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Chapter 353 - Premium Acquisition

  Li Dong and Chen Lang two can not get out, and the security personnel outside can not enter. Seeing this situation, Li Dong knew that it was not possible not to say a few words. Raising his hand to signal everyone to be a little quiet, Li Dong lightly smiled and said, "Everyone one by one, so many questions, I don't know who to answer for a while, don't you think?" Once they saw that Li Dong was ready to speak, the crowd immediately quieted down. Then someone said loudly, "Hello, Mr. Li, I am a reporter from Jiangbei Economic Daily, and I would like to ask about the cooperation between Yuanfang and China Resources. Recently it is rumored that China Resources is going to enter Jiangbei and even acquire Yuanfang, are you and Mr. Chen talking about the acquisition now?" Li Dong didn't care that Chen Lang was right next to him and said with a faint smile, "All this is nonsense! Far Eastern and China Resources have never had any contact about the acquisition." The other party immediately pursued, "Mr. Li, you mean you haven't talked about it? If Mr. Chen talks to you about this matter now, what is your attitude, Mr. Li?" Li Dong laughed: "Yuanfang will not be acquired by anyone, that's my attitude!" Several reporters had a flash of excitement on their faces, but Chen Lang next to them changed color slightly, but quickly recovered. The reporter still wanted to ask, but Li Dong interrupted: "I will not say much about China Resources and Yuanfang, in fact, this is also my first contact with China Resources, just now I and Chen senior is also some exchange on the school celebration, I'm afraid I do not understand other things as much as you." The crowd all laughed, but everyone did not continue to pursue the question. After all, except for the Economic Daily piece, other people are not really too interested in the affairs of China Resources and Yuanfang, and everyone is mainly concerned about some lace news. When Li Dong's voice fell, someone else asked, "Mr. Li, regarding the previous slapping of Liu Haoming, can you say whether it really happened?" Li Dong was slightly silent for a moment, and then said, "It's true!" Once these words came out, everyone's eyes immediately lit up, even Chen Lang was a little interested and stood aside with a smile waiting for Li Dong's explanation. Li Dong did not explain more, smiled lightly and said: "This matter has been taken over by the police, as for the specific situation, you will naturally know when the time comes." The reporters were not quite satisfied with Li Dong's answer, and someone immediately asked, "Mr. Li, so you did beat up Liu Haoming? Liu Haoming is now in police custody, saying he is involved in extortion, is there a hidden agenda?" Li Dong raised his eyebrows and said, "This is something you have to ask the police, or ask Liu Haoming himself. I beat people I admit, Liu Haoming also reported to the police, the injury identification report are in, how to sentence how to punish, I admit, this matter is actually nothing complicated, the other party's insult, I was a little angry, gave him a slap, a very simple matter, you do not need to think too complicated." "Mr. Li, Liu Haoming's girlfriend said that the police are harboring you, what do you say?" "Where does the word "harboring" come from? Is it rare for young people to fight? Liu Haoming was not injured, do I have to be arrested by the police and even sentenced to ten or eight years to be considered harboring? Ask yourselves, all of you present, have not fought when you were young? Or your children, your friends, your neighbors, they have not fought when they were young? I am also a young man, and you do not need to look at me with colored eyes. The reason you say the police are covering me up is that I have some money. Just one Pingchuan, every day there are not a hundred or eighty fights, do they all have to be arrested and sentenced ……" by Li Dong so a counter-attack, everyone is a little bad to refute, but still some people hold on and say: "Then you are a public figure, Mr. Li, in public The company's main business is to provide a wide range of services to the public. Li Dong nodded and said: "I do not deny this, but at that time the other party abused my girlfriend, you know, men in front of women, always want to face ……" This statement, who is still concerned about hitting or not hitting people, immediately someone picked up the conversation and said. "Mr. Li, you said you have a girlfriend?" "Yes!" "Can you reveal the other party's information with us?" Li Dong smilingly said, "I will not say much about this, but my girlfriend is very good right, and I am still a childhood friend, when I was still a poor dodgy silk, we were together." When Li Dong finished this sentence, everyone enthusiastic up again. The word Diao Si has not yet appeared, but just listening to it you probably understand the meaning of the word. The crowd asked excitedly, "Mr. Li, what does Diao Si mean? Can you explain it to us?" Li Dong was a little embarrassed, the word used in passing, did not expect to be said out in advance. But it's good for everyone to divert their attention, Li Dong smiled and said, "It means short and poor." This word is understood by everyone, although still some new, but the network now some forums also circulate this word, but also not so stunning as before. Next everyone asked a messy question, which involved a lot of things. Li Dong can say, can not say the interruption to muddle through, despite this, many reporters also feel that the trip was not in vain. Today, Li Dong revealed a lot of things, again admitting the fact of beating, and also revealing that he has a girlfriend, and also created a new vocabulary that feels very smooth. The word "diao silk", many media reporters feel sure to spread once they hear it. Other than that, just this word coming out of Li Dong's mouth is enough for them to write a separate report. Seeing that the time was getting late, Li Dong said smilingly: "Gentlemen, it's about time, it's almost one o'clock, and the meal time is over. Chen and I have not eaten yet, the free lunch of Jiangda University is delayed by you, you say should not compensate us?" The crowd laughed, and someone immediately said, "Mr. Li, Mr. Chen, if you don't mind, I'll treat you to dinner." Chen Lang laughed: "I'll forget about it, I have something to do this afternoon, I have to go there now. Mr. Li's side you can have lunch with him, but the boys forget it, Mr. Li is an unmarried young man, what is the fear of having a girlfriend, we all work hard, maybe Mr. Li will be moved." The crowd laughed again, feeling that this interview did go very well today. And Chen Lang and Li Dong is not the kind of serious people, communication is quite convenient. No one took the meal seriously, and they didn't really pester Li Dong, plus the security outside was in a hurry, so everyone asked a few more questions and gave way. Li Dong and Chen Lang hastily squeezed out, the two breathed a sigh of relief at the same time, did not communicate too much, and soon got into their respective cars and left. All the way to the car, Li Dong took a deep breath. Tan Yong, who was driving the car, whispered: "Mr. Li, is it not good to admit the beating before?" Li Dong smiled and said, "It's okay, the more you want to cover up the more trouble, it's better to be open and honest. Later you also heard, everyone did not ask about it, if I do not admit to the trouble, these guys are pervasive, if they find evidence, you can be black out of the sky." Tan Yong first nodded, then cautiously said, "Mr. Li, what do you mean by "black out"?"