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Chapter 328 Xu Chen withdraws from school

  From Chenjiawan back to Pingchuan, Li Dong began to busy up. The company has been in the company for a few days, and in mid-April, the mall has entered the final stage of debugging. Li Dong spent two days in the Department of e-commerce, the mall was launched before the completion of all the preparatory work. April 18, the Far Eastern Mall began a large-scale publicity. A time everywhere in Pingchuan are filled with Far Eastern Mall advertising. TV, newspapers, the Internet, outdoor advertising, bus stops …… According to Meng Qiping, Pingchuan where there are people there are ads for the Far Eastern Mall, he went to the toilet to see the Far Eastern Mall psoriasis ads. Fatty said while laughing heatedly, "Brother Dong, how about I give you a little advice?" "What suggestion?" "Look, when you advertise, how about simply adding a sentence on it, 'Fatty's Fast Food Restaurant, your best choice'?" Li Dong rolled his eyes, not bothering to pick up the conversation, and asked instead, "How's your fast food restaurant coming along?" Meng Qiping laughed: "This is not ready to report to you, fast food restaurant has opened, yesterday a day of trial operation." Li Dong was a little surprised: "So fast?" "Then what do you think? Brother, I opened a fast-food restaurant, not a big hotel. Disc a storefront, not decorated, the previous owner's staff and chef I took over together, the contract signed the next day I opened." Li Dong asked, "How is business?" Fatty said somewhat helplessly: "Average, it's closer than I thought. <> Yesterday's trial business, sold six hundred dollars at noon plus evening, net profit of less than one hundred." "It's not bad, after all, just opened. When there are more customers in the future, business will naturally be good." "Well, I'll take your word for it!" The fat man laughed, and then said, "Busy at night?" Li Dong glanced at him and asked, "What is it? Your fast food restaurant just opened, not properly busy in the store, why come to me?" Meng Qiping scratched his head and laughed: "This is not through your light let me back to the small boss, just opened yesterday I was very busy there, did not bother to invite you to dinner. Today took a break, want to invite you to dinner." "Forget it, you busy with your, and I polite what, dinner when you can." Meng Qiping was embarrassed, "Let's have a meal together, Nan Nan has asked me several times, if you don't go, how can I feel like going back." Li Dong heard a little taste, test: "Where do you invite me to dinner?" Fatty smilingly said: "This is not we also have their own store, it is not easy to be the boss, naturally can not be cheap." Li Dong immediately cursed: "So you invited me to your fast food restaurant to eat fast food? How dare you? You have the face to say this?" Meng Qiping aggrieved: "What's wrong with fast food, eat your own food, I'm telling you, my food is clean, the big restaurants are not necessarily comparable. Back I let the chef to cook us two dishes, to keep than the big hotel to eat comfortable." Li Dong helplessly bitter smile, looked at the time and said, "Okay, then you wait for me a while. <> "Then Li Dong dealt with the file again, until about six thirty, Li Dong only got up and said, "Let's go, you are busy at night, turn around no place you have to buy me a big meal." Meng Qiping sighed: "To really have no place to sit that's fine, eat a big meal I'm also happy. But I think you should not count on it." ……