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Chapter 346 - The madman is more frightening

  Genius one second to remember ' ', to provide you with wonderful fiction reading. Throughout the afternoon, Li Dong did not leave the office one step. Li Dong leaned on the sofa, his head was muddled, and did not know what he was thinking. Shen Xi and Sun Tao have come several times, see Li Dong distracted, the two do not know exactly what happened, it is not good to disturb, quietly retreated out. It remained like this for a few hours, and at half past six, Li Dong received a call from Zhou Haidong. Zhou Haidong said on the phone that he and Cao Hongbing had rendezvoused with Qin Yuhan, and Li Dong, who had been dazed all afternoon, came to his senses. The tense nerves also relaxed, Li Dong exhaled a long breath. He was actually not too worried about Feng Jinsong directly seeking revenge on himself, the Yuanfang Security Department was established until now, the personnel has exceeded the hundred mark. Among these people, there are more than twenty veterans with more than five years of experience. Other old people with previous security experience also have more than a dozen, the rest of the people also by Cao Hongbing they have been severely trained for more than half a year. If so many people can't defend against an unarmed Feng Jinsong, then there is no need for these people to exist. What Li Dong really worried about was Feng Jinsong jumping to the wall and running to his parents and Qin Yuhan, but now it seems things have not come to that. The parents have Zheng Long with someone to protect, Qin Yuhan also and Zhou Haidong rendezvous, Li Dong is finally a breath of fresh air. Taking a deep breath, Li Dong opened the window and looked out of the window. I do not know how long it took, Wang Cheng hurriedly walked in. Li Dong turned around and asked, "Did you find the man?" Wang Cheng nodded: "Found, this guy did not use his ID card to check into the hotel, but I focused on having people check out the hotels near Jinhu Park and Wanyuan, and found him in a small hotel near Jinhu Park." Li Dong asked, "He didn't find out, right?" "No, this guy is a fledgling, not as vigilant as Lao Bi and monkey, now I have people watching him." Speaking of the old Bi and monkey, Wang Cheng said: "informed Wu Bureau side, Wu Bureau side is arranging manpower to prepare for action, we also have people over there to keep an eye on, want to ……" Li Dong waved his hand: "Let Wu Jianguo them to We will not interfere with these two." Wang Cheng nodded and was about to ask Li Dong how to deal with Feng Jinsong when the phone on Wang Cheng vibrated. After picking up the phone and looking at it, Wang Cheng whispered, "A comrade from the police station." "Answer it." Wang Cheng sniffed and picked up the phone, answered a few times to the phone, and quickly hung up the phone. Hang up the phone, Wang Cheng then said: "Wu Bureau did it, people took down!" Li Dong nodded, did not care too much, Wang Cheng thought and said: "But we still some underestimated these two guys, these two are not a good stubble, with a guy, Yaohai Branch over a police officer was shot." "With a gun?" Li Dong slightly sucked in a breath of cold air, this time is really a bit close. The company's main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to its customers. If these two guys have more guts, directly rushing over to give themselves a gun, then they can really tragic. Wang Cheng saw Li Dong's face scared, thought about it and whispered: "Mr. Li, in fact, if Zhou and I want to, they can also make their own." Homemade pistol is actually not something high-tech, Zhou Haidong Wang Cheng these people used to play with real guns and live ammunition, and also played for quite a few years. If willing, simple homemade a few pistols or nothing big problem. Li Dong heard the words but quickly waved his hand: "No, don't mess around." This kind of thing is too taboo, to say that this side of the security department to hide some daggers and knives and so on, the problem is not very big, but if you hide a gun, then caught is a big problem. The domestic control of this is very strict, Li Dong does not want to give others a handle. Wang Cheng saw the situation also no longer mention this topic, back to the main topic: "Then Feng Jinsong side?" Li Dong now also some headache, do not know how to deal with Feng Jinsong, to be honest, Li Dong now want to simply get rid of this guy forget. But paper can't wrap fire, old Bi and monkey was arrested, sooner or later will give up Feng Jinsong. These two people moved the gun in downtown, I'm afraid the case will be through the sky, the city and even the province will pay attention, Feng Jinsong can not hide, Li Dong's matter can not be hidden. At this time if Feng Jinsong died, it is clear that Li Dong did. Li Dong is a bit annoyed, will Feng Jinsong to the police? Feng Jinsong at most is considered an attempted murder, there is no such crime in the country, at most, according to the crime of intentional injury to sentence. Even if the monkey and old Bi to Feng Jinsong confessed, the police also found evidence to prosecute Feng Jinsong, the sentence should not exceed three years. Three years, if Feng Jinsong came out, it would not be more trouble. Li Dong rubbed his cheeks, a face of difficulty, or once again Zhu Hongtao case? Once also forget, now also come, this kind of thing is too taboo. The son of a thousand gold is not sitting in the hall, his own success and fame now, always act dangerous, which is not the right way, sooner or later to fall in. For a Feng Jinsong, hitched himself, this is not Li Dong's purpose. Li Dong could not think of an idea for a while, waved his hand and said, "You guys go and keep an eye on it, find a time when no one is around and control him first." Wang Cheng nodded, did not ask any further questions, and left the office. As soon as he left, Tan Yong, who had been standing in the corner, whispered, "Mr. Li, why don't I go?" Li Dong glanced at him, shook his head and said, "No!" Tan Yong just came out not long ago, and there is such a case before, once can be said to be an accident, twice is still an accident? This is not clearly tell others, not only Feng Jinsong, even before the Zhu Hongtao is also their own hands. The company's main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to its customers. When Tan Yong went out, Li Dong sat on the sofa and began to think. Feng Jinsong is now a mad dog, and there is no room for détente with him, he caused his old man to go to prison and was sentenced to more than ten years. And let the Feng family lost all their money, this feud is big. Unless you get his old man out, and give Feng Jinsong a large sum of money, then Feng Jinsong should not risk again. But this kind of thing Li Dong will do? Unless he is sick in the head, he will certainly not do such a thankless task, who knows if Feng Jinsong will give up the idea of fighting for his life. Li Dong some regrets, should have known this, when the grass should be cut to the root right. At that time, the Feng family accident, then if they are a little bit, up and down a little bit, the Feng Jinsong by the way to get in is not difficult. Many people don't want Feng Jinsong to wander around outside, especially those who have swallowed the Feng family's industry, and would like to never see Feng Jinsong. If Li Dong had taken the lead at the beginning, there are people who are falling down the well, there would not be this incident today.