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Chapter 330 - Li Dong is sick

  After staring at the figure for a while, Li Dong suddenly reached out and pinched the other party's cheek. Smooth and slippery, the touch is very real. Li Dong sobered up a lot and returned to reality, scratching his head, "When did you come back?" Qin Yuhan took out a tissue to help Li Dong wipe the sweat on his forehead, while holding him back and said, "The afternoon flight, just returned." Li Dong leaned half of his body on Qin Yu Han, burped and cooed, "Why didn't you say hello in advance when you came back, I thought you were checking in." Qin Yuhan pursed her lips and laughed lightly, mischievously said: "I just came back to check up on you, honestly, which girl did you go drinking with at night?" "Girl a fart, a hundred and seventy eighty pounds of girls you want to go see?" "Pfft!" Qin Yuhan could not help but laugh, and only after a while panting to help Li Dong to a bench on the roadside to sit down. Li Dong half-embraced her and said with some curiosity, "How did you know I was here?" Qin Yuhan laughed: "I have eyes in your company, your every move is in my hands, so I came to pick you up, next time do bad things more carefully, do not be found by me." Li Dong knocked her head, hugged her and did not speak again. The two sat on the side of the road, watching the traffic for a while, after a moment Li Dong asked, "There are still a few days before May Day, how come you came back early?" Qin Yuhan gathered the scattered hair, laughing: "Miss you, come back early you do not like?" "Come on, I still don't know you, honestly explain, is there something wrong?" "Nasty! Does it have to be something to come back." Li Dong threateningly stared at her for a while, Qin Yuhan was a little uncomfortable by his look. Later, the little girl could not bear it anymore, punched his shoulder and ranted: "Okay, I explain the line, right? My mother called me, she said you recently a little stressed, temper is also a little grumpy, I am a little uneasy, came back early." Li Dong rolled his eyes and said, "Bullshit, who is grumpy!" Qin Yuhan pinched him in anger, annoyed: "No dirty words, who said bullshit it." Li Dong laughed dryly: "Not my mother-in-law, I said myself." Qin Yuhan again a burst of laughter, laughing before coughing lightly: "Do not carry the pressure yourself, although I can not help you anything, but I can be your faithful listener." Li Dong exhaled, looked up at the stars and did not speak. Qin Yuhan also did not make a sound, gently snuggled in his shoulders, accompanied him to look at the sky. I don't know how long it took before Li Dong murmured: "Actually, it's not a matter of pressure, but the company has been doing a lot of things lately, and I feel a little impatient. This time I seem to have lost the passion when starting a business, making money or not, it feels like it's all just that ……" Qin Yuhan listened silently and did not interrupt Li Dong. When Li Dong finished, Qin Yu Han said heavily: "You have a big problem, this is the after-effects of extreme spiritual emptiness, according to the investigation, this situation is easy to make people suffer from depression." Li Dong was a little dumbfounded, dumbfounded, "You say I have a disease?" Qin Yuhan sighed, "Indeed, although I don't want to admit it, but it's the truth. Li Dong, I have listened to several lectures of a psychology professor in the university, that professor said many patients like you, such patients are mostly from the rich class. If you pay attention to observe, you will find that many rich people have such and such eccentricities. Some of them like to seek excitement, some like all kinds of food, and others like to go on shopping sprees …… you think this is their hobby? No, it's just a deliberate venting to fill the emptiness inside them." Li Dong scratched his head and said, "No way, I'm just a little irritable, not to the point of depression, what you said is too exaggerated." Qin Yuhan sighed: "What you have is not depression, this disease has another name, but also the highest rate of the rich class." "What kind of disease?" "That psychology professor also said a phrase, this disease is called 'more money idle panic'!" "Pfft!" Li Dong almost did not spray her to death, viciously rubbed Qin Yuhan's head, messing up her hair. Li Dong said in exasperation: "So you're saying I'm pretentious, right? You've come back to see me, or to give me a hard time!" Qin Yuhan could not hold back her laughter, holding Li Dong's shoulders and laughing for a while before saying, "Okay, I'm not joking with you anymore. But I'm telling the truth, in fact, you just repeat the same job over and over again and are a little bored. If you don't have money, then you definitely have a goal to strive for. But now you are not short of money, the same, you also have no motivation to fight. This kind of thing is actually very easy to solve, go out to see more, go out for a walk, see the scenery of nature, change the surrounding living environment, after a while naturally better. You now feel confined in a small circle, every day to see the same people, do the same thing, irritable is certain. People without money are actually like this, only they have a goal, there is pressure to survive, so they can overcome. You're different, you don't lack anything, so this emotion is magnified." When Qin Yuhan finished, Li Dong thought carefully, it seems that this is indeed almost so. If he didn't have money, he certainly wouldn't have such thoughts. Feelings after all, it is really more money idle, Li Dong thought of this can not help but cry and laugh.