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Chapter 345 - People with a mole on the ear

  May 10th. This was also the day when Liu Haoming and Liu Qi agreed to negotiate again. Li Dong was not too busy to let Liu Qi refuse, but asked her to find a way to stall for a few days. Although Liu Qi did not know Li Dong's purpose, she nevertheless carried out the order seriously and stalled Liu Haoming with a price reduction on the phone. Although Liu Haoming was angry, he was not really chagrined. Because he felt that he was not far from success, Liu Qi had just offered 200,000, and this price had already made him see the light. Hanging up the phone, Liu Haoming said to Lao Bi beside him, "Brother Chen, they said they would talk in two days, recently Li Dong is busy with business and can't find time, what do you think?" Old Bi frowned and asked, "Did the woman say exactly when?" "This did not say, but she said that Li Dong came over as soon as he was free, mainly not because of money matters, said Li Dong is not assured that the video has no backup, and so he personally talked about it." Liu Haoming did not think there is anything wrong with the reason, but rather feel normal. Old Bi but feel some wrong, but can not say where wrong. Thinking about things, the old Bi corner of the eye suddenly swept to a newspaper on the table. This newspaper is today just out of the Pingchuan financial newspaper, usually Lao Bi will not read such things, but now he was attracted to the eye. Picked up the newspaper and took a look, the old Bi eyes a flash of light. Liu Haoming beside him saw the situation and reached out to look, and then stammered: "Damn, this guy is really rich! Half a million I have to be less, for him is simply a hairy ah!" The other side of the monkey heard the words also reached out to look, only to see the headlines of today's newspaper is the report on the agreement reached between Yuanfang and Longhua Group. Monkey did not care about anything else, but saw a bold figure - two billion! Long Hua Group bought the two pieces of wasteland in the hands of Yuanfang for two billion dollars in cash, and according to people in the industry, Yuanfang made at least one billion dollars in the deal. Originally, this was not exposed so quickly, after all, the two sides did not even sign a contract. But the top management of Longhua didn't keep their mouths shut, so I don't know who leaked the news to the public, and the deal involving two billion dollars in cash was soon disclosed. The media was not too clear about the details of this transaction, not to mention the fact that not only the Yuanfang family was involved, but also Xu Shengzhe and Wang Ming existed this time. But these are side issues, anyway, enough to attract attention on the line, which reported that this time the far side profit of more than one billion. Li Dong is naturally too lazy to refute, one billion or eight hundred million is actually no difference, reported out on the report, Li Dong also does not care, so instead of increasing the fame of Yuanfang. In addition, the media reported that Yuanfang had made a big profit, which would be good for the future development of Yuanfang, at least outsiders felt that Yuanfang would not lack money, which was enough. Old Bi took the newspaper and read it for a while, his eyes flickering, and only after a while did he say to Liu Haoming, "Since Li Dong didn't come, we'll go back first, and when Li Dong contacts you later, you can contact us again." Liu Haoming hurriedly nodded his head. When he left, Old Bi and Monkey also got up and left. The two turned left and right, and finally entered a small private hotel. Into the room, the old Bi looked at the corridor, see no one, then closed the door and drew the curtains. When the room darkened, the monkey whispered: "Old Bi, Li Dong is not coming, or let's do it?" Old Bi glanced at him and said in a deep voice: "What's the hurry!" Monkey some annoyance said: "We have been here for so long, it is not safe! After finishing Liu, take the 200,000, we change the place, enough to get away for a few years." Old Bi shook his head, gritted his teeth and said, "Two hundred thousand is nothing! If you can wait until Li Dong ……" "Are you really ready to get Li Dong killed? He was only given half a million by his employer, and if a rich man like Li Dong died ……" "Stupid!" Old Bi glared at him fiercely and said, "Half a million is nothing? Did you not read the newspaper just now? One time to earn a billion, you say