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Chapter 326: Qingming

  "Mr. Li, it's not untimely, but we need to speed up!" "Domestic and foreign supermarkets are being integrated and reorganized, Yuanfang has not even taken Jiangbei yet, how can we talk about getting out of Jiangbei?" "Before you said to take Suan New City as a bridgehead, but Suan New City will take at least two or three years to complete, after two or three years, I'm afraid it's too late!" Li Dong took a deep breath and asked, "So what's your opinion?" "Acquisition!" "Pingchuan, Qingyang, Tongchuan, Fucheng …… These cities are already dominated by Yuanfang, and these existing stores are enough. But other cities that do not yet have stores in, we have to acquire local retail enterprises to complete the industrial layout at the fastest speed!" "But now the capital pressure from the far side is too great!" "Then take out a loan, or draw back the funds from the land purchase." Li Dong disagreed and said, "The land purchase over in the new city has reached a critical moment, it is impossible to draw back the funds at this time." Besides, Li Dong is not willing to give up this big piece of fat meat, if so, it is better to take a loan to facilitate. Thinking of this Li Dong nodded and said, "Then take out a loan!" "Good, I will talk to the bank as soon as possible. Also, the completion of the industrial layout of the province of Jiangbei, the promotion of the online mall is also beneficial, I think the sooner the better, the best to complete the layout before the Hakone has not stabilized its footing." Li Dong Dong: "Let's do this for now, you can talk about the loan. Also, the selection of leading enterprises will probably come out at the end of the month, the provincial government's side of the support subsidies you should also pay attention to, if there are problems, immediately tell me, I let Shen Xi to negotiate." In fact, loans and policy support these two things to Shen Xi is the most appropriate. Unfortunately, Shen Xi is now busy with the mall, plus it has reached a critical juncture, Li Dong can not push everything to Shen Xi. And Sun Tao communicated all afternoon, the two people will simply run through things. The recent Yuanfang has too many things to do, the launch of the mall, the construction of the distribution center and the Yuanfang building, the development of the new store in South Lake Mingcheng, the acquisition of other urban industries …… plus there is the matter of land acquisition over Suan New Town, if Li Dong is not working with Xu Shengzhe and them, now he is afraid that he really can not find time to get this. …… and Sun Tao talk about more than six o'clock, Li Dong this just take time to rest for a moment. The company's main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to the market. The company's main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to the market. Li Dong didn't have time to be polite with her and said directly, "What's wrong with you at the Guanghe Group? It's already April, and you're not in any hurry?" Hu Wanlin said, "I don't understand what Mr. Li said, what does the Light Group have to do with me, I'm busy doing projects for you." Li Dong did not go along with her words, said directly: "General Hu, what do you need to help, just say, you take the light as soon as possible, I do not care about anything else, the light in the supermarket's shares to me, the amount of money, I do not less than a penny of your." Hu Wanlin finally understood why Li Dong looked for himself. Thinking of the news she heard, six medium-sized retail enterprises completed the restructuring, Hu Wanlin couldn't help but laugh: "Mr. Li, you are really closed-minded, you only came back to your senses now." Li Dong said nonchalantly, "You don't care if I'm not well-informed or not, Keelung can't afford to make waves! Unless you also want to get involved in the retail industry and oppose me, it's useless even if you take the shares of Hakkasan, Mr. Hu should understand what I mean!" Hu Wanlin smiled and said, "I understand, of course I understand. Don't misunderstand, I'm not interested in doing supermarkets and shopping malls. As for the shares of Keelung, let's say, if there's a chance to reach me, I'll give it to Mr. Li." Li Dong answered. When Li Dong was about to hang up the phone, Hu Wanlin suddenly said, "Mr. Li, even if you take the shares of the Qi family, the first shareholder of Hakko is still Munshen Real Estate, Yao Hong I think is determined to enter the retail industry, you can't smash him with money." Li Dong's eyes moved slightly and said, "What does Hu have to say?" "Oh, high opinion is not. But I know Mr. Bao of Dahe Group, in fact, the focus of Dahe Group has shifted in the past few years, when I had dinner with Mr. Bao last year, he said he wanted to weaken the investment in Dahe Mall, if Mr. Li is interested, you can contact Mr. Bao to try." Li Dong pondered for a moment and said, "Thank you, Mr. Hu, for reminding me." He was not in a hurry to talk about it now, as the reorganization of Keelong Supermarket had just been completed, so it would cost a lot to talk about it at this time, even if it was successful. It is better to wait for Yuanfang to complete the industrial layout and hit them head on, so that Dahe will suffer some losses, and then it will be better to talk. Jiangbei is Li Dong's root land, no matter what, this incident has given Li Dong a wake up call, can no longer let these retail enterprises loose. This time, there is a customer, the next time it may come out of a Lonker. Only let Yuanfang occupy the absolute dominant position in Jiangbei, so that those enterprises have no way out, no room for survival, Yuanfang can have no worries. ……4 on the 5th, Qingming Festival. Because Zhou Haidong stayed in Anyuan, this time it was Zheng Long who drove the company's Audi A4 to send Li Dong back to Chenjiawan. Whitehead Mountain. This year's Qingming did not rain, the sun is bright, the weather is not bad.