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Chapter 342 - Money is a great courage

  May 7th. May Day holiday to the last day, Qin Yuhan had to go back to the capital. Before leaving, Qin Yuhan was reluctant to leave, almost three steps back. Li Dong laughed: "So reluctant to let go of me, then simply do not go?" Qin Yuhan glanced at him and muttered, "Who can't let you go, I'm just not sure about the decoration of the new house. Li Dong, do you think if I am not here, they will not cut corners, will not change my previous planning ……" Li Dong was full of black lines, reached out and rubbed her head. Qin Yuhan obediently nestled her head in his chest, allowing Li Dong to toss and turn, after a while Qin Yuhan only said softly: "Then I'm leaving." "Well, be careful on the way." "Don't forget to visit Jinhu Park more often afterwards." "Got it!" "Remember to take pictures and send them to me, and also, when the decoration is done wait for me to come back and buy furniture, and ……" Li Dong said with a helpless face, "Got it, got it. How many times have I said, my memory is not so bad." Qin Yuhan did not speak again, stood on tiptoe and gently kissed Li Dong. Then Qin Yuhan took the suitcase from Li Dong's hand and walked two steps before turning back and said, "No attracting butterflies, or I'll make your nickname come true, humph!" After saying this, Qin Yuhan's footsteps accelerated, and soon disappeared in the crowd. Li Dong, who remained in the same place, was crying and laughing, what nickname came true, naturally the original "bald bird". Thinking of this Li Dong some helpless, it seems that this girl is not as open-minded as she shows, still remember Shen Xi that thing. …… on the time when Li Dong sent people, Liu Qi also asked Liu Haoming to meet in a cafe. Liu Haoming arrived early, and he was not the only one who came. In addition to Liu Haoming, there were two men sitting beside him, not the companions from last time, but two sturdy men. Liu Haoming was a little nervous, and from time to time turned to look at the two men around him. Seeing that his face was a bit flustered, the middle-aged man sitting on his right said in a deep voice: "What are you nervous about, he begged you, not you begged him!" Liu Haoming gulped, after a while before lowering his voice: "Or let's forget it, I was not broken where, pay a few thousand dollars is about the same." The middle-aged man next to him frowned and said softly, "Are you still a man? You've been slapped in front of your girlfriend and friends, and you're just going to let it go? What can you do with a few thousand dollars? Don't you want to buy a house? The house in Jinhu Park is not cheap." "You have to think for yourself how rare this kind of opportunity is. For someone like Li Dong, a few hundred thousand is nothing, you take the money, buy a house, your girlfriend will still not marry you?" "How much is your monthly salary now, you still have to pay the down payment to your parents, can you afford your parents? The next also have to pay the mortgage, you work hard to do a lifetime, is not as rich as people a dog, people live in a dog house is worth more than you a house!" "Is Li Dong short of money? He does not lack! He is worth billions, you want him a few hundred thousand, so what! You still have his handle in your hand, this kind of rich people care most is the reputation, if I say to ask for a few million is not too much, you have to think clearly." Liu Haoming neck veins are thick up, gasping for air: "But if ……" "If what?" Liu Haoming felt a little dry mouth, a long time before saying: "If he does not give it? Li has money and power, you say he let me evaporate ……" do not need to say the words, just think of Liu Hao Ming body goose bumps. The original last time Li Dong beat, Liu Haoming still want to retaliate back, but later in the police station overheard the identity of Li Dong, Liu Haoming is a little timid. Poor people do not fight with the rich, rich people do not fight with the officials, this is the old ancestors left words. Liu Haoming mouth work, although strong, but really let him find Li Dong such people trouble, he does not have the guts. Anyway, last time he was not hurt, although he lost face, but Liu Haoming is not ready to find the field. Who knew that just at this time, a friend of his previous companion approached him. I don't know how to talk about it, but in the end it became necessary for Li Dong to pay, and at least a few hundred thousand to do so. Even to help him, his companion's friend did not know where to get the video of the original Li Dong beating. Plus his girlfriend and a few friends on the side of the encouragement, said Li Dong rich, in order to save face will certainly give money, and finally Liu Haoming could not resist the temptation to agree to it. But when it comes to meeting with Li Dong's side, Liu Haoming is a bit flustered. Blackmail a well-known enterprise boss, if people are good to talk okay, if not good to talk, think about those soap operas will know what will happen. Li Dong is a good talker? From his last direct action to beat people know, the young and vigorous surnamed Li, certainly not so easy to compromise. Thinking of this Liu Haoming more nervous, the middle-aged man next to see the situation gently drink: "Think about your girlfriend and parents! You are willing to let them live a life of poverty? Li's guts are not that big, now is the rule of law society, information is so developed, you think Li's will risk so much for a few hundred thousand?" These words seem to be a shot of reassurance, Liu Haoming exhaled a long breath, and finally clenched his teeth, dry! Support the death of the bold starve the cowardly! He worked so hard, he could not save a couple of million a year, to see the house, people still treat him differently. People like Li Dong, where to go are all the attention, superior. All are born and raised by their parents, why! Liu Haoming gripped the package in his hand, which stores the video of Li Dong beating people, can you turn around, this time on this. The last name Li is not a big face? They hold his handle.