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Chapter 337 Splitting up the E-Commerce Department

  The next day. (viii) (i) Chinese WwんW.8 ⒈ Zw.COM morning Li Dong held a high-level meeting. At the meeting, Li Dong announced several pieces of news, which are all good news. First, the performance of the Yuanfang Mall yesterday up to twelve o'clock came out. The total orders were 2245 orders, 162o orders were processed, and the single-day sales reached 162,000. Second, Yuanfang became the provincial government and the Ministry of Commerce's support enterprises, a variety of policy support and preferential policies, Li Dong also informed all over. The people were all smiling, obviously did not expect a support enterprise name would have such great benefits. It's not that the provincial government hasn't done this before, but the previous support was not really big, like the interest-free loans, which were usually a few million before, and tens of millions were few. This time to the far side to provide 50 million interest-free loans, is some out of the crowd's expectations. Announced the two good news is not enough, Li Dong announced a third good news. Suan new city planning came out! The new city address is in Anyuan County, the area of Heming Township is really the city center of the new city, Li Dong's previous guesses did not appear to be wrong. This news or last night Xu Shengzhe said to Li Dong, otherwise Li Dong himself did not receive the news. Last night, Li Dong was so excited that he didn't sleep all night. It was not enough to receive good news during the day, but at night he actually heard good news that the new city plan came out, which means that Far Eastern's investment made a lot of money. The one hundred million dollars of Far Eastern company's capital was invested in the piece of land bought by Xu Shengzhe, which cost about two hundred million dollars in total. Of course, the land payment is not paid in full, half of the initial payment, the rest of Li Dong and Xu Shengzhe is not in a hurry to pay, dragging a period of time, and so on when the land is almost out of hand. As soon as Li Dong finished announcing, Sun Tao asked, "Mr. Li, how much is this piece of land valued now?" Li Dong thought about it and said, "I didn't ask for the details, but Xu Shengzhe of Longhua is a connoisseur, he estimated that it should not be difficult to double." Sun Tao smiled and said, "That means the land price is around four hundred million?" "Maybe more than that, nearly five thousand acres of land, the new city is the hub of the four provinces, sell him a hundred thousand a mu is not expensive, right? Even if a hundred thousand a mu, we also made a lot of money." Li Dong he he smiled straight, 100,000 a mu, get their hands on at least they can earn two hundred million. This is the profit of the far side, he personally earned a lot. In the Heming Township land, Li Dong invested fifty million, Heming Township is also the city center, the land price is certainly not cheap. Fifty million into two hundred million, Li Dong can also earn a large sum of money, this time his hands are finally wide open. After the announcement of the three news, everyone was happy. Although Yuanfang makes money, Li Dong and Sun Tao make the most of it, but they are also the senior management of the benefits, not to mention other things, the year-end awards must be a large cut. The faster Yuanfang develops, the higher their status will be. After the announcement, Li Dong saw Shen Xi staring at himself and couldn't help but let out a laugh. Clapping his hands to attract everyone's attention, Li Dong then said, "There is also something to announce, Shen Xi Shen director promoted to vice president of the company, in charge of the Department of e-commerce, everyone applause congratulations!" "Pop pop pop!" The applause immediately rang throughout the conference room, we are not surprised, Shen Xi promoted what is strange, not promoted that is strange. Other than that, the three pieces of good news announced today, two of them are related to Shen Xi. The mall is not to mention the government policy support, if not for Shen Xi, Yuanfang really may not be able to take. With these two points underwriting, coupled with Shen Xi's background, the official rose a very normal. And we are also happy to do so, Shen Xi's background is actually the anchor of Yuanfang, the closer Shen Xi and Yuanfang contact, the more at ease we are, the heart is not without a bottom. The applause lasted for a long time, and Shen Xi also briefly said a few words about her promotion. Then the name of Director Shen changed to General Manager Shen, in fact, before everyone has been called her General Manager Shen, this promotion, Shen Xi actually more than a name, what did not get. But Shen Xi does not care, she is happy, the next meeting again, the smile on her face has not been broken. After saying the good news, then Li Dong face is slightly right color up. Everyone's smile also gradually faded, yesterday's events they have heard, Li Dong has been cited and not, we know that today Li Dong must be made. Although the previous good news diluted the tense atmosphere, but now Li Dong a serious up, we still can not help but palpitate. Other not afraid, afraid of Li Dong to engage in a major purge, this kind of thing is not the first time Li Dong do. This year, the Far Eastern development is quite stable, the senior changes are not too big, except for the Department of e-commerce is a newly established department, other departments from last year after a major blood change has gradually stabilized. The change of people at this time does not have a big impact on Yuanfang, so everyone is a little nervous. Li Dong didn't look at the faces of the people and said seriously, "Everyone has heard about yesterday's incident, right?" The crowd nodded their heads in a hurry. Li Dong said: "the first day the mall online, the storage side of the problem, the list is missing, who is responsible for this! Fortunately, there was no problem in the end, if there was a problem, the mall's initial investment is not all down the drain? Tens of millions of investment, who will cover the tank!" The people are silent, Shen Xi smile also lightened some, rose and said, "General Li, this is our e-commerce department work mistakes, the responsibility should be borne by me." Everyone saw Shen Xi stand up for the cylinder, can not help but sigh with relief. Shen Xi had just been promoted, and was a meritorious servant of the company, and had a big background, it was actually most appropriate for her to come forward, and Li Dong would not punish her too much. Sure enough, Li Dong waved his hand and said: "You have been focusing on the technical team side, the storage side you did not pay attention to the justifiable. Of course, the responsibility you still have to bear, deduct three months bonus, year-end awards by half, you do not have a problem, right?" Shen Xi deflated her mouth, nodded and said, "No opinion." Li Dong saw the situation did not say more, and to the left side of the conference table of a high pipe: "Director Song, I remember that the storage of the Department of e-commerce is the unified responsibility of your commodity management department, right?" The man called Director Song wiped the cold sweat on his forehead and hurriedly got up and said, "Mr. Li, we are responsible for it." Li Dong stopped talking. Everyone understood what he meant, this was to take the merchandise management department. Commodity Management Department in the far side of the status is very high, the control of a lot of things, logistics, procurement, operations, warehousing …… these things are under the responsibility of the Department of Commodity Management, to really say, in addition to a few bosses, the director of Song in the company's highest status. Song director see Li Dong this expression which does not understand his meaning, but he is not willing to ah!