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Chapter 333 - A bad mouth is to be cleaned up!

  Li Dong they entered the door, the sales lady had been waiting for a long time. Because it was a full payment, Li Dong transferred the account yesterday afternoon and it has arrived today. From the morning over, the sales lady kept inquiring whether Li Dong's house payment had arrived, and when she knew it had, the sales lady was at ease. But the contract has not yet been signed, everything is subject to change. Treating Li Dong such a generous customer, the sales lady naturally do not want the final stage of the problem, see Li Dong they came, the sales lady attentive. Other people come to see the house, the sales office side is generally provided with plain water, or add a few pieces of tea into. Li Dong is different, they just sit down, the sales lady is attentive: "Mr. Li, Ms. Qin, do you want to drink tea or coffee? We also have fruit juice here, I don't know if Ms. Qin likes it?" Li Dong said casually, "Tea is fine." Qin Yuhan also said, "The same." The sales lady hurriedly smiled and said, "Then you two wait a moment, I will go to make tea, the contract will arrive soon, will not delay you too much time." Li Dong nodded and didn't say anything. Just when the sales lady went to make tea, there was a sudden rebuke from the side. "Do you know how to do things? What, look down on us or what! People can drink coffee and juice, but not when it's our turn to ask for coffee, the dog's eyes look down on people, is not it!" "I'm sorry, sir, I'm really sorry. The coffee and juice she prepared before are her personal belongings, and the guests are also her regular customers, the company side is only equipped with tea ……"…… Hearing the noise, Li Dong turned his head and looked. Still just a few guys, fuming is also the first before the young man who ridiculed Li Dong out loud. A few people standing next to a sales lady dressed in professional attire, is a strong explanation to apologize. Not a moment later, the sales office supervisor also hurriedly came over. First, the explanation, found that the explanation can not be, the sales office supervisor some helplessly to the sales lady beside him said, "Liu Xin, you go outside to buy a bag of coffee." The sales lady reluctantly nodded her head. As she was about to go out, the young man who had just gotten angry said again, "Why do you need to go out and buy it? You are fooling me, right? Don't you have it here? The woman just said she had coffee, just ask her for it!" It happened that the sales lady who served Li Dong also came over with the contract, and the head of the sales office hurriedly said, "Zhang Qin, where did you put your coffee?" Zhang Qin frowned and waited for the supervisor to reach him before whispering, "Sister Chen, this is imported from abroad!" The sales supervisor also lowered his voice and said, "Take some out first to fool around, I'll pay you back later, besides you just did a single, still care about this stuff?" Zhang Qin is also afraid that Li Dong wait anxiously, pull out a set of keys handed to the supervisor, whispered a few words and returned to the seat. Seeing that Li Dong was still watching the show, Zhang Qin was embarrassed and said, "Mr. Li, I have made you laugh." Li Dong smiled lightly and said, "Nothing, just feel that the service industry is not easy." Zhang Qin felt the same way: "Yes, don't look at our bright appearance, in fact, we know our own suffering. Today is still good, sometimes ……" said halfway, Zhang Qin remembered that Qin Yuhan is also in, and quickly changed his words: "Sometimes more difficult customers are there." In fact, she wanted to say that sometimes customers also encounter the sales lady to take advantage of, but this is not good to say in front of a woman. If Li Dong in, such a brash and atmospheric customers, Zhang Qin do not mind the words hooked up two sentences. But today or forget it, people have female companions around, if the words are said, it is possible that the original fine single may be spoiled. Next to how the fuss, Li Dong and Qin Yuhan are not bothered, Zhang Qin is also not concerned, just want to sign the contract, not to meddle in the matter. But there are still some accidents when signing the contract. Li Dong let Qin Yuhan sign, Qin Yuhan reluctant. Li Dong whispered, "What's wrong?" Qin Yuhan was a little upset and said, "I don't sign, the head of the household only signs, why should I sign!" Li Dong cried and laughed and said softly, "You know, it's not very convenient for me. There are many people watching me, using my name will easily be found out, you don't want everyone to know where we live, right?" Qin Yuhan puffed out her mouth, but finally signed her name. In fact, if before, Qin Yuhan will not care about these details, in her opinion, she and Li Dong who signed the same, she also did not think about what the property or not the property. Li Dong has always been very good to her, in terms of money has never treated her poorly. Qin Yuhan has always felt that she has no problem spending Li Dong's money, she is actually not the kind of woman who is very independent, otherwise she would not have taken Li Dong's money to open a store. The purpose of her store is not to make money, just want to show in front of Li Dong. The young girl has never set foot in society and is very dependent on Li Dong. But the words of her parents last night almost made Qin Yuhan have the feeling of the collapse of heaven and earth, if not for the vague words of her parents, Qin Yuhan would have been unable to hold back the bawling. But subconsciously she still cares a lot, otherwise today would not be particularly concerned about such things. Qin Yuhan's psychological activities Li Dong is not clear, he is a human being not a god, naturally can not guess what Qin Yuhan's heart is thinking. After signing the contract, the house is almost even Li Dong's. The sales lady directly gave the key to the two people, the rest of the procedures can be done on behalf of the sales office side, waiting to get the property certificate can be.