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Chapter 354 - Carry your own pot

  The conversation between Li Dong and Chen Lang did not last long, and the two dispersed in an hour or so. The first thing you need to do is to get back to your home. The study at the home of Wan Yuan or just renovated when the time to get, in fact, Li Dong did not come in a few times, the study is also a few large head to pretend to look. Li Dong into the study naturally not to read books, this time he did not have the heart to read books. On the wall of the study, a detailed map of the country was hung. Li Dong stood right in front of the map and looked at it carefully. In the middle, Li Dong picked up paper and pen to write and draw again, which lasted for more than an hour. Only when he heard footsteps outside the house, Li Dong rubbed his eyes and came out of the study. …… Li Chengyuan and Cao Fang are also very busy during this period. More than ten o'clock home is a common thing, sometimes the two get back only in the middle of the night, Li Dong advised several times, the two mouths should be, the next day and back to business as usual. Several times down Li Dong also do not persuade, but every other month Li Dong will take the old couple to the hospital to check the body. Although Li Chengyuan and Cao Fang were not happy, but Li Dong insisted, and said that if they did not go to the hospital, they would go home to retire, the old couple could not resist their son, so they had to keep the habit of going to the hospital once a month. Seeing Li Dong come out of the study, Cao Fang hurriedly said, "The injury on your arm is not yet healed, why not sleep earlier?" Li Dong shook his head and said, "It's okay, a little injury is healed early, I'll study something." Said Li Dong asked, "Mom, how is the hotel decoration?" "The renovation is over, these days in the cleaning of health it. <> A few more days to disperse the smell, June will be able to open for business." "Well, have you recruited all the people?" Cao Fang said with a satisfied face: "long arranged, not I say, when let the small dream to help the hotel really came to the right, you do not know, the small dream is particularly capable ……" Cao Fang Lin Meng a fierce boast, Li Dong casually perfunctory: " You are satisfied with good, later I call the hotel to help really came to the right, you do not know, the small dream is particularly capable ……" Cao Fang Lin Meng a fierce boast, Li Dong casual perfunctory:" You are satisfied, I will play cousin also go to the hotel to help." "Erbao?" Cao Fang said with a suspicious face: "Erbao is not doing well in the city? Why suddenly let her come to the hotel? Is it because Erbao is not doing a good job and you are not satisfied?" Li Dong waved his hand and said, "No, but it's not a big deal to be a cashier in the city. So long cousin also practice over, go to the hotel to help you count accounts is good, just can also have a person to talk with you." Cao Fang asked again, "What about Xiaofeng?" "Cousin is now doing well in the marketing department over there, he will not go, continue to work in the city." After saying this, Li Dong yawned, Cao Fang saw the situation and hesitated, finally nodded and said, "Then let Erbao come over." Li Dong nodded, and said hello to the two families, and went straight into the room. As soon as he left, Cao Fang frowned, glanced at Li Chengyuan who did not speak, and whispered, "What do you think Dongzi means?" Li Chengyuan yawned and said casually, "What do you mean? Dongzi did not say it, let the second treasure to accompany us to talk, and also a family member to manage the accounts, but also can rest assured." "It's not that we agreed to let Xiaomeng manage the accounts ……," said halfway, Cao Fang suddenly some understanding of Li Dong's meaning. <> looked deeply at Li Dong's closed room door, Cao Fang finally sighed softly, what words did not say. The heart of the defense can not be free, the son is right to do so. But Cao Fang's heart is still a little twisted, the son has changed too much in the past two years, the big she is a little almost do not recognize her son. …… the next day. Li Dong is a little tired these days, late in the morning, to the company when it is almost ten o'clock. Once inside the company, Li Dong felt that the atmosphere is a little wrong. Not a bad atmosphere, just some strange feeling, everyone looked at him as if full of flirtatious taste. Li Dong frowned, did not say anything, and went directly to his office. Just walked to the office door, Liu Qi got up and said: "General Manager Li, just now General Manager Shen and General Manager Sun they have come to see you, now notify them to come over?" Li Dong nodded and said, "Let them all come over, and call Mr. Wang over too. By the way, is Mr. Wang in the company?" Wang Yue has always been in charge of foreign affairs in the company, and she has been in charge of the opening of new stores in South Lake and Mingcheng, so she is also one of the vice presidents with the highest probability of traveling. Liu Qi smiled and immediately said, "Wang is in the company and just came back yesterday." "Well, then let all three of them come." After saying this, Li Dong was ready to enter the door, when he suddenly stopped in his tracks, turned around and asked Liu Qi, "Did something happen in the company this morning?" "What is it?" Liu Qi some confusion. <> Li Dong raised his eyebrows, nodded his head without further questions, and pushed the door into his office. Waiting for the office door to close, Liu Qi only hurriedly stroked his chest, his face showed a smirk that could not be hidden. …… Shen Xi they arrived quickly, less than three minutes Li Dong heard the sound of footsteps coming from outside the door. Then Li Dong heard a few people and Liu Qi's whispered conversation, the office door was not closed, Li Dong faintly heard a few sentences. Just a few words, Li Dong's face suddenly black with the bottom of the pot. He also did not rush to make, and so the three collectively into the door, Li Dong only fixed to look at Shen Xi. At first, Shen Xi did not care, but Li Dong has been staring at her for several minutes without speaking, Shen Xi immediately some can not bear, said: "Mr. Li, do not you know that staring at a lady like this is easy to make people misunderstand?" Li Dong smiled and said, "Mr. Li? Why do you still call me Mr. Li, wasn't it 'Li Diao Si' just now?" "Pfft!" Shen Xi and Wang Yue two ladies really did not hold back, covering their stomachs and laughed tremulously. Sun Tao was okay, forcing the twitch on his face and laughed dryly, "Mr. Li, Mr. Shen is joking, we are looking for you for business." Li Dong said, "Don't help her to play sloppy eyes! I'm kidding, I said how everyone looks at me wrong in the morning, so it's her who spread the word, right?" Shen Xi covered her stomach and laughed while screaming injustice: "I didn't say that, it was in the newspaper. Besides, I'm not the only one who called you 'Li Diao Si', my father read the newspaper this morning and said you were a typical example of the rise of 'Diao Si'." This time it was Li Dong's turn to spray. The typical "dodgy silk"? Old Du in the end do not know what this word means to talk nonsense, so he is now a "dodgy silk" in the fighter? Own trouble, the pot can only carry their own. Li Dong forced to resist the urge to curse, a deep breath said: "OK, this matter ends here, no more discussion."