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Chapter 325: The stormy retail industry

  The name Li Dong is not good at, and is not bothered to bother with it. After talking about the chat software, Li Dong turned back to the topic and said, "How is the internal trial situation?" Shen Xi nodded and said, "Not bad, the whole process is very smooth, the user experience, many people in the company used to say very good. But there is one thing I want to say." "Say!" "It is about the issue of cash on delivery!" Shen Xi frowned and said, "There are very few logistics companies in Jiangbei that provide cash on delivery, and the limitations of our cooperation with them are too great. And the qualifications of these logistics companies that offer cash on delivery vary, and the risks are great." Although these small logistics companies provide cash on delivery business, the risk of fleeing with the money and bankruptcy is particularly high. Li Dong, in order to expand the customer base, must support cash on delivery, which is often complained about by Shen Xi. Also, the return of funds is very slow, which is not conducive to the next development of Yuanfang. Li Dong thought about it and said, "But our current payment methods are too few, plus the main clientele of supermarket shopping is middle-aged people, and these people generally do not believe in online payment means." Shen Xi denied: "Mr. Li, you have a positioning problem! Online shopping mall is originally designed to provide services to young people, middle-aged and elderly people they will naturally choose the physical store shopping, so I think there is no such problem as you say." Li Dong rubbed his temples and said, "I understand what you said, but the use of cash on delivery can bring us a large group of customers. Now online payment is not mainstream yet, let's wait for a couple of years." In a few years, when smart phones become mainstream, then the online payment means will be in line with the mainstream. Nowadays, those who pay with third-party payment platforms in society are actually a minority, and many people are not comfortable operating the payment system on their computers. Seeing Li Dong say so, Shen Xi had to nod and said, "Then let's do this first, are you still getting the third-party payment system you mentioned before?" "Continue to do! When the mall is officially launched, then recruit a group of technical backbone, specializing in payment systems." Do third-party payment platform Li Dong is not really in a hurry, before the emergence of smart phones, do not do it actually can. And Li Dong is not prepared to make the third party bigger, can meet the needs of their own shopping mall on the line. After talking about these issues, Li Dong said: "Mall publicity can start now, advance warm-up, May 1 we officially launch the mall system, your side will not fall off the chain, right?" Shen Xi nodded and said, "Don't worry!" Next to Liu Hong also nailed it down and said, "Mr. Li, don't worry, there will be no problem!" Li Dong glanced at him, nodded slightly and said, "It's good to be confident, but there is no need to be too tense, the more critical the moment is, the less nervous you should be. This time you have also worked hard, when the mall stabilized, I will give you a long vacation, paid, or send you abroad to travel is not a problem." A cheer rang out in the laboratory. Li Dong face a smile, is ready to talk with Shen Xi publicity, Sun Tao suddenly hurriedly came over. Once he saw Sun Tao's heavy face, Li Dong immediately realized that something was wrong. He gave a wink to Shen Xi, Li Dong quietly out of the laboratory, followed Sun Tao to go out together. Two people out of the Department of Electricity, Sun Tao frowned tightly and said, "Mr. Li, just received a message." Li Dong did not rush to ask questions, glanced at the crowd coming and going, and said in a deep voice: "Go to my office." …… back to the office, Li Dong asked, "What's wrong?" Sun Tao took a breath, then said, "Just received news, Qingfeng Supermarket, Dahe Mall, Hakkasai Supermarket, Xinglong Department Store …… these six shopping malls and supermarkets to complete the reorganization! Several supermarkets have been integrated for some time, the news has been secret. It is said that the end of last month several have completed the merger, this month will be unified name and decoration. The new company integrated by six supermarkets and shopping malls is called Hakkaslong Chain Supermarket Co., Ltd, which has two large shopping plazas, 28 living supermarkets, six fresh supermarkets, two department stores …… "Li Dong frowned, has been listening without speaking. When Sun Tao said almost, Li Dong asked: "These six supermarkets and shopping malls are distributed throughout Jiangbei, who is the intermediary? Also, the current division of the shares of the supermarket Hakkasan you understand?" "Generally clear some, Hakko supermarket now by the door Shen real estate hold 40% of the shares, the big river group hold 25% of the shares, the light group hold 15% of the shares, several other original supermarket owners hold a part of the shares." "Mengshen Real Estate, Light Hopper Group ……" Li Dong gently knocked on the table and gradually fell into contemplation. This time six supermarket mall completed the merger, hit a Li Dong by surprise, which is somewhat related to his arrogance. All along, Li Dong has not put other retail enterprises in Jiangbei in his eyes. In his opinion, Yuanfang has completed the industrial layout of Jiangbei, and now is the time to enjoy the fruits of victory. Even Carrefour and other big groups have been forced away by him, what can these local retail enterprises in Jiangbei turn up.