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Chapter 327: Repentance

  At noon, the people ate in the restaurant in the market town. In addition to Li Dong and his group, halfway met another group of Chenjiawan's Li people. Chenjiawan's Li surname people are an ancestor, although the two groups have been out of the five services, but is also related to the relatives, met naturally together to eat together. Two groups of people, opened three tables before they could sit down. When eating, Li Dong excused himself from the afternoon, did not drink much, others see the situation is naturally not good to persuade wine. Li Nanming this guy drank a lot, probably to see Li Dong was flattered, he was forgotten, the guy's heart is not happy, the end of the meal are drinking some unstable. Li Dong excused himself to go to the toilet midway and took the time to call Li Chengyuan. The thing briefly said once, Li Chengyuan probably knew before, sniffed simply with Li Dong said a few words. First, the ancestral tomb can be repaired, after all, Li Dong is now successful, the Li family has the capital. But Li Chengyuan also cautioned Li Dong, do not listen to what the Li family said on how to do, do not repair too much fanfare, grasp a degree. Second, the money Li Dong can come out, but things Li Dong do not get involved. The money is given to the Li family a few older people responsible for the care, how to repair with them, Li Chengyuan and Li Dong will not appear. Third, the genealogy of Li Dong do not appear, but the Li family is ready to build the ancestral hall, the money Li Dong can pay part, not all out, after all, the whole Li family is not only Li Dong a person. Fourth, Li Lan into the genealogy, this matter to seek the views of Li Nanming and Li Qing, Li Dong do not make their own decisions. After all, Li Lan is only a cousin, there are older siblings in, Li Dong messy meddling is easy to provoke jealousy. …… finished these points, Li Dong almost understand what they should do. The genealogy is a big event for the entire surname Li, and there is more than one Chenjiawan Li people to repair, this Li Dong did not say anything more. He just told the village director of the surname Li that he would donate 50,000 yuan to repair the ancestral hall, and if it was not enough, he could call and talk to Li Chengyuan. When he heard that Li Dong had taken 50,000, the village director smiled like a flower and quickly said that it was enough. As for the inclusion of Li Lan in the genealogy, Li Dong asked Li Qing and Li Nanming, Li Qing had no opinion, and she did not attach importance to this. Li Nanming was a little reluctant, but in the end, he didn't know what he was thinking and nodded his head with discomfort. This matter is so settled, Li Dong and the village director said, the village director also no opinion, after all, now repair genealogy than before, illegitimate daughter taboo is not big. Besides, Li Dong is a big money maker, offended Li Dong, after the Li family to do what to repair bridges and pave roads, who to find the money to go. This is the solution to two things, the rest is to repair the grave. The middle-aged man who spoke with Li Dong before, when eating Li Dong also figured out the relationship between the two. Middle-aged man named Li Cheng Fu, Li Dong's grandfather and Li Cheng Fu's father is a cousin, Li Cheng Yuan and Li Cheng Fu should also be considered cousins, Li Dong actually do not know how to count. He also did not bother to figure out how many layers of kinship between each other, anyway, not yet out of five services, can be considered a family. Li Cheng Fu is now the oldest one in this room of Li Dong, they are the oldest generation of this room are dead, the oldest is Li Cheng Hui, after the death of Li Cheng Hui is Li Cheng Fu. Now repairing the ancestral graves is by Li Chengfu do the main. In addition, Li Chengyuan's generation there are a few, Li Dong's generation of young people to be more, repairing the graves of young people can not intervene, Li Chengfu, they will also discuss with Li Dong. When Li Chengfu finished, Li Dong asked, "Third uncle, I do not have a problem with repairing the grave, you say a number, how much money is missing I pay." Li Chengfu and several other people looked at each other with some hesitation. Although they knew that Li Dongjia was rich, but did not know how far. If they say more, they are afraid that Li Dong will not pay, if Li Dong scared away, this matter will be yellow. Hesitation for a long time, Li Cheng Fu said: "Dongzi, some years ago the Chen family Dasanzi back to repair the ancestral tomb, before and after spending about 70,000 to 80,000, you see ……" Li Dong which does not understand his meaning, smiled and said: " How about this, I take 150,000 out, three uncle you see this is okay?" Li Chengfu's eyes lit up and he hurriedly said, "Okay, okay! Dongzi, don't worry, we won't let you pay for this alone, several of our families also contribute money, after all, it is for the old ancestors to repair the grave. I and Cheng Gui and a few of their families together, together a 20,000 to 30,000 should be able to ……" said Li Cheng Fu and looked at Li Nanming said: "Nanming, what do you say on your side?" The corners of Li Nanming's mouth twitched and he laughed dryly: "Repairing a grave for 170,000 to 80,000 is not enough?" Li Cheng Fu attitude is not too good, frowned: "Not money enough, the key is that you are also Li family, plus Cheng Hui brother now also ……" not waiting for him to finish, Li Qing said: "Third uncle, this money we pay, we also do not have Dongzi has money, you see our family to pay 20,000 okay?" Li Nanming's mouth was crooked, looking at Li Qing's eyes simply hate to kill. But after all, in front of so many people, Li Nanming is not so muddy to the point of flipping out on the spot, but his face darkened, and then did not say a word. The people also do not care, Li Nanming willing to pay on the line, plus Li Nanming the 20,000, together with about 200,000. 06 years to spend 200,000 to repair the grave, this is not a small stroke, especially or in a place like Chenjiawan. Other than that, at least the Chen surname side to cover the past. Li Chengfu happy with what, next to say how much Li Chengyuan how capable, how high the level of teaching his son …… after all is the elders, also embarrassed to directly pat Li Dong ass, pat Li Chengyuan ass also, Li Dong or his son it. Li Dong smiled and did not say anything, and let Zheng Long go out halfway through the trip. When Zheng Long came back, he had a black plastic bag in his hand. Li Dong handed the bag to Li Chengfu and said: "Third uncle, I'll trouble you to repair the grave, as you know, my father and I are in Pingchuan, usually busy, I'm afraid there's not much time to come back. Here is 150,000, you take it first, if the money is not enough, you can talk to me." Li Chengfu held the black clinker bag, his hands were trembling. Gulping, Li Chengfu hurriedly glanced around and said dryly, "Dongzi, this ……" "Third uncle, you point to see if it's right, if it's okay, you guys just take it." Li Dong gave a laugh, the reason he gave the money to Li Chengfu in public is also afraid of what could go wrong later. He actually does not care much, but is afraid that later on someone greedy this money also said Li Dong did not pay, said the words like a fart, then Li Dong and Li Chengyuan's reputation will be notorious. Now in front of everyone, Li Dong took out the money, what problems can not be blamed on Li Dong's head. Although Li Cheng Fu a few people are a little nervous, but finally a total, so better, they are afraid that Li Dong turn back on the bill. Several people ordered the money in person, then we discussed a while, the money temporarily by Li Chengfu custody, turn back to the bank to deposit. The money is also in hand, things are almost done. Hearing that Li Dong will not return to Chenjiawan, the crowd some regrets, and finally reluctantly said goodbye to Li Dong, people have to leave. When others have left, Li Dong also got up and ready to go.