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Chapter 340 - Representative of Current Students

  On May 4, Xu Shengzhe and his group finally returned to Pingchuan. The mud-stained Maybach slowly stopped underneath the Global Building, and Xu Shengzhe exhaled a long breath. Li Dong came forward and gave a big hug, then smiled and said, "Good work!" Xu Shengzhe said with a disgusted face: "First, I do not like men, next time do not hug me. Second, don't say polite words, if you really feel overwhelmed, just give me a little more when dividing the dividend." Li Dong rolled his eyes and said, "You think so!" Xu Shengzhe said with contempt, "I knew you were a grandiose, want to take advantage of your hands, it is more difficult than the sky." Li Dong did not bother to pay attention to him, said nonchalantly: "Cut the crap, things are done?" Xu Shengzhe smiled smugly, "I, Xu Shengzhe, can't handle anything?" "Blow it!" Li Dong laughed and cursed, did not talk to him again, and said to Zhou Haidong and Liu Qi who got out of the car: "These days have been hard on you, go back to rest for a few days, and then I will give you a reception banquet when you come back to the company." Zhou Haidong hurriedly said, "Mr. Li, no need to rest, I have nothing to do in Anyuan these days, things are being done by Mr. Xu, I can go to work now." Next to Liu Qi but smiled and said, "Mr. Li, even if Manager Zhou does not want to take a vacation, can you also give me the vacation of Manager Zhou together?" Li Dong narrowed his eyes and laughed: "You are still dreaming?" Liu Qi mumbled a sentence, then sighed and said, "Forget it, manager Zhou is not taking a vacation, I'm not taking a vacation either, so come to work tomorrow." Li Dong laughed: "As you wish, I'll save it all for you, so you can take a long vacation at once." Both of them thanked each other and knew that Li Dong and Xu Shengzhe should have something to say, so they didn't stay much and left first. Once they left, Li Dong said, "Is it really okay?" Xu Shengzhe and they were originally prepared to return before May 1, but then there was an emergency, Xu Shengzhe had to stay to deal with, this delay is almost a week. Xu Shengzhe did not rush to reply, lit himself a cigarette, and then exhaled smoke: "Fortunately, the first and last are handled clean. Fortunately, the key time Jia Wenhao handed a word, or else may really have to plant." These inside information Li Dong did not know before, heard him say so, and quickly asked: "Jia governor handed over the word?" "Well, Jia Wenhao sold us face this time, the new city development above, whether it is Longhua or Yuanfang, then have to return him a face, you do not think you have taken advantage of." Xu Shengzhe said, while coldly said: "This time almost by them to Yin, turn back I can not spare them!" Li Dong nodded at his words and said, "Let's find the opportunity, now let's also calm down." The reason why Xu Shengzhe was dragged in Anyuan this time, mainly because of the land acquisition matter to make people's eyes red. Li Dong and their group is the only one who got the land before the new city planning, and took a good plot of land, others do not say, those in the Suan old city near the land loss of real estate developers must not feel happy. I do not know if it is a few or one, anyway, finally Xu Shengzhe was reported. Are engaged in real estate, the middle of the fishy who is not clear, the whistleblower reported the head, clear, almost in Suan officialdom triggered a major earthquake. I heard that the provincial discipline inspection committee had been mobilized, Suan officialdom a wind and crane. Xu Shengzhe was also in big trouble, if a bad deal, the land lost not to mention that he also had to eat lawsuits. In Xu Shengzhe head as big as a cow, even ready to go back to Pingchuan to move help when the provincial side Jia Wenhao spoke. Jia Wenhao is the general manager of the new city, he opened his mouth to say that big things are small, it is not appropriate to make a big deal, the provincial leaders naturally have to consider his opinion. Finally the provincial discipline inspection committee withdrew back, by Suan City Discipline Inspection Committee to investigate on their own. The city discipline inspection committee side finally took a few small fish as scapegoats, considered to give the province an explanation, which let the matter pass calmly. Xu Shengzhe also did not say much on this matter, listening to Li Dong said so, nodded and said: "Anyway, this time we did not lose, but fell in favor, take your time later." After saying this, Xu Shengzhe said: "There is something else I want to ask your opinion." "Say." "Are you prepared to offer these two pieces of land, or are you prepared to stay on your own?" "The land in Heming Township is all for sale, the other one I want to leave behind a hundred acres, and turn around and leave it to the company to build a shopping plaza." Xu Shengzhe hesitated, and only after a while said, "Since you are ready to sell, how about I introduce a buyer to you?" Li Dong raised his eyebrows and said, "A buyer? You mean to make a bid now?" "Well, in fact, once the new city plan came out, things were already set. Jia Wenhao's meaning is clear to everyone, at this time to bid, the land price will not be cheaper to where. Instead of leaving it to the end, we still have to find a way to pay the final payment, it is better to bid now, the money in hand instead of easy." Li Dong smiled and said, "Don't tell me that the next family you are going to introduce me to is Longhua?" Xu Shengzhe gave a dry laugh and coughed lightly, "What's wrong with Longhua? The largest real estate company in Jiangbei, you can rest assured that the money, with me, to ensure that you can get the money as fast as possible, and not afraid of being pitched, but also a one-time deal, how convenient." Li Dong laughed: "I do not care about this, just you ……" Xu Shengzhe understood his meaning, sighed and said: "After all, it is a family, the old man found me, what can I say? " "But don't worry, I made it clear to him that this is your lead, if you don't agree, he just offered a higher price I will not sell to him!" Li Dong stroked his chin and nodded after a little hesitation, "Since you agreed, I have no problem with it." Xu Shengzhe sighed with relief and laughed: "Don't worry, Long Hua has money, I will definitely strive for a maximum price, so you won't lose out." Li Dong narrowed his eyes and laughed: "This is what you said, knock your old man hard, don't be heartbroken later." "Nonsense, this is my own money, am I the kind of person who lets himself lose?" Xu Shengzhe gave a laugh, and then said, "Then you go talk to the old man when you have time?" "Forget it, if I go, I'm afraid I won't be able to make a hard move. You can talk to him yourself later, the price is about the same." Li Dong said with carelessness, as if he did not care at all. Xu Shengzhe is a face of contempt, this guy speaks well, but in fact the most treacherous. He and his own son negotiated the price, if the price is low, the reputation is not good, outsiders may think that he and his own son collaborated to pit Li Dong. But if the price is high, then he will also be unlucky. The old man must be unhappy with him, outsiders will also say he is a white-eyed wolf, even the family's money to outsiders. All said and done, it is not a good thing.