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Chapter 341: Follow-up to the beating

  By agreeing to the invitation of Jiangda University, Li Dong naturally has his own purpose. On the one hand, as a representative of the students, you can better build contacts. For example, the two in the province, this time they have ** will participate, Li Dong if the identity of the businessman, it is not very good contact. But when he became a student representative, and these two contact that is a natural thing. On the other hand, it is related to the matter that Bai Su mentioned last time, the old senior who graduated in '86, Li Dong found out his identity. To say that the batch of 86 graduates, Jiangda has produced a lot of elites. Twenty years of time, a number of people have been in the political and business sectors to a high position, those in the political world first, after all, even higher than the provincial party committee level. But the business side has also produced an elite figure, this one and Li Dong can get involved in some relationship. This person is called Chen Lang, in the general public and even in other areas, this person's fame is not big. But when it comes to the retail industry, Chen Lang's fame is absolutely thunderous, to put it bluntly, even the current Li Dong is far inferior. Not that he is richer than Li Dong, but his identity is destined to be more famous than Li Dong. When Chen Lang first took over China Resources Vanguard in 2003, many people thought that Chen Lang, who had no retail experience, was just a transitional figure to fill the vacuum of China Resources Vanguard's cEO. However, surprisingly, since Chen Lang took over, CR Vanguard has made a series of big moves to completely squeeze China Resources into the top 100 retailers in the retail industry. Chen Lang's best skill is not operation, nor is it management. Within the industry, Chen Lang is best known for his negotiating ability, this guy is a merger and acquisition maniac. When he was in charge of China Resources Vanguard, one of the things he did most was mergers and acquisitions. In the three years he was in power, China Resources acquired a series of large and small supermarkets and stores, and these mergers and acquisitions are considered relatively successful. It is because of Chen Long's strategy, China Resources also from the previous loss, to now constantly profitable, expansion, and even now has become the retail domination of East China, and also ranked among the top in the country. This is what many people did not expect before, Chen Lang's three years at the helm of China Resources can be said to have brought about radical changes in the domestic retail industry. Now the retail industry mergers and acquisitions and integration is very popular, but also with the success of Chen Long. It is because of the success of China Resources that other large retail groups have opted for mergers and acquisitions instead of the previous self-management. For Li Dong, at this stage he actually wants to know two people. One is Chen Lang, the other is also a person from the CR system, Ma Jia Liang of Sugo. In this part of East China, Far East wants to rise, it is necessary to deal with these two people, these two are also the roadblock in front of him. Ma Jia Liang is now unable to see, Li Dong will not purposely rush to Sunan to see this man destined to be a rival. As for Chen Lang, originally Li Dong did not expect to meet with him so early, but there are always many coincidences in the world. Li Dong did not expect Chen Lang is actually a graduate of Jiangda University, and this year happens to be the 80th anniversary of Jiangda University, Li Dong has inquired, Chen Lang will definitely come. Li Dong is looking forward to meeting with this senior and future rival. He would like to talk with Chen Lang, even if not about business matters, casual conversation, Li Dong will get a lot of useful things. Want to beat the opponent, the first thing to do is to understand him. China Resources is not a customer, nor is it a small player that can be casually dried up by Li Dong, they are the retail hegemon. Li Dong only deep understanding, slowly looking for the opponent's weaknesses, it is possible to win by surprise. And to become a representative of the school students is also a small thought of Li Dong. First overpower the opponent in terms of momentum! Chen Lang will definitely not become a graduate representative, Jiangnan University's 80-year anniversary, the graduate representative is either the two provincial or other dignitaries in the military and political circles. In the government-based country, Chen Lang's achievements in business are not enough for him to overpower others. At this time, Li Dong is the representative of the current students, standing on the podium to speak, no matter how Chen Lang thinks, or does not care at all, Li Dong but feels that he has outperformed him by a mile. This is not self-congratulation, nor self-hypnosis, many times success is a little accumulation to come. Set yourself up a will win the momentum and determination, when the time really dry up, Li Dong will not waver. Otherwise, just think of the powerful China Resources, Li Dong feel the pressure bursting full. …… these small thoughts swept away, Liu Qi also do not know what Li Dong thought. Hearing Li Dong agreed, Liu Qi nodded and said, "Then I will immediately reply to the side of Jiangda." After saying this, Liu Qi said: "Mr. Li, the police department called and said that they want Mr. Zheng to go to the police station to cooperate with the investigation, how do you think to handle it?" "Things have not been resolved?"