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Chapter 331 - The Qin Family's Concerns

  The property near the Guanhai District, Li Dong and Qin Yuhan took a look at the direct release ~щww~~lā Qin Yuhan gave up because the community planning is too chaotic, the place is too crowded, she does not like much. Li Dong was not ready to buy before he went in, because this community is developed by the Munshen Real Estate. He is now a serious competitor with Yao Hong, Li Dong does not want to buy a house on his turf, so as not to be shaded one day. Next, the two took a taxi to Jinhu Park near Huafu. Jinhu Park is a medium-sized real estate developer developed by a medium-grade neighborhood, less than two kilometers from the Yuanfang Building. Although the district is new, the greening is particularly well done. The real estate company may be ready to take Jinhu Park as a model community development, transplanting a lot of trees over a long time, the whole community looks scenic. Qin Yuhan arrived here and moved a bit. The reason why Jinhu Park is called Jinhu Park, it is because there is an artificial lake in the center of the community. The developer also purposely built some pavilions and pavilions around the artificial lake, and at a glance it feels like a good place for relaxation. When the two entered the sales office and looked at the house plans, Qin Yuhan also looked very satisfied. In the end, Qin Yuhan chose a 125 square meters of three rooms and two halls, originally she also wanted to buy a little smaller, two rooms and two halls is enough. However, this kind of small house type are in the street that piece, Qin Yuhan do not like too much, plus she is very satisfied with Jinhu Park indeed, finally compromise a little, picked a 125 square feet three rooms and two halls. The little girl also shyly said to Li Dong, and later have a child, three people live just enough. Li Dong listened to want to laugh, this girl thought quite far. Determine the house, the two let the sales lady take them to see the house. The sales lady took the two out while reminding: "Sir and lady, the house you are looking at is on the 8th floor, good floor, good shape, light and permeability is also the best in the whole district, so the unit price may be a bit high." Li Dong nodded and did not say anything, Qin Yuhan did ask: "I forgot to ask, how much is the price here?" The sales lady was on the verge of tears, which was the reason why she reminded the two. The young couple came to see the house type, and after looking at it, let her take people to see the house, from beginning to end did not even ask the price, which is the attitude of buying a house. If it wasn't for the fact that the two people were dressed decently, she really didn't want to bring people to see the house, the possibility of such young people coming to see the fun is very high. "Madam, the suite you are looking at is priced at 4500 yuan per square meter for a rough room on the 8th floor." Qin Yuhan said "Oh", and did not say anything. She actually does not have a deep concept of money, plus Li Dong has never lacked her money to spend, the unit price of 4500 yuan does not move Qin Yuhan. Li Dong naturally will not be moved, so the two faces look very flat. The sales lady is dying, the house price here in Huafu is not high, the price of the rough house is even lower, if not this year rose a lot, last year the unit price of the rough house in this area is only 3,000. Now she said 4500, the result of these two young people do not even ask, too perfunctory. Of course, there is another possibility, that is, these two people are not short of money. Although not very likely, after all, she saw the two people get off from the cab, but the sales lady still prayed in her heart, hoping that it is the latter possibility. Li Dong and Qin Yuhan looked at the house very quickly. The two are not too picky people, feeling good is enough, as long as the quality of the house is not a problem, the rest still depends on the decoration. From the house back to the sales office, the two spent less than twenty minutes back and forth. Just sit down, Li Dong said: "This is the set, how much in total?" The sales lady froze for a moment, then calmed down and took out a pencil and paper and a calculator to help Li Dong calculate. When it was clear that Li Dong was paying in full, the sales lady said some incentives, Li Dong did not care too much, the difference between the upper and lower 10,000 or 20,000 yuan, he did not care too much. Finally, after calculating the total account, plus two parking spaces, Li Dong paid 820,000 is enough. Li Dong paid the deposit on the spot, signed the subscription, and made an appointment to come back tomorrow to pay the money, before he and Qin Yuhan left. …… Qin Yuhan returned home at almost eight o'clock. The actual fact is that you will be able to get a lot more than just a few of the most popular and most popular items. The first time I saw Qin Yuhan come back, Qin Hai gave a wink to Yang Yun. Yang Yun greeted Qin Yuhan and asked with a smile, "Are you with Li Dong today?" Qin Yuhan nodded her head. Yang Yun said: "Where did you go to play today? Li Dong is so busy now, don't pester him." Qin Yuhan blushed and said, "Mom, I didn't pester him. Besides, he's been too busy lately, so it's good to take a day off." Yang Yun didn't dwell on it and asked Qin Yuhan a few more questions. Qin Yuhan was originally not prepared to tell Yang Yun that she and Li Dong bought a house, but then thought, she must go there often in the future to live, and also have to be busy with the renovation of things, can not be concealed. A small tangle, Qin Yuhan then said: "Mom, today I and Li Dong in Jinhu Park bought a house."