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Chapter 352: Establishing oneself with integrity

  ♂, because Li Dong had not participated in similar activities before, and did not have an in-depth understanding of the school celebration process is not very clear. At the beginning of the sitting, Li Dong has not been sitting comfortably, waiting for the ready to go on stage. But when the secretary of the party committee of the university finished his welcome speech, and the president delivered a report on the theme of "Eighty Years of Sailing Together, All the Way to the Future", half an hour had passed. After they both finished, Li Dong thought it should be his turn soon. But then someone else came on stage, or a foreigner, listen to the host said, is an academician from the American Academy of Sciences, is also a representative of the universities with Jiangnan University cooperation. People speak English, Li Dong also do not understand a few sentences. Although someone followed the translation, but Li Dong listened to some drowsy. The few people next to him are obviously more experienced than Li Dong, obviously already knew this would be the case, each seems to be in high spirits, but in fact has long been out of mind. Probably sensing Li Dong's visit, Chen Lang, who had not been communicating with Li Dong before, suddenly whispered, "Li Dong junior, first recuperate, don't fall asleep while waiting for you." Li Dong froze for a moment, then he smiled and said, "Thank you for your concern senior, I won't." Chen Lang smiled slightly and continued, "Don't worry, it's still early for you. Next, there will be a speech from the professors of the domestic partner institutions, a speech from the guest of honor, a congratulatory letter from the domestic and foreign partner enterprises and units, a speech from the alumni representative, a speech from the teacher representative, and then it will be your turn." The corner of Li Dong's mouth twitched, it seems that he is still a little tender, this kind of thing should have thought of. For Chen Lang's reminder, Li Dong smiled and nodded his head to thank him. Because on the high platform, thousands of people under the stage watching, Li Dong did not say anything more. But Chen Lang probably sat a little bored, or think no one can hear what he said, no words to find words: "Li Dong student, two days ago I heard that you were injured, all right?" Li Dong's brain turned for a moment, and then said, "A little superficial injury, the outside world is just blackmail, exaggerated words." "That's good!" Chen Lang seemed to be relieved, and then sighed: "Business is like this, no one is easy. People are afraid of being famous, pigs are afraid of being strong, junior Li has been too popular this year, so it's good to take this opportunity to lay low for a while." Li Dong felt that there was something in his words, and smiled slightly, "Thank you, Mr. Chen, I will pay attention next time." Chen Lang laughed, did not answer again, and went to his own mind. Li Dong faintly frowned, but did not say anything, the line of sight to the front of the stage, but the eyes are not focused, the mind thinking about their own business. …… after another half an hour, the front of the speech should have finished speaking. When the host reported Li Dong's name, a cheer came from the stage. Than those professors academicians cliché, these students obviously more hope to hear Li Dong say a few words, after all, Li Dong and they are only the same age. And Li Dong is known as one of the leading figures of the post-80s, in just two years to create one of the largest retail domination group in Jiangbei. There are almost no students in Jiangxi University who have not heard of Li Dong, whether they are graduating brothers and sisters, or students who have just entered the university, they all hope to get something from Li Dong. Li Dong, dressed in a suit, quickly walked up to the front stage and gave a slight bow towards the stage. The students cheered one after another, causing the school leaders to look at each other, not expecting such a situation. Li Dong on the stage picked up the microphone, cleared his throat and began to say: "Dear leaders, guests, dear brothers and sisters, teachers and students ……"…… Li Dong's speech In fact, there is not much difference with the previous ones, but the students on the stage are still listening with great interest. As for these guests on the stage, but not too concerned about Li Dong's speech, more important or Li Dong the person. They know that this time, Li Dong will not make any unexpected speeches. After all, today's guests from home and abroad, as well as provincial leaders, the big names in academia, this time if Li Dong to astonishing words, it is really silly. A wrong, the clamor for favor of the top hat will have to be buckled on Li Dong's head. Originally Li Dong is in the limelight, this time is naturally mediocre, a mature entrepreneur is not at this time to talk nonsense. Not surprisingly, Li Dong's next speech was nothing out of the ordinary. Perhaps those media and students will feel some disappointment, while these guests on the podium are slightly nodding. No matter what they think of Li Dong, either they know him or they don't, after all, they are alumni of the same school, and everyone is still mostly in goodwill. These days just in Jiangbei, it is known that this young master recently caught in the storm of public opinion, this time Li Dong choose to low profile, is also what they hope to see. …… podium. The crowd is also whispering and chatting about Li Dong. From the beginning of the ceremony, Minister Zhang, who hadn't said much, suddenly smiled and said to Secretary Wu next to him, "Old Wu, how does it feel?" Secretary Wu smiled lightly and said, "Fine." Minister Zhang frowned slightly and laughed again, "It's good to be young, seeing my younger brother's spiritedness, it really feels like we're getting old." Secretary Wu did not make a sound, and only after a while said lightly: "Wood show in the forest, the wind will destroy!" Minister Zhang's face changed slightly, then regained his original state and said, "Old Wu, we are old, young people's ideas we do not understand now. To say that the wood show in the forest, I do not think so, our younger brother is not the kind of high-profile people." Secretary Wu gave a laugh, but refused to answer again. Minister Zhang is his old alumni, the two of them deal with each other for decades, what each other's mind he naturally understand. Minister Zhang's political advocacy has always been close to Secretary Du, taking the opportunity of this school celebration to send a favor to Li Dong, is also what Minister Zhang is willing to do. Wu Changguo is the secretary of the Political and Legal Committee, and the reason why Minister Zhang told him so much this time is nothing more than related to the two recent shootings. Although Li Dong thinks he did a seamless job, Feng Jinsong's death should not have anything to do with him. But the world is never short of smart people, Feng Jinsong's death is just a prelude to a deeper investigation, which led to a lot of useful things. For example, the fall of the Feng family, Feng Bin's death, and even before Zhu Hongtao accidentally became a vegetable, as well as the last time has passed the new city land incident.