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Chapter 324 Distant chat software

  "How is the cooperation?" The company's main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to the market. The company's main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to the market. This is not too much to ask, ten million is not too much, not much profit to share thin. Li Dong does not have any opinion, and Xu Shengzhe cooperation is cooperation, and Wang Ming cooperation is also cooperation, as long as it does not delay things. After glancing at Xu Shengzhe who was pondering, Li Dong asked, "Old Xu, what do you say?" Xu Shengzhe glanced at Wang Ming and finally nodded, "Yes!" Wang Ming was slightly relieved that it was finally a done deal, not only did he not lose anything, but things were also much more convenient. After all, Li Dong and Xu Shengzhe capital is enough, really want to take money to hit him, his 10 million will not play a role at all. Of course, he also knows that Li Dong and Xu Shengzhe ten ** will agree. If you don't want to play with him, he will make some trouble in the middle, and Li Dong and Xu Shengzhe will not want to make money. Although the two sides reached an agreement, but naturally things are not so hasty. Xu Shengzhe proposed to set up another company, three people joint stock, Li Dong 50 million, Xu Shengzhe 40 million, Wang Ming 10 million, to make up the registered capital of 100 million. This company is specifically used to acquire the wasteland of Heming Township, Wang Ming to appear and talk to the township government, Li Dong they retired behind the scenes. And Li Dong the remaining one hundred million funds on hand, this money is the money of the distant company, Xu Shengzhe and then take out the 10 million on hand meaning that the two continue to use the company previously established to acquire the second plot of land. <> buy land is not a one-time to pay all the money, the first one hundred million to take a piece of land should be enough. When this piece of land in Heming Township is taken, this piece of land among the 50 million funded all Li Dong's private money, or split the bill later. Although Sun Tao may not necessarily be entangled in these, but Li Dong is also too lazy to bother. Besides, the land in Heming Township should be the best piece of land, it is good to earn a little more, after all, people are selfish. After talking with Wang Ming, Li Dong and Xu Shengzhe went out of Wang Ming's room. It just so happens that Wang Ming's companions also went out, and when they saw Li Dong and the two of them coming out of Wang Ming's room, they were a bit strange. But Li Dong and Xu Shengzhe did not bother to say anything to them, nodded their heads and went downstairs. This time they counted Wang Ming's shares, as for how Wang Ming and his friends would share, it was none of Li Dong's business. Even if Wang Ming reneges afterwards, Li Dong will not pay a penny more. …… downstairs, Li Dong some curiosity: "just you have to set up a new company why? The company also deliberately let Wang Ming responsible for taking the land, don't be holding something bad, right?" In fact, if according to Li Dong's idea, Wang Ming pay for the money on the line, they do not expect Wang Ming to help with anything. But Xu Shengzhe let Wang Ming in charge of this matter, this trust is a little too much, they and Wang Ming are not familiar with. Xu Shengzhe said with contempt: "Use your brain, if Wang Ming did not have some means, he could come alone to get the land? Also, before in Suan, this guy also robbed our room, that this kid in Suan should have some contacts, things to him is just right. <> Originally I was going to make the call myself, but I am not representing Longhua now, some of my contacts can not be used, Wang Ming since he can do it, I also save the trouble of that." Li Dong nodded, and said, "What about the other piece of land?" "What else can I do, I'll take the trouble to make some arrangements. Eggs can not be put in a basket, at least I have 10 million over there, even if this side looks away, but also to leave a way back." Li Dong was a little embarrassed: "So, it is not necessary to use me at all?" Xu Shengzhe shrugged and said, "No way, who let you do not operate any network. Pingchuan is okay, out of Pingchuan you can only be a gold master, if you do not have money, I do not bother to take care of you." Li Dong said with a black line on his face, "Can you not say so directly." Xu Shengzhe burst out laughing. …… buy land, and also buy a large area of land, naturally not three words can be done, and not one or two people directly out of money can buy down. Li Dong they are merely playing the outpost, a few people in partnership to set up a company, the defense of the natural to guard against. Li Dong deliberately pulled two finance from far away, by the way, a director of the marketing department also stuffed into the company set up by himself and Xu Shengzhe. As for this side of Heming Township, the land acquisition was given to Wang Ming. Li Dong only stuffed a finance into, Xu Shengzhe is also the same, this guy stuffed is not someone else, it is Bai Yueqin. The next two days, Wang Ming is responsible for negotiating with Heming Township. <> Xu Shengzhe went to another township, where is one of the three pieces of land previously looked at, the place is not smaller than the land of Heming Township. Buy the land to fee more things, Wang Ming and Xu Shengzhe are running all day without shadow. At first, Li Dong also accompanied Xu Shengzhe to go out to socialize twice, and then now he could not say anything at all, Li Dong was defeated. People are busy, they are idle, Li Dong was a little embarrassed at first, and then did not bother to care. In the hotel for two days, when Xu Shengzhe came back at night, Li Dong said: "I let Liu Qi stay, old Zhou also stay for you to drive, Pingchuan side of the city mall to launch, things are quite a lot, I can not help here, back to Pingchuan in advance." Xu Shengzhe didn't care if Li Dong went back early, but was surprised: "When did you get involved in e-commerce?" "At the beginning of the year." "I go! I'm not going to lie, I've thought about doing e-commerce before, but never made it, I knew you did, take me with you." Li Dong lazy to take this, perfunctory: "is a city-owned platform, and not what serious mall, just to expand business." Xu Shengzhe did not believe him, but also know that Li Dong will not let himself involved in the distant side of things.