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Chapter 349 - Dad, thank you!

  The next time, a lot of people came to the hospital to visit the sick. There are people from the company of Far Far Away, but also Hu Xiaorui, these friends who are still good friends. Chen Rui and Zhang Lan Yu also came, but this time Chen Rui some depression, asked about Li Dong's condition, Chen Rui soon left. Li Dong knew the reason, Chen Rui's father had been investigated as a foregone conclusion. Although his father is still on stage recently, but in fact the power is gradually handed over, should be Chen Rui's father and the above reached some agreement, ready to smooth over. But then smooth, Chen Rui's father this time also can not escape a disaster, the most ideal treatment is only an early retirement. A provincial party committee member, ten years early sick retirement, understand people naturally know what it means. Chen Rui even if not implicated this time, can after business will definitely be greatly affected, if not also Zhang Lan Yu support, Chen Rui's fate is not necessarily better than Feng Jinsong to which. Through this period of understanding, Li Dong also knows the relationship between Zhang Lan Yu and Chen Rui. But Li Dong does not look at the two, Zhang Lan Yu's father will agree to Zhang Lan Yu and the son of a guilty man married? This possibility is too low, so low that there is almost no hope. Li Dong had the intention to talk to Chen Rui about the engineering team, but finally thought about it and did not mention it. On the one hand, he did not have the heart to deal with these things recently, on the other hand, it seems to be a bit down the well. Chen Rui must be very sensitive at this time, if Li Dong mention this, it is not good to be remembered, there is no need to rub salt into people's wounds. After receiving these people, just when Li Dong was ready not to see the guests, and came the last wave of people. The people who came were Fang Qingfei and Huang Zhigao, who came to visit Li Dong on behalf of Jiang University. Jiang University will hold its 80th anniversary celebration on May 15th, today is already the 13th, and the day after tomorrow is the celebration day. Before Li Dong and promised to be the representative of the students of this celebration, now Li Dong was injured, Jiangnan University side is also afraid of any changes. After chatting with Huang Zhigao, Li Dong said he was not seriously injured and could participate in the school festival normally, so Huang Zhigao was relieved. But finally Huang Zhigao hesitated and reminded: "Li Dong, when the university celebration, the media will not come less. Plus the impact of your matter, when the time comes, the media will certainly pursue this incident, when the time comes, you try not to mention this matter." If not in advance and Li Dong greeted, plus this time it seems that Li Dong is also a victim, Jiangda really want to change a student representative forget. But this kind of thing is too offensive, and finally the leaders of the University discussed, or decided to let Li Dong speak on behalf of the students. After all, Li Dong is also a flag and honor of the University, there are such conditions do not take advantage of, the leaders of the University are not willing to. Li Dong said with understanding, "Don't worry, Dean, I will pay attention." Huang Zhigao was slightly relieved, after all, it is the celebration day of the university, if it is related to the murder case, it is more or less inauspicious. The two then discussed the content of Li Dong's speech, Huang Zhigao made some slight changes to Li Dong's speech before finally getting up and leaving. Before leaving Fang Qingfei looked back at Li Dong, looking like she wanted to say something, but after a moment of hesitation, Fang Qingfei still followed Huang Zhigao and left. ……5 on the 14th. The Li Chengyuan couple, who had been kept in the dark before, finally knew about Li Dong's injury. Early in the morning, the two families rushed to the hospital. Wang Cheng these people naturally know the old boss's parents, and did not dare to stop, smiling and bowing to let the two into the ward. Once in the ward, Cao Fang cried: "You bastard! Injured also did not tell us, you are almost me and your father to anxious ……" Cao Fang a count, and then non-look at Li Dong's wounds. Li Dong helpless, explained a while, said he did not suffer any major injuries, just a cut on the arm, soon to heal. Cao Fang looked at it carefully, and finally asked the doctor who came to check the room, and only then did he breathe a sigh of relief. Li Chengyuan didn't say much, and only when Cao Fang got tired of talking did Li Chengyuan say, "Go buy some fruit for Dongzi, I see his mouth is dry and cracked." Cao Fang muttered, "Isn't there fruit on this side?" Li Chengyuan frowned and said, "This is all by the hospital, not fresh, you go far away to buy!" After all, Cao Fang was concerned about her son, and seeing that Li Dong's lips were indeed a bit dry and cracked, she got up and went out of the ward to buy fruit. Once Cao Fang left, Li Chengyuan swept a glance at Li Dong, felt in his pocket, took out the cigarette case and asked, "Can you smoke?" Li Dong laughed: "No, I can smoke." Li Chengyuan also did not say anything, lit a cigarette for himself, thought about it and threw another one to Li Dong. After smoking for a while, Li Chengyuan said in a deep voice: "The one who died is the son of the Feng family?" "Mm." Li Chengyuan breathed a little sharper, exhaled a long breath, and then said, "Because of what happened last time?" Li Dong licked his lips and said softly, "A little bit of the reason, but not the main reason, Feng Bin died in prison, he thinks I caused it and came to seek revenge on me." Li Chengyuan looked around, then lowered his voice and said, "Tell me, does Feng Bin's death have anything to do with you?" Li Dong denied: "No!" Li Chengyuan stared at him for a while before finally nodding: "I believe you!" The next two were silent again. Li Chengyuan finished smoking a cigarette for a long time before saying, "Dongzi, your old man I have not studied a few years, these years dealing with the lower people, have not seen anything in the world." "From the day I set up the fish stall, I remember a sentence, today I give you this sentence." Li Dong said softly: "You say." "Endure the wind and waves for a while, retreat a step to the sea and the sky." Li Chengyuan's country accent is a little heavy, and this sentence actually feels a little funny when spoken.