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Chapter 350 - School Celebration

  May 15. Jiangnan University. On this day, the front gate of the University of Jiangxi was draped in red, and there was an endless stream of vehicles and students. The 80th anniversary celebration of the university officially began at 10:00 a.m. Li Dong arrived at the university at around 9:20. The shiny black Maybach just drove into the front of the school, and a figure blocked the car. Li Dong opened the car window and asked, "Why are you here?" Bai Su laughed: "Specially to pick you up, Dean Huang and teacher Fang have instructed many times, you are now a valuable guest, can not be neglected." Li Dong laughed and said, "I'm not unfamiliar with Jiangda, I can still get lost?" Bai Su returned: "This is the etiquette, whether you are familiar with it or not, I am the lead party is fixed." Li Dong let out a laugh, because he and Bai Su this talk, behind him a few more cars drove over. Li Dong's Maybach was unique in Pingchuan, and the people behind him should have recognized it was Li Dong, so they didn't rush, and everyone seemed to be more peaceful. Seeing that someone was waiting behind, Li Dong didn't say much, opened the door and said to Bai Su, "Get in!" Bai Su did not pretend, quickly got into the car. The guard opened the gate and Bai Su surveyed the car while saying, "Go to the third parking area, the other places are full." Li Dong signaled Tan Yong to drive, and then asked, "Are there many people coming?" "Of course, this time Jiangda invited a lot of companies and units, from the morning to now, I received more than ten people. Counting, the guests who came this time at least more than a thousand people." Bai Su finished and said, "And those seniors, they usually arrive a day or two in advance, the school arranged for the hotel, the morning pulled three big cars, otherwise all drive to, I'm afraid the school parking spaces are not enough." Li Dong laughed: "It seems to be well mixed ah." Bai Su glanced at him, rolled her eyes and said, "Can I take that as a taunt?" "Although there are more seniors coming, there are probably only a few that are as good as you. Especially you are still a student, the thought of being on the same stage with you later, these seniors may want to burrow into the ground and forget about it." Li Dong laughed: "Don't flatter me, I'm thick-skinned, it's not good if I take it seriously later." Bai Su covered her mouth and laughed lightly, Tan Yong also drove the car to the third parking area. When parking, Bai Su looked at Li Dong again, focusing on his arm, slightly concerned: "I heard that you were injured, is everything okay now?" "Nothing, just scratched a little skin ……" Li Dong said while opening the car door to get out, the result of the words have not fallen, not far away suddenly rushed out two figures. Tan Yong, who got out of the car in advance, quickly went on alert and hurriedly blocked Li Dong in front of him. Li Dong slightly frowned, at this time the two also rushed to Tan Yong, the young woman in front took out a black recorder to Li Dong: "Hello, Mr. Li, I'm Hong Hui, a reporter from the Jiangbei Youth Daily, can I delay you for a few minutes?" Li Dong signaled Tan Yong to move out of sight and said with a light smile, "Reporter Hong, I'm really sorry, the celebration will start soon, I have to go to the big playground over there now." Hong Hui also did not give up and hurriedly said, "Mr. Li, it just so happens that I am also going over there, let's go together. I'll ask you a few questions on the way, it won't take up your time." Li Dong swept around, there were cars stopping all the time and people getting off all the time. In the distance, there seemed to be a few reporters carrying long guns and cannons rushing this way, Li Dong frowned lightly, then spread out again and said with a light smile, "Then let's go together." Next to Bai Su also did not say much, led a few people towards the big playground. Hong Hui could not easily get this opportunity, so naturally she would not waste it. While following Li Dong, she said with an excited face, "Mr. Li, I heard that this time you will speak on the stage as a representative of the current students of Jiangnan University, is that right?" Li Dong nodded his head. Hong Hui was happy to see this and said, "That's true! Mr. Li, can I ask you what special theme you will share with everyone on stage this time?" Li Dong smiled lightly and said, "This is the Jiangnan University school celebration, not a regular company meeting, talking about naturally school-related matters, nothing special." Hong Hui looked a little disappointed, then asked, "Mr. Li, before I heard people say that you have not come to Jiangda University for the last year or so, and now you are speaking on stage as a representative of Jiangda University students, some people say that Jiangda University is too utilitarian, what do you think?" This topic is a bit sensitive, Li Dong's feet slightly stalled. Without waiting for him to speak, Bai Su in front of him turned his head and said: "This reporter sister, what you said is actually not true. The reason why Li Dong became the representative of Jiangda University students, it is not the opinion of the school leadership, but the common choice of all the students of Jiangda University! Li Dong is a member of our Jiangnan University, and it is also the honor of our Jiangnan University. The reason why we chose him to speak on our behalf is something that is expected by all and because we feel that he can represent all of our current students of Jiangda University." Bai Su's words caught Hong Hui a little off guard, but she was not unprepared, and as soon as Bai Su finished speaking, Hong Hui took over and said, "This student, is it true then that Mr. Li has not come to school for over a year?"