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Chapter 347 - The End of the Affair

  Li Dong did not listen to Feng Jinsong speak again, out of the room to breathe. Now Feng Jinsong no longer have the need to communicate, say more, it will not change any results. After standing outside the door for about five or six minutes, Wu Jianguo came upstairs with four policemen. Seeing Li Dong, Wu Jianguo breathed a sigh of relief and asked, "Did you catch the man?" Li Dong nodded and said, "Inside the room, controlled by my bodyguards." "That's good!" Wu Jianguo said and put down the gun in his hand, Li Dong saw this and laughed: "Do you need to be so careful?" Wu Jianguo shook his head and said, "Be careful! Yesterday was careless, otherwise no one would have been injured, this time if we did not catch this guy, whether the credit is another story, maybe I also have to carry a disciplinary action. This time out, I deliberately applied for a gun, is afraid of the same thing that happened yesterday." Li Dong smiled and glanced at the few police officers around him, indeed, each with a gun. Li Dong also did not say anything, the older the more cautious, Wu Jianguo can be safe and sound to mix now, cautious some normal. Just about to take a few people in, a young police officer behind Wu Jianguo suddenly muttered softly: "This is too easy, I was thinking that there would be a gun battle." A few of the older police officers around him laughed, and Wu Jianguo even slapped him on the head, cursing, "Cut the crap! Also gun battle, if this really happens, you do not piss your pants is a good thing! When the time comes, I'm afraid you can't even pull out your gun!" The little cop snapped, "Bureau Wu, don't underestimate me, I used to be the top shooter in the police academy." "Bullshit! A group of kids playing house, really encounter bandits you try? Yesterday Big Liu is the same as you think, and now this guy is still lying in the hospital crying for his mother!" Several people are a burst of light laughter, Li Dong also did not make a sound, led Wu Jianguo them into the room. <> room is not big, so many people into the door, plus Wang Cheng a few people are also in it, a moment will fill the room. Li Dong swept a glance at Feng Jinsong, who was still squatting, said indifferently, "Feng Jinsong, the police are here, you go with them." Feng Jinsong raised his head, glanced at Wu Jianguo and the others, and then smiled at Li Dong, "Li Dong, don't be too happy too early." Li Dong knew what he meant and frowned slightly. Turned his eyes no longer look at him, but just glanced at the small police officer before holding a gun did not put down, do not know whether to forget or nervous. Li Dong's mind suddenly flashed an aura, but soon Li Dong dismissed the idea. The company's main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to the market. Wu Jianguo also did not care too much, on the one hand, Li Dong caught, he picked up a bargain for nothing, let them talk a few words nothing. The other is that Feng Jinsong does not seem to be a vicious kind, I heard that before or a student, and not as dangerous as he thought. As soon as Li Dong opened his mouth, Wu Jianguo stopped the action in his hands and smiled: "Then you talk first, do you want me to go out first?" Li Dong smiled, "No, but there are too many people in the room, Wang Cheng Tan Yong, you guys go out first." Wang Cheng and Tan Yong nodded did not say anything, now people are arrested, there are still a few police officers in the room, it is useless for them to stay. <> Waiting for Wang Cheng a few people left, Li Dong said to Feng Jinsong, who was moving his wrist: "A few words?" Feng Jinsong glanced at him and said indifferently, "What else is there to talk about between us." Li Dong looked back at Wu Jianguo, who thought he was going to say something secret, smiled and took a few steps back. The others also followed and backed up, before Li Dong lowered his voice and said to Feng Jinsong, "Do you think you got away with it this time?" Feng Jinsong did not reply with a light hum. Li Dong also does not care, the afterglow of the eyes in the room patrolled a circle, then the eyes moved slightly, continued: "You think I am so stupid, and give you the opportunity to revenge on me? Feng Jinsong, don't be too naive, you have been a rich son for many years, you don't know how your old man used to act? Also, how your father died, do I need to remind you? Oh, when you go in, I'm afraid that this life will not come out. At least we are acquaintances, today's words are my farewell for you, do not worry, I will not forget you in the future Qingming." Feng Jinsong's face was blue and white for a while, and a touch of fear showed deep in his eyes. No matter how crazy people are, they are actually afraid of death. Usually the words are powerful, when it comes to that moment, not many people can be indifferent, not to mention Feng Jinsong, a rich son who has not suffered much. Previously, with a cavity of anger, he suppressed the fear in his heart. But at this moment, hearing Li Dong's gloomy words, Feng Jinsong still can't help but be timid. Li Dong licked his slightly dry lips, then said: "And your parents, how did they die? In fact, it's all your fault, because of your stupidity, because of your arrogance, so you angered me! I was the one who had your family investigated and arrested your old man! Then they all died, but you, the loser, are still alive! I have endless money, and Qin Yuhan and Yuan Xue are both my women you like. You are inside slowly waiting for death, I am outside free and easy ……" Li Dong slowly guide Feng Jinsong, in fact at this moment his heart is about to jump out. <> He also did not know why he did this, much less if it would be effective, but Li Dong did it anyway. Because he felt that this is the best way! If Feng Jinsong died here, in the hands of the police, he would never have to worry about his threat again. As for dying in the cell, that was a last resort. Doing bad things will always leave handles and clues, Li Dong does not want to add some stain to himself. Feng Jinsong's eyes are now scarlet, staring fiercely at Li Dong did not speak, just released the fists clenched tightly, the hands of the veins. Li Dong forced to suppress the tension in his heart, but his eyesight glanced to the side of the dagger previously searched by Wang Cheng and thrown to the side.