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Chapter 329 - Like a dream come true

  When Meng Qiping and Cheng Nan finished, Li Dong was a bit dazed. It took a while before Li Dong came back to his senses and said, "No way?" Meng Qiping helplessly said, "Really!" Cheng Nan also laughed bitterly: "At first I also do not believe, but then do not believe all can not help, and do not know when in the end the matter." Only then was Li Dong convinced that he had heard correctly. Xu Chen really dropped out of school, not by himself, I should say was expelled from the school is right. The guy got the girl's belly, it is reasonable to say that this kind of thing the school generally does not care much, are college students, you willingly, now is not decades ago. But get someone's belly even if, finally Xu Chen took the girl to do an abortion is a problem. The two people looking for a black clinic, the conditions are not very good, do abortion when the girl almost died. This is a big deal, the girl was sent to the hospital emergency, it was not easy to rescue back. The thing that almost killed people, naturally not so simple even. Xu Chen reported to the police, the police came, this can not be hidden from the school. Finally the police department notified the school leadership, the school leadership to Xu Chen led back to the. This kind of thing is not exposed, not through the police, it is not a matter. But now not only exposed, but also into the police, and even a few small media reports. This is a big loss of face for Jiangda University, Jiangda is a national key university, this scandal is simply a face. Anyway, in the end, I don't know how to get, Xu Chen fell on hard luck, directly expelled. <> Speaking of which, even if Xu Chen was expelled, Li Dong is actually not much surprised. After all, he and Xu Chen relationship can not say how good, when it is because of the matter of Huang Shanshan, Xu Chen also almost with Li Dong turned his face. To let Li Dong disbelief is not this thing, but the heroine. The heroine is not someone else, it is Huang Shanshan! Li Dong listened to feel like telling a joke, when Xu Chen for Huang Shanshan, and fights, and abandoned school, Huang Shanshan not even take a look at him. But who knew that in the end, these two actually really stirred together. And Huang Shanshan actually also pregnant, to the black clinic abortion and almost lost his life, Li Dong really can not be Meng Qiping mouth of Huang Shanshan and the previous Huang Shanshan linked together. For a while, Li Dong shook his head and said, "I can't believe it, you all don't know about this?" Meng Qiping and Cheng Nan shook their heads at the same time, Cheng Nan even sighed: "Not to mention us, even Su Su they do not know. It was only when the news spread that we knew the leading lady was Shanshan." Li Dong said: "Where is Huang Shanshan now?" Cheng Nan said with a regretful face: "Don't mention it, she also dropped out of school. After such an incident, you think she still has the face to continue to study? The school is all over the place, she can't stand people pointing at her. Last time we went to the hospital to see her, you do not know ……" Cheng Nan some painful said: "At that time Shanshan are thin out of shape, one after another said she regrets, listening to my heart is sore." Li Dong does not deny. This kind of thing can not say who is right and who is wrong, the human condition, and no one could have predicted that something happened. <> Huang Shanshan mouth regret, Li Dong do not know whether she regrets with Xu Chen, or regret something else, Li Dong also lazy to think carefully. He was too lazy to think carefully, Meng Qiping but had to pull on him, the fat man with a sigh of relief: "Dong, you have to be responsible for this. When Huang Shanshan was interested in you, if you had taken her then, how good it is now, where there is still this kind of thing happening." Li Dong had a black line on his face and said, "Get lost, don't pull everything on my head!" Meng Qiping regretted: "I'm serious, Huang Shanshan also looks pretty good, counted as a beauty, now this look, some ……" "Meng Qiping, you are pitying the jade?" Meng Qiping has not finished, Cheng Nan eyes flashing said. Fatty this bastard but has a previous record, plus now opened a store, looks like some small capital, Cheng Nan is really not very comfortable with him. As for Huang Shanshan, she sympathy pity are not a problem, fatty but not. Meng Qiping saw the situation suddenly sobered up, and quickly laughed dryly: "I was joking with Dong, you blindly eat what kind of jealousy, really." "Humph!" Cheng Nan hummed and said to Li Dong, "Li Dong, don't listen to fatty's nonsense. This matter has nothing to do with you, so just listen to it and don't take it to heart." Li Dong shook his head and did not say anything. Cheng Nan does not say he will not take it to heart, we are adults, should be responsible for their own actions. Xu Chen and Huang Shanshan encounter at most just let Li Dong more memories, the university time for the current Li Dong, a little too far away. <> gently exhaled, Li Dong asked, "So how are Xu Chen and Huang Shanshan now?"