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Chapter 332: Earn him a few hundred million

  The next morning, when Li Dong arrived at the Qin family, he ran into the Qin Hai couple who were just going out. Seeing Li Dong arrive, Yang Yun, who used to be very polite, did not say a word today. Qin Hai, as usual, just asked, "The company has a lot of things to do lately, you are not delayed to accompany Yu Han, right?" Li Dong laughed: "It's okay, Yu Han is not easy to come back, I give myself a vacation." Qin Hai nodded, didn't say anything else, and went downstairs after greeting Qin Yuhan who had finished washing up. Watching the two leave, Li Dong said somewhat strangely, "What's wrong with Aunt Yang today? Not feeling well?" Qin Yuhan shook her head and said, "No, probably because I slept late yesterday." Then he changed the subject and said, "Did you eat this morning?" "No, just got up and rushed over." "Eat something together, it's not good for your health if you don't eat breakfast." Li Dong sat down, Qin Yuhan helped to serve a bowl of porridge, and the two of them ate while chatting. After chatting for a while, Qin Yuhan suddenly asked, "I heard that the Faraway Mall will be online soon?" "Well, May 1 will go online, these days are promoting it." Li Dong casually returned. Qin Yuhan nodded, continued: "e-commerce is very promising, last year, Alibaba's Taobao annual turnover of more than eight billion, surpassing Wal-Mart. Beijing University recently organized a debate competition, the theme is the advantages and disadvantages of e-commerce and physical, I went to see once, we argued very strong." Li Dong said casually: "Each has its own advantages and disadvantages, this thing can not be debated a true or false. Existence is reasonable, e-commerce may have a certain impact on the physical stores, but want to completely replace the physical stores is impossible." Qin Yuhan lightly laughed: "I also think so, in fact, most people think so. But there are still some students in Beijing University think that e-commerce can completely replace the real economy, they also proposed that the future is the Internet society, people do not have to leave home, sitting at home can meet all the needs." "Reading stupid!" Li Dong snickered, nerds are always there, and there is no shortage of such people in Beijing Nature. There are few people who have this idea, but it is not completely non-existent, now it seems that there are people who think this way among these senior students in Beijing University. Qin Yuhan smiled and did not say more on this, and said: "You have not done e-commerce before, now rashly involved in the online mall, will not feel some tricky?" "It's okay." Li Dong laughed: "When the boss is this good, you do not need to do it yourself, command people on it." Qin Yuhan "Oh" a, as if carelessly said: "I heard that e-commerce looks simple, but in fact can do a good job is very difficult, see you so confident, is not to help you manage the Department of e-commerce people very powerful?" Li Dong also did not care, casually said: "okay, she mainly do is to manage people, the technical aspects of a dedicated person responsible." "Is that so? You mean she's an amateur? Can amateurs manage this new department well?" Li Dong felt a little strange, usually Qin Yuhan seldom talked to him about the company's affairs. Even if sometimes Li Dong himself, Qin Yuhan usually just listen and not speak, how today always talk about e-commerce matters? Li Dong also did not think much about it, just thought Qin Yuhan is more interested in the distant mall, after all, young people are far more interested in these degrees than the physical enterprise. Thinking of this, Li Dong said a few more words, unconsciously the two talked for more than ten minutes. Finally Qin Yuhan said: "Li Dong, listen to what you say I'm a little interested, far away mall is not yet online, why do we go to your company later to try the mall?" Li Dong was surprised: "Didn't we agree to pay the money to sign the contract in the morning?" Qin Yuhan said petulantly: "First go to your company to see it, and after seeing it, go to pay the money in the afternoon is okay." "We have an appointment, how about going to sign the contract in the morning and I will take you to the company in the afternoon?" Qin Yuhan smiled and nodded, "That's fine, then let's say so!" The next two did not talk about the company, after breakfast, the two went downstairs together. Today, Li Dong did not come by taxi, Zheng Long drove a4 waiting downstairs. When he got into the car, Li Dong just received a call from Xu Shengzhe. The two talked a few words, Li Dong eyes a flash of joy, and then said into the phone: "So things are done?" Xu Shengzhe said, "Almost done, we can go back tomorrow and the day after tomorrow." After that, he complained, "For your sake, I've been delayed for a long time, and I'm concealed when you treat me back." Li Dong laughed and said: "Okay, my treat, no problem to pack the venue! Where do you want to go, you can choose!" Xu Shengzhe booed, and did not take Li Dong seriously, continued: "Recently the wind has come out, I heard that Jia Wenhao and Jiangbei Sunan two high-level talks are about the same. We are considered to have picked up a leak this time, and a few days later I'm afraid the land will be restricted from being bought and sold." Li Dong smiled and immediately asked, "The wind has come out, there is no impact on us, right?" "Don't worry, as long as there are no restrictions tomorrow, there is no impact on us. Do you think I stayed so many days for nothing, up and down to spend so much, people dare to backtrack?" Li Dong breathed a sigh of relief, only then remembered that there is still something not asked.