how rich Li Dong! If we can kidnap him, not to mention 500,000, 50 million 500 million is not a problem!" "If we can get so much money, why are we still hiding? With this money to go abroad to get away, a lifetime of food and drink!" Monkey could not help but gulp, said: "This is too difficult, right?" "People can make it, we can also make it! Zhang Zhiqiang knows, right? He can kidnap the son of Li Daheng, why can't we do it!" Monkey felt his body began to tremble, a long time before he said, "Then we do it?" Old Bi shook his head again and said, "But we can not wait too long, these days I feel a little distracted, which is not a good phenomenon. Let's wait for three days, these days the surnamed Li is probably busy with the land matter, within three days, if he still does not come, we will do the surnamed Liu, take the money and leave!" "Good!" …… Global Building. Li Dong's office. Li Dong gave Wang Jie a warm hug, these days the mood of boredom all seem to be a lot less. Inviting Wang Jie to sit down, Li Dong smilingly said, "What wind blew you here, why didn't you call me before coming?" Wang Jie twisted his butt on the sofa, a face of emotion: "Damn you, this day is not even human life! Just this one office of yours, bigger than my home." Li Dong laughed and said proudly, "This is nothing, when the end of the year to move to the far building, then you will know what is not a human life." "Show off, then show off!" Wang Jie let out a laugh and sighed: "You really have a great ability, today when I came I heard people say that you have earned one billion at a time, are you really the richest man in Jiangbei?" Li Dong smiled and said: "You believe what the newspapers say, one billion, they give me?" Said Li Dong coughed lightly, and said, "Of course, it is not completely false, one billion no, seven or eight hundred million or there." Wang Jie glared at him for a while before he said in a muffled voice: "Do not talk about money, talk about money hurts feelings!" Li Dong suddenly laughed again. The two chatted a few words, Li Dong again asked: "This time to Pingchuan is not to see me on purpose, right, say, what is it, borrow money a matter of words, your brother Dong I am not bad money!" "Look at you! I said talking about money hurts feelings, do not mention this to me." Wang Jie laughed and cursed, then pulled out a red invitation from the bag and handed it to Li Dong. Li Dong took a look at it, and then was surprised: "Really? You're getting married?" "Nonsense, the invitation has been sent, there can be fake? You're an honored guest, I personally came to your door to send you an invitation, enough to give you face, right? Remember to pack a big red envelope, three or five hundred thousand is not too much, three or five hundred thousand is not too little, don't come empty-handed." "Hahaha, okay, the red packet will definitely satisfy you!" Li Dong laughed out loud, and then sighed: "You guys move really fast, I remember you seem to be the same age as me, right, now married, really ……" Wang Jie grunted: "I would like to delay for two more years, but by then the son played I would like to delay for two more years, but by the time my son is playing soy sauce, am I still single?" Li Dong almost burst out laughing! He rubbed his stomach to hold back his laughter and said, "You're good, I said how so soon, feelings are a wedding! So it seems that the preparation of a red envelope is not enough, back to you gave birth, I also have to make up a copy to do." Wang Jie said with a black line on his face: "How to talk, what do you mean I gave birth? I can give birth? It's my daughter-in-law who gave birth, speak clearly." "All the same, if not you, your daughter-in-law can give birth to a baby by herself?" "Damn, don't talk nonsense. The invitation is given to you, and the time is also on it, June 3, the eighth day of the fifth lunar month, so don't forget it then." "I can't forget, I will definitely go that day, no matter what. If it's not busy, I'll go there a day early to give you a long face. Besides, Wu Mei is also an employee of our company, so I can't justify not going, right?" "Okay, then it's a deal." Wang Jie said and was ready to get up, Li Dong frowned: "What do you mean? This is leaving?" Wang Jie sat down again and breathed: "You still have this kind of virtue, I'm busy, right? The wedding is coming up, I have to go back to work, if not for the demolition of the Internet cafe, this time I will at most give you a call, which can personally rush over."