time to visit, which drove away. …… out of the township government, Xu Shengzhe face some gloomy. The car was quiet for a while, Xu Shengzhe gritted his teeth and said, "It must be the few little bastards we met the day before yesterday, I don't believe it, there is such a coincidence!" Li Dong knocked on the car window, after a moment before saying, "It's useless to talk about this now, let's see if we can find those guys and find a way to get rid of them. <> "No matter what, once there is a competitor things have become troublesome. Originally, Heming Township is so poor, Li Dong, they are big bosses to buy wasteland, the country government must be eager to stay immediately to talk. But now came two groups of people, and the same piece of land, is a person will know that the situation is not right. From today's Yu Jian's attitude toward them can be seen, there is no imagined attentiveness, this is because the heart has the bottom line. No matter whether the land is fishy or not, first drag him a three or five days, can always see something. …… noon, a few people casually found a small restaurant to eat a lunch. He Ming Township street is not long, the place is not big, after eating Li Dong asked the hotel owner: "Boss, yesterday the township came four outsiders, two men and two women, a woman also dyed yellow, should be driving over, do you know where they live?" Small flat head that a few people must still be in the township, the land matter has not yet been discussed, those few people should not be so fast to go. Sure enough, the hotel owner heard the impression, smiling: "See, those few people ate at my place last night, I see they seem to go to the Golden Dragon Hotel. You will know if you go to see, if not in the Golden Dragon, certainly also in that area, the street on three hotels can live." Li Dong nodded, after the check several people together out of the restaurant. Xu Shengzhe wiped his mouth, while saying: "Find them how to talk? We are now door-to-door, clearly tell them that the news is true, people are afraid more will not let go. <> "Li Dong laughed: "afraid of what, you said before that you do not know them? Pingchuan of those big bosses you can not know? A few rich kids with a little money at home, can compare with us? First, let's talk about it, and then we'll find a way to smash money and kill them!" Xu Shengzhe frowned: "I'm afraid of delay, if they do not return, the township government side will certainly drag us." "Then do not buy this piece of land, there are still two pieces of land, it is difficult not to have the strength to grab with us?" "Hey, see how it goes." Xu Shengzhe sighed, this piece of land in Heming Township has the highest cost performance, and is naturally his chosen target. Although the other two pieces of land is also likely to become the main city alternative, but the grasp which has this side of the big. And the other two pieces of land is also close to Heming Township, don't get to the end of the Heming Township jurisdiction, that will be fun. …… Golden Dragon Hotel is easy to find. Li Dong their car drove less than 300 meters, they saw the signboard of the Golden Dragon Hotel. Two-storey small building, the outer wall also looks quite old, if not to see the door hanging hotel sign, outsiders are afraid to think it is an ordinary residential building.