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Chapter 334 - The division of priorities

  Global Building. In the Department of Electricity, when she saw Li Dong coming, Shen Xi in the office nodded and didn't get up. This is an old practice between Shen Xi and Li Dong, and Li Dong did not take it too seriously. But Qin Yuhan, who was following Li Dong, didn't think so. In her opinion, Shen Xi was Li Dong's employee, and when the boss came, how could the employee sit so grumpily. The heart is unhappy, Qin Yuhan is not a woman without any heart. She knows that Shen Xi's background is not simple, Li Dong now there are many places to rely on each other, there is no need to make a mess because of this small matter, or else let Li Dong underestimate themselves. Seeing Shen Xi nod and then look down at the document, Qin Yuhan smiled: "Li Dong, this sister is?" Li Dong had not yet introduced, Shen Xi looked up at her. As if she really did not see Qin Yuhan, Shen Xi got up and greeted, "Sit, sorry, just tired eyes blurred, did not see that there are outsiders." Qin Yuhan was angry, who is the outsider! But now it is not good and Shen Xi serious, Qin Yuhan coquettish smile sweetly said: "I blame, disturb sister work." Shen Xi laughed: "It's okay, just take a break." Li Dong saw the two chatting up, then he was busy introducing, "This is Shen Xi, the director of the e-commerce department." Then he said to Shen Xi, "This is Qin Yuhan, my girlfriend." Shen Xi smiled lightly and said, "I've heard about you, but I've never seen you in person. No wonder Mr. Li keeps talking about having a beautiful girlfriend." Qin Yuhan's face showed a touch of shyness, hooked Li Dong's arm and snapped, "Sister Shen don't listen to his nonsense, sister Shen is beautiful, compared with you, I am ashamed of myself." Shen Xi glanced at Qin Yuhan's hand holding Li Dong's arm, a faint smile on her face, and said softly: "Yuhan don't laugh at sister, old and pearly, which is better than you little girls." The three words "little girl" Shen Xi said in a slightly aggravated tone, Qin Yuhan immediately felt that the other party full of malice. Qin Yuhan laughed reluctantly: "Sister Shen, don't be modest, I heard that sister is not yet 'thirty', but already became the department director, too powerful. If I were to reach 'thirty', I would definitely not be as 'well maintained' as my sister, and I would not be able to be the department director." Qin Yuhan deliberately aggravated a few words Shen Xi heard, thirty years old and maintenance. The old need to maintain, Qin Yuhan is obviously telling her that you are older, not to maintain the really old and pearly, she is still young, do not need to maintain. The two people finished staring at each other, and for a while even Li Dong, who did not understand the situation, felt full of gunpowder. The corners of his mouth twitched slightly, and Li Dong laughed dryly: "You women like to talk about being pretty or not when you meet, it's really boring. Yu Han, didn't you say you wanted to go experience the mall? I'll take you there." Qin Yuhan nodded gently. Seeing this, Shen Xi did not move and said, "Mr. Li, I still have something to tell you, I'll let Zhou Hui take sister Yu Han over." Li Dong glanced at Qin Yuhan and said dryly, "It's better to talk about it later, I'll send Yuhan there first." Qin Yuhan glanced at the two and smiled, "Forget it, you guys talk first, don't delay your work, just have someone take me there." Shen Xi also did not ask Li Dong's opinion and shouted to the door, "Zhou Hui, come in!" Shen Xi's assistant hurriedly walked in. Shen Xi instructed, "You take Yu Han to the lab side for a turn, and let Team Leader Liu meet all of Miss Qin's needs, got it?" Zhou Hui saw Qin Yuhan and Li Dong enter together holding hands before, naturally knew that this is the boss's female companion, heard the words and nodded. Then she greeted Qin Yuhan attentively and said, "Miss Qin, please follow me." Qin Yuhan smiled at her and then said to Li Dong: "I'll go first, come find me when you're done." Li Dong hurriedly nodded his head. Qin Yuhan finished and smiled at Shen Xi, "Then I won't disturb sister's work, let's talk again next time when we have the chance." Waiting for Qin Yuhan and Zhou Hui to leave for a while, Li Dong said, "What are you doing? How adult you are, can you not be so boring!" Shen Xi did not pay attention to him, busy reading the file, read a while before looking up and lightly hummed: "I'm bored? She's the one who's bored! I also want to ask you, what do you mean? To demonstrate to me? Looking down on me as an 'old woman', right?" Li Dong hurriedly defended Qin Yuhan, "She didn't mean that, you're overly concerned." "Think I'm a fool!" Shen Xi looked unhappy and said indignantly, "So I'm helping you with your busy schedule, I don't even have time to sleep all day, I don't even go shopping, and finally I'm letting your girlfriend taunt me?" "She really doesn't mean that." Li Dong some powerless to explain up, see Shen Xi still a face of anger, and finally had to smile bitterly: "Okay, I apologize for her to you okay. Yu Han is young, no bad intentions, but also no city, must have heard what the rumors, you bear some more." If before Li Dong did not understand, but just two people have a conversation, Li Dong which does not know why Qin Yu Han is in a bad mood. Li Dong just finished, Shen Xi more annoyed: "Then you mean that I am older, have bad intentions, and city!" Li Dong almost vomited blood, the woman's stirring work is really not blown. Seeing Shen Xi glaring at herself, Li Dong said with a headache: "Stop it, Miss, it's my fault, you are young and beautiful, just like a fairy, enough?" "Humph! Hypocrisy!" Shen Xi hummed, but the corners of her mouth couldn't stop rising. Li Dong slightly exhaled, cursing in his heart: women are really vain, they have to pat the horse's ass to do so, they are really unlucky today. Seeing that Shen Xi was not looking for a fight, Li Dong said again, "Then I'll go over first." "Wait!" Shen Xi glared at him and said, "Things have not been said yet, so anxious to go see your little girlfriend!" "Something really wrong?" "Nonsense! Why should I keep you if there's nothing!" Shen Xi gave him a blank look and handed a document in her hand to Li Dong. Li Dong picked it up and scanned it, then frowned and said, "Will it be a little too urgent?" "I don't think so, the development speed of the physical stores of Yuanfang can't keep up with the pace, and it will take at least three to five years to cover the three provinces of Suzhou, Henan and Lu, even if there is nothing wrong in the middle. And first to develop e-commerce, we only need to invest in some storage centers can be, small investment, quick results. Another point is that opening the e-commerce market first, then laying physical stores, is logical and accepted." Li Dong glanced at her and asked, "Without physical stores to rely on, are you sure you can?"