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Chapter 351: Intention to Acquire Faraway

  Next, Li Dong chatted with a few seniors, listened to a few flattering words, and flattered others a few times. He was also introduced by a vice principal and met some representatives of other colleges. Several bigwigs at the provincial party committee level were not here, and Li Dong was not afraid of others, so we had a good time talking. However, until 9:40, Li Dong still had not seen Chen Lang. Huang Zhigao, who was finishing chatting with others, looked back and saw Li Dong staring at the entrance, thought about it and walked over, asking, "Waiting for someone?" Li Dong smiled and shook his head, "No, just didn't see Minister Zhang and Secretary Wu, did they come over this time?" Huang Zhigao nodded and said, "Already made an appointment, will come over at the time of the celebration. But now there are still twenty minutes, it's normal not to see anyone at this time." These provincial party committee bigwigs will certainly not come early, the card point is a normal thing, Li Dong is not too surprised. Huang Zhigao then said, "Is it waiting for Chen Lang?" Li Dong laughed: "Why do you think so?" Huang Zhigao also gave a laugh, shook his head and said, "Still pretending with me, you guys in business is not painful, Chen Lang said before that he wanted to meet with you, I do not believe you do not want to talk with him." Li Dong smiled and was surprised: "Dean knows Chen?" "Hey, that makes me a little sad." Huang Zhigao pretended to be disappointed and said, "It seems that I am incompetent as a dean, and you students do not know to care about me." Li Dong lost his smile, Huang Zhigao joked and returned to the subject: "86 years of international trade graduates, in addition to that guy Chen Lang, I also count one, when the international trade class a total of 14 boys, eight people a dormitory, now understand it?" Li Dong hurriedly nodded, but his heart was really a bit surprised. Huang Zhigao obviously means that he and Chen Lang are roommates in the same dormitory, before Li Dong did not know anything about it. And at that time when he checked the class of 86 graduates, he also did not notice Huang Zhigao, it seems that he was still careless. Knowing that Huang Zhigao and Chen Lang knew each other, Li Dong did not play sloppy, and asked, "Dean, is Mr. Chen coming over today?" Huang Zhigao laughed: "Come, this guy had something two days ago, drove to this side at less than six in the morning, it's almost time to arrive." Speaking of Chen Lang, Huang Zhigao lamented: "This kid is now better than me, and has not seen each other for several years, the last time we talked on the phone or because of your business, otherwise it would have been almost half a year without contact." "Me?" "Yes, it's you!" Huang Zhigao hesitated for a moment, but still said, "I listened to Chen Lang's meaning, should be China Resources more optimistic about the Jiangbei market, their recent advocacy you also saw, to annexation-based ……" without Huang Zhigao finished, Li Dong some understand what he meant. Huang Zhigao is at least the dean of the College of Economics and Management, not a layman on the economic aspects. Since he said so, it means that Chen Lang should have implicitly expressed this proposition, thinking of this Li Dong somewhat cried and laughed and said, "Dean, do you mean that Mr. Chen wants to acquire our Yuanfang?" Huang Zhigao coughed lightly and said, "Probably a little bit of such a meaning, I'm not sure about the details, Chen Lang should talk to you later. You are both elites in the retail industry, in fact, as Chen Lang's classmate and your teacher, I hope you will develop together and create a career each. But I don't know much about shopping malls, and no matter what, my teacher still hopes that you can find a win-win path." Huang Zhigao actually understands that his words are a nonsense, China Resources wants to enter Jiangbei, then the conflict with Yuanfang is inevitable. Similarly, if Yuanfang wants to get out of Jiangbei, sooner or later it will also have to face China Resources, both sides are destined to be competitors. A mountain can not tolerate two tigers, the market is so big. If Yuanfang is just a small business is just, or Li Dong no ambition is okay, drink some soup, China Resources can also be tolerated. But Li Dong is so young and Yuanfang is developing so fast, expecting Li Dong to have no ambition, even a fool would not think so. China Resources is now advocating a merger and acquisition strategy, the main bearer is Chen Lang. Now Chen Long wants to talk with Li Dong, naturally, about mergers and acquisitions, once you can take Yuanfang, China Resources' East China layout can almost come to an end. As for the Times side, anyway, with Su Guo, in fact, China Resources is not too enthusiastic about the Times merger. Otherwise, after the failure of the physical beauty, China Resources will not give up the idea of merging the times. Knowing what Chen Lang meant, Li Dong not only did not worry, but looked forward to the meeting with the other side even more. As everyone waited, the celebration time was getting closer and closer. At nine fifty, the last ten minutes before the celebration, a middle-aged man hurriedly walked in through the door. Many people's eyes lit up, and so did Huang Zhigao beside Li Dong, who first whispered to Li Dong, "Chen Lang has arrived!" Then he greeted him with a smile on his face and said loudly, "Boss Chen, you've finally arrived!" Chen Lang also had a smile on his face and kept greeting everyone, before finally unfolding his hands and hugging Huang Zhigao and smiling, "Old classmate, sorry, there was some traffic on the road, fortunately I didn't miss the time." "It's okay, the principal and the others will be here soon, let's go together to welcome them." "You should, you should." Chen Lang hurriedly smiled, greeted naturally not the principal, but the two old seniors that the principal received. No matter what time it is, class always exists. These vice presidents and deans were here to receive these departmental officials and various businessmen, and the president and secretary naturally had to go to greet those two provincial party committee officials. After all, Jiangnan University in Jiangbei territory, although nominally not under the direct control of Jiangbei, but every year Jiangbei to Jiangnan University's funding is not a few. Jiangnan University can dominate the academic sector in Jiangbei for many years, and these graduates on the stage is not unrelated, for more than thirty years, almost every session of the Standing Committee of the Provincial Party Committee have graduated from Jiangnan University, which is the main reason why Jiangnan University still far away from other schools for eighty years. Doing academic, scientific research, experiments, which of these do not want the support of money. Without the support of the Jiangbei government's continuous appropriation, expecting the Ministry of Education that amount of money, Jiangnan University will wait to drink the northwest wind. Because the time is almost up, the crowd did not have time to exchange pleasantries, President Huang said, others have also responded, each in groups of three to go outside. Although Li Dong saw Chen Lang, Chen Lang also saw Li Dong, but at this time there is no time to communicate, the two nodded, and then went out together with a few seniors of the School of Economics and Management. …… Jiangda's celebration this time is not small in scale. Originally, the leaders of the University were prepared to be held in the auditorium, and then because of too many people, the location of the celebration was changed to the large playground. The total number of students, plus faculty and staff and those masters and doctors, the total number of more than 30,000. The 30,000 people naturally could not all come to the ceremony, and the students and staff who were qualified to enter the playground to observe the ceremony added up to more than 4,000 people. In addition to those guests who came to observe the ceremony, the total number of people was more than 5,000.