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Chapter 339 - The Class of '86

  ♂, although Li Dong vetoed the proposal, Sun Tao is not in a hurry. After a while, Sun Tao said: "We are not completely not a penny, put together, one billion or can take out, with one billion bottom, Secretary Du and then help to talk, the problem should not be too big, right?" Li Dong frowned: "One billion, you are playing on the idea of the new city land and Baidu shares?" Sun Tao nodded, this is exactly what he was thinking. If the new city's piece of land is sold, Yuanfang two hundred million can certainly earn, plus the original one hundred million principal, which is three hundred million. Baidu stock Li Dong now has 300,000 shares in hand, according to the current market, 250 million yuan is not a big problem. These two together is more than five hundred million, the rest can be used to intercept the payment method to raise money. Far party is now generally intercepted payments for a month and a half time, if you postpone a month, intercept two and a half months of payments, at least three or four hundred million dollars can be intercepted. In fact, the 45-day interception of payment is not long, other companies in the industry are generally two to three months. Just like the previously mentioned the material beauty, people intercepted payment time is more than three months, also did not see any problems. Sun Tao also wants to take a chance, after all, this is a great opportunity. Times supermarket now intends to sell is a good opportunity, other supermarkets have not yet negotiated successfully is also an opportunity. These two can not always meet, once the times by other enterprises to complete the merger, even if the money can not buy. Expect to acquire supermarkets from these enterprises in China Resources, don't even think about it, money is also useless. Although Sun Tao thought very beautiful, Li Dong still splashed cold water: "Even if we get together to come up with one billion, but what about the Jiangbei side? Shopping center also built or not built? Other cities of the mini-supermarkets are also collected or not acquired? What if there is a backlash against Hakone?" All these problems need to be solved with money, or else the trouble is even bigger. Why did the acquisition of Times fail? It is not because of the final capital chain problems, Yuanfang is now not as strong as the material beauty, the capital chain problems are more likely. Each link can not go wrong, or draw out a billion dollars of funds, even if the completion of the merger, it is also sitting on a powder keg, a little on the explosion. Also, draw out so much money, the mall, new stores, distribution centers, the Yuanfang building, all these projects will be affected. What Li Dong wants is a stable rear, he doesn't want to play roller coaster, it's too risky. The task of Yuanfang in the recent year is to stabilize the market in Jiangbei. If Jiangbei is not stable, what is the use of even rushing out of Jiangbei. The backyard is in chaos, Far Eastern still mix a hair line, Li Dong does not want to gamble. Don't look at Sun Tao usually has been very conservative, in fact, this guy gambling than Li Dong are big. When Yuanfang was still in Dongping, its only Dongping a store, then Sun Tao dared to risk a fight, directly in a short time to expand to the whole Qingyang area. That time Sun Tao's gamble was successful, and Yuanfang took the whole Qingyang market in a short time. But luck is not always on Li Dong's side, plus the investment at that time was also small, this time the investment reached several billion, Li Dong also did not dare to come with the nature. The process of starting a business once is enough, Li Dong now does not want to come a second time. If this time failed, the next few years Li Dong can hardly turn around. Seeing Li Dong said so, Sun Tao is also anxious, voice slightly avenue: "Then we just watch others to complete the restructuring? If it is incorporated by China Resources, our East China strategy is an empty one!" Li Dong gently shouted: "What's the hurry! China Resources can't take the times, and neither can the goods!" Sun Tao looked at Li Dong suspiciously, you are so sure? Li Dong did not explain, thought: "But you said the acquisition plan may not necessarily not work, if you delay this year, and so on next year, our back side is stable. By then, the funds are also generous, think of ways may be able to take the times." Sun Tao said sharply: "Next year, the yellow flowers are cold!" Li Dong hehe laughed, mysteriously said: "That is not necessarily." Next year, the goods will be suspended and investigated, this time let the goods as a shield, but also to block other companies to the times of prying eyes. When the material beauty is unable to acquire, then the far side and then intervene, pick up a bargain is not impossible. Thinking of this Li Dong smiled and said, "Turn back to prepare a negotiation team, Sunan is not very lively recently, we also go to join the fun." Jiangbei side of the far side of a dominant, Hakkasu temporarily can not afford to make waves, so the retail market in Jiangbei seems calm and quiet. South Jiangsu is different, the economy is more developed than Jiangbei, and there is a small gap between the strength of the rivals such as Su Guo and Time, the retail market in South Jiangsu has recently been a great deal of commotion. Plus the time to sell, the retail industry in southern Jiangsu at the moment is even more windy. Sun Tao some confused Li Dong, some headache said: "We will go to the hustle and bustle?" "Not really, in advance to deal with, next year and then talk about some convenience." Merger and acquisition of an enterprise with billions of assets, negotiations are naturally not a day or two, be prepared for a long-term battle. Li Dong now let people to contact the times, but also in order to leave a good impression to others not bad money, save next year a short time to talk down. Sun Tao simply do not understand why Li Dong is so confident, you said next year on next year? In his opinion, within these three or two months, I'm afraid that the negotiations will come to fruition. Once the era was acquired by others, which there is still far from the matter. But Sun Tao also understand the difficulties of Li Dong, it is too big an investment, the current far side can not support. More than two billion investment, will not necessarily be able to take out all the Yuanfang to sell. If not for the recent big profit on the land, plus the presence of Shen Xi, Sun Tao would not mention this idea, it is too crazy. The next two people did not talk about the times, as for the negotiation team, Sun Tao is also ready to casually muddle through. No money, what is the use of sending a negotiating team over there. Talk not even if, really want to talk about it, when the far side no money to buy, but more humiliating, the business reputation are bad. …… dinner not drink, the speed is certainly not slow. Two people plus the time to talk, finished eating also took only an hour. Just out of the box, Li Dong met several acquaintances head-on. When Li Dong saw the other party, the other party naturally also saw Li Dong. Once she saw that Li Dong was also eating here, Li Wan hurriedly shouted, "Li Dong, you are also here?" Next to her, Zhao Tingting also smiled and said, "Li Dong, how come you, the big boss, are here to eat?" Bai Su and Song Juan, another girl from their dormitory, didn't say anything, but just nodded at Li Dong. Li Dong also nodded in response and laughed lightly: "Where to eat if not here? We are all human, do I eat something different from you guys?"