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Chapter 335 - The mall is online

  The next two days, Qin Yuhan mood again good. Since the last time I met Shen Xi, I don't know if this girl is confident or want to open up, anyway, no longer suffering from loss. The house over the Jinhu Park Li Dong did not have much time to manage, Qin Yuhan a person happily to find a designer, to find a decoration company, although very tired, but this girl did not complain at all. Li Dong let Zheng Long pick her up and drop her off, and he put his energy into the company again. ……5 On the first day of the month, Yuanfang Mall was officially launched. On the first day of the launch, the mall was full of shortcuts, and the first hour of the launch, it was not the website that almost collapsed, but the customer service. I don't know if Far Far Away's emoticon system was too popular, but when someone discovered that Far Far Away's emoticon was super cute, the first time it was circulated in all major forums. People are all curiosity hunters, and the rich and diverse emoji pack system is still the first one launched by Far Far Away in China. As a result, regardless of whether they bought something or not, whether they were from Jiangbei or outside Jiangbei, the first hour the mall was online, customer service received more than 50,000 chat messages. More than a dozen customer service sister almost went crazy! Faraway Mall to buy things actually do not have to chat with customer service, direct purchase can be, customer service is mainly to provide some advice. So the customer service team is not big, full of not more than twenty people. But the accident always comes inadvertently, see one message after another, see a variety of expressions one after another, these customer service sister really want to spit blood. Not to mention them, Li Dong and Shen Xi, the senior management are about to vomit blood. Never mind whether people buy things or not, you can not receive, people ask questions, you can not drag a few hours to give people back the message, right? If this happens, the current good situation will be finished. Li Dong did not say anything, immediately issued an order in the company, as long as the computer can be used, immediately on the reception of customers! Customer service try to pick some pure expression of the customer to the company staff side to deal with, customer service side mainly receive those sincere consultation problems of customers. Even so, customer service staff is still not enough. In the end, the company's top and middle leaders are personally on the line, compared to the general staff, they know more about the mall, answering questions are naturally more professional, can not let people feel that the far side of the customer service amateur it. Arranged these things, Li Dong some exhaustion. Everything has been considered, even the robbery of the matter Li Dong are prepared, he originally thought that the easiest problem should be the logistics of this off. But who knows that logistics has not yet come in handy, the customer service department almost paralyzed. Li Dong wanted to cry, Shen Xi is busy dizzy head. The two were about to take a break when Sun Tao hurriedly came over and said, "Mr. Li, I have to go to Longhua Supermarket now, there is some chaos there." Li Dong hurriedly said, "What's going on?" "The problem of transferring goods, there are a few things sold in the mall in the warehouse can not be found, customers are anxious to. The Department of Operations side let Longhua supermarket to provide sources of goods, the supermarket side said the mall is also in short supply, plus the performance of the mall side does not count into the supermarket, the settlement costs are not uniform on both sides, and finally the trouble was a deadlock." Li Dong teeth are sour, said angrily: "What the hell! This has just begun, the warehouse can not find the goods, how to do the preparatory work!" Said and cursed: "Long Hua side of the head into the water? Emergency call, they can not compromise a little, back to make up is! If there is a shortage of goods on the first day, the logistics is slow, the reputation is bad, it is good for them?" Shen Xi said with a headache: "Don't scold first, I've thought about this problem before. At that time I said to integrate the two systems, you disagreed, now there is a problem, right?" Li Dong said in annoyance: "Don't put the horse in the back! If the two sides really integrated will be a big problem, I do not want to affect the stores because of the mall, and once integrated, the supermarket will really become a transit station!" Shen Xi skimmed her mouth and did not speak. Sun Tao saw the two quarreled, and quickly said, "Mr. Li, then I will go over to deal with it." Li Dong exhaled and said, "No, you sit here, I'll go!" "You go?" Sun Tao and Shen Xi let out a puzzlement at the same time, this matter does not need Li Dong personally to appear, right? Li Dong gritted his teeth and said, "I'll go handle it, just forget about it, if something happens, I want them to look good!" Sun Tao and Shen Xi's heart is a chill, don't look at the recent Li Dong seems not to care much about the company's big and small things, to the staff and senior staff is also smiling. But do not forget, last year, Li Dong fired how many people, and there are even many people went to the bureau. Really think Li Dong is a good old man, that will definitely die ugly, Li Dong should be ruthless when not soft at all. Sun Tao immediately said: "Mr. Li, the company is now short of people, you do not let your nature come." Li Dong impatiently said, "Got it!" Said get up and pick up his jacket to go out, Sun Tao still want to say more, Shen Xi shook his head towards him. When Li Dong left, Shen Xi said: "Let him go, kill the chicken to make an example of the monkey is good, the company has not opened for some time, some people do not have a big picture." Sun Tao knew she was talking about the people over at Longhua Supermarket. But Sun Tao's heart is a little unhappy, Longhua supermarket before he has been part-time store manager, and even many senior is his promotion. This side of the operation department belongs to the jurisdiction of the Department of e-commerce, and this time the main reason is the warehouse side of the problem, it is reasonable to blame can not blame Longhua side, after all, the company did not specify that the supermarket must provide sources of goods for the mall. Now Shen Xi said so, it is obvious that the people of Longhua do not have a big picture. Sun Tao heart holding fire, but also scrupulous about Shen Xi's identity, and finally had to say in a muffled voice: "I'm afraid that the big trouble, according to the nature of the General Manager Li, the abolition of the storage department and the operation department are possible." Shen Xi is full of care and said: "The abolition of the abolition, according to my opinion, the company unified operation is right. Must be operated separately, not to mention the waste of resources, operating costs are much larger." At this moment Sun Tao has nothing to say, glanced at Shen Xi, Sun Tao helplessly said: "Shen director continue to busy, I still have some business, first go." Said Sun Tao left in a hurry. Shen Xi saw him leave, the corners of the mouth revealed a smile, she did not intentionally target Sun Tao, just a reminder. To say that the most loyal people in the company to the far side is probably Sun Tao, but people have selfishness, Sun Tao is no exception. Although he has done many things fairly, but also can treat everyone equally. But sometimes Sun Tao selfishness is a little heavy, far side there are many middle and senior are Sun Tao's direct line, Sun Tao to them extra preferential some. Short time so not a problem, Li Dong will not care. But a long time, Li Dong will not care, Sun Tao sooner or later because of this to cause Li Dong's discontent. Shen Xi does not want to distant infighting, and can not tell Sun Tao face to face, selfishness less, can only remind in a roundabout way. She Shen Xi even two departments of the Department of e-commerce abolished are indifferent, you Sun Tao do not have to focus on the gains and losses of this city a store? As the general manager and the company's shareholders, Sun Tao should look farther to the right. …… Longhua Supermarket. When Li Dong arrived, the two sides of the source of goods problem has been negotiated, the courier also sent out. But the supermarket and the operation department of the senior management are in, both parties are careful to look at the supermarket entrance, not yet to the heat, but the two sides of the head of the people ooze sweat.