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Chapter 338 - Sun Tao's crazy ideas

  Genius a second to remember ' ', to provide you with wonderful fiction reading. The morning meeting lasted until after eleven o'clock. Others have left, when Li Dong went out, Sun Tao was waiting at the door. Seeing Li Dong come out, Sun Tao smiled and said, "Go out to eat together?" Li Dong nodded and said, "Let's go together." The two of them chatted while going downstairs. Li Dong and Sun Tao usually eat in the company at noon more often, but also have a fixed restaurant. When they entered the restaurant, the boss hurriedly smiled and said, "Mr. Li, Mr. Sun, the same old rules at noon?" Li Dong nodded, and Sun Tao went into the small box. After sitting for a while, the boss personally came in with a teapot and said with a smile, "Mr. Li, Mr. Sun, just arrived Ming Qian Mao Feng, try the taste?" Li Dong smiled and nodded, waited for the boss to finish pouring tea, casually took a sip, then said, "Good tea!" The boss cheerfully modest a few words, although understand Li Dong is mostly polite words, but still very satisfied out of the box. As soon as he left, Li Dong talked about the business and said, "What do you think about the subsidiary?" Sun Tao looking for Li Dong is also for this matter, see Li Dong himself mentioned, thought about it and said, "feel you are a bit anxious." "You do not agree?" Sun Tao shook his head and said: "Not disapprove, just think it's too fast. The mall is just now online, not yet profitable, break-even can not be maintained, now at this time to set up a subsidiary, more harm than good." Li Dong was not in a hurry and asked with a smile, "What do you say?" Because it is not in the company, Sun Tao also does not hide, directly said: "I will say two points, first, if the distant mall split out, financial independence, the distant investment in the mall will not change?" Li Dong thought about it and said, "It should not, maybe I will also increase the investment." Sun Tao frowned and disapproved, "If so, then what is the point of setting up a subsidiary? The investment is not seen less, it can't be profitable in the short term, and setting up a separate team will just increase the expenses." Li Dong laughed, "The main reason is to avoid risks." "Risk-averse? Do you think the mall has a big risk?" "Not easy to say, after all, is the Internet industry, you and I actually do not know too much. During this period of time I studied a lot of Internet companies, to the last hurdle, listing is almost inevitable, so I want to split out in advance to save trouble later." Sun Tao carefully thought deeply about Li Dong's meaning for a long time before he was a little surprised and said, "You want to go public independently? What about Yuanfang Supermarket!" In the eyes of their senior management, going public is almost an inevitable move. General enterprises to a certain point, will be operating listed. Sun Tao had always thought so before, thinking that at a certain point, Li Dong would definitely operate Yuanfang Supermarket to go public. But now listen to Li Dong's meaning, it seems to let the mall listed independently, while the parent company of the Yuanfang Supermarket remains independent operation. Li Dong said carelessly: "I'm not going to list the Yuanfang Supermarket, at least so far, I don't have this idea, what do you think?" Sun Tao didn't know what to say for a while, Li Dong suddenly said this today, so he was a bit at a loss for words. After a long time of silence, Sun Tao said softly: "Then let's not talk about this, I still have a little doubt, after the establishment of the subsidiary, how to decide the management team?" "No decision for now, splitting the mall is not a short time, let's talk about it when the time comes." Sun Tao smiled bitterly, when the time comes, how to say? Although the subsidiary is nominally under the jurisdiction of the parent company, in fact, a high degree of independence, with its own management. Now who is the management of the e-commerce department, is Shen Xi, Shen Xi in charge of a department within the company is just, let her become the chairman of the subsidiary? Sun Tao think this point is very unreliable, a developing company to Shen Xi management, which is a little too difficult. But if it is not Shen Xi, then the trouble is even bigger. The e-commerce department is almost single-handedly prepared by Shen Xi, when the time comes, if let others in charge, Shen Xi how to think? Effort to do up the mall, the results were picked up, who can be willing. So Sun Tao felt that at this stage let the mall split is very inopportune, he said a few points, Li Dong did not give him a satisfactory answer. Lightly sigh, Sun Tao is full of helplessness, but do not know what to say to good. After a while, the dishes came up. Li Dong and Sun Tao also did not drink, while eating and continue to talk. After a few words, Sun Tao picked up a new topic and said, "Have you heard about the Era Supermarket?" "Which era?" "The Times Supermarket in Sunan." Li Dong thought back for a moment before asking, "You mean the Times is ready to sell?" "Well, recently, China Resources, Wumai, Lianhua, which are constantly contacting the management of the Times, want to complete the merger, once the Times is acquired, we are afraid that we have some trouble in the future."