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Chapter 336 - Double Happiness

  Out of Longhua Square, Li Dong did not rush back to the company. When he got into the car, Li Dong said to Tan Yong: "Take me to the nearby express point." Tan Yong came to Yuanfang in mid-April to report, originally he had just joined the company not long ago and was not yet familiar with the company's processes, so it was not his turn to drive for Li Dong. But recently Zhou Haidong and Zheng Long were not in the company, and Cao Hongbing did not know how to drive, so Tan Yong had to temporarily grab the bag. Hearing Li Dong speak, Tan Yong hurriedly answered and started the vehicle. Li Dong sat in the car and began to ponder, before he was actually most worried about the logistics problem, did not expect the logistics side has not happened, but the storage problems. I do not know whether the problem is serious or not on the storage side. Li Dong just in Longhua supermarket although nothing to say, but does not mean he does not care at all. This is still under his own nose, if outside of Pingchuan, how many problems are there in the company now? He self-examined, his boss seems to be a little too detached from the grassroots. Far Far Away has opened a lot of branches over the past year, in addition to some of the larger branches, many stores Li Dong almost never once visited. Not only Li Dong, Sun Tao and their senior management, it seems that they rarely go to inspect. Li Dong thought in his heart, should he not secretly do an inspection and look at the entire Jiangbei Yuanfang stores once to be right. This project is a bit large, before Li Dong did not think about this problem, but now is forced to think. The sky is high and the emperor is far away, these senior people do not pay attention to their own, those store managers have almost become the emperor of the land, the company's inspection team is not much manpower, inspection is not strong, the possibility of problems is very high. Not only these stores outside of Pingchuan, Pingchuan side is not much better. Other than that, Qin Hai established the Faraway Express Company, Li Dong almost did not ask, and do not know what the situation is now. …… this day, Li Dong went to see more than ten courier points. There is the Yuanfang Express under the Yuanfang, there is also the Yuanfang outsourcing courier company. Li Dong every store, get off and the first-line courier chat a few words, ask about the operation of the mall today, the courier delivery speed. In general, this side of Pingchuan city is good, convenient transportation, courier points cover a small area, generally can achieve timely delivery. The suburban side is much worse, especially the courier companies outside the Far Side, because not only to receive a single Far Side single, there are other single, the Far Side Mall single is not too important. Li Dong saw those courier company people, the priority choice to send Taobao's single, and then the turn to the far side. Li Dong frowned, perhaps the Far Eastern Mall just launched, the performance is not good, the list is not too much, these courier companies do not pay much attention. But in this way, the logistics speed of Yuanfang was slowed down. This side of Pingchuan is okay, Far Eastern stores, warehouses, easy to transfer goods, the early stage can save a lot of time. But what about other places? Some cities, not only do not have stores, even the storage center is not, which has to transfer goods from neighboring cities. One way or another, the 24-hour delivery promised by Yuanfang Mall may become a joke. Li Dong pondered all the way back to the company when it was almost six o'clock. Once he returned, Shen Xi hurried into his office. Although Shen Xi was in a hurry, but with a satisfied smile on her face, seeing Li Dong back, Shen Xi smiled and said, "How was it? How was the result of the inspection?" "Average, let's not talk about me, look at you like this, there is good news?" Shen Xi couldn't hide her smugness and said, "Remember the mission target you gave me before?" Li Dong thought for a moment and said, "One thousand orders processed daily within six months?" "Yes!" Shen Xi smiled more happily and asked, "Do you know how many orders we processed today?" "Five hundred pieces for sure." Li Dong said more definitely, just these courier points he patrolled, processing orders almost two or three hundred pieces. This is still a part of Pingchuan, the whole Pingchuan should be more than this. And expand to the entire Jiangbei, maybe five hundred orders are more than. This result is actually very satisfied with Li Dong, if he remembered correctly, last November, Jingdong daily processing orders only five hundred pieces. Even now, the number of people shopping online, the number of domestic Internet users has also expanded dramatically, but the number of orders processed by Jingdong is probably about a thousand pieces. And Jingdong service is the whole country, the far side is just a Jiangbei. Can reach five hundred single, Li Dong is still very satisfied. Shen Xi said with a face of N.: "Five hundred singles is nothing, you can not forget, how many people chat with our emoji packets in the morning. Just one emoji packet, I think than we smashed out tens of millions of publicity effect are better." Li Dong smiled and did not say anything, the emoji package may be one side. But if there is no far side of the preliminary publicity, who knows far mall? Do not know the Yuanfang Mall, who will know what your emoji package is for, if the individual publicity, the impact is not so big now. But Li Dong is not bothered to refute, he does not care about the process, only the results.