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Chapter 355 - Time is running out

  Hearing Sun Tao talk about the acquisition, Li Dong asked, "How many have you negotiated so far?" "Three, one is the family Xinglong supermarket in Pingshan City, the family Xinglong has six stores in Pingshan, a hypermarket ……" Sun Tao briefly introduced the three supermarkets, which are located in three prefecture-level cities. r?a??nw?en?w? w?w??.?? There are a total of 16 prefecture-level cities in Jiangbei, and Yuanfang has previously laid out in six major cities. If we take these three cities again, then Far Eastern will have taken half of Jiangbei. As for the remaining several small cities, some Sun Tao is still talking about, and some suggest Far Eastern to invest in new stores. As for the issue of acquisition funds, because these three supermarkets are not large, the price is not too high. The three together, a total of just over 60 million. Li Dong considered, and finally agreed to Sun Tao's acquisition plan, as for the formal acquisition, which still needs Li Dong himself to have people investigate. Careful is not a big mistake, it is not considered to guard against Sun Tao, but after all, it is the words of Sun Tao's family, Sun Tao himself was deceived is not impossible. After talking about these, Li Dong asked Sun Tao: "How is the negotiation team over the times prepared?" Sun Tao returned: "The candidate is picked, but the lead team candidate convenience, I do not know Li always have any suggestions?" "How about a few of you to one?" Sun Tao laughed dryly: "Mr. Li, I think it's better to let the marketing department go to a person over there, I'm still busy with the acquisition, Shen's e-commerce department can't leave, Wang is even busier, the opening of new stores in two cities still need her to sit in town." He actually did not attach much importance to this negotiation team, after all, before Li Dong's proposal to acquire the times is not very agreeable. As for the next year in Li Dong's mouth, Sun Tao was even less hopeful. Since they were going to play the sauce, there was no need to be too grand, after all, the far side was indeed very busy and the three of them did have something to do. Li Dong frowned slightly, thought about it and said, "I changed my mind, this time I really want to acquire the times, what do you think?" The three looked at each other, and only after a while Shen Xi asked, "Why?" It's too urgent to acquire Era now, and there's not much hope, Yuanfang doesn't have that capital. Although Yuanfang made a lot of money on the land this time, it was actually only about four hundred million, compared to the two billion or so for the acquisition of Times, it was still a drop in the bucket. As for the other three hundred million or so, that is what Li Dong personally earned, and they do not think Li Dong will throw all this money in alone. Li Dong lightly sighed, slightly helplessly said: "I am not anxious, is no way not anxious." Said Li Dong took out a pair of maps, put on the desk spread, asked several people: "This map you all know, East China and Central China region map." "Our Jiangbei is surrounded by six provinces, the geographical location does not take advantage. Before I still want to use the geographical advantage of Suan New City as a springboard, within three or two years let the far side out of Jiangbei, but now the time is not waiting for me, and if we wait any longer, the yellow flowers are getting cold." "Last night I had a brief exchange with China Resources' Chen Lang, and also got some useful information. China Resources is now stepping up the layout of the East China region, last year China Resources acquired Ningbo Cikelong, this year they have a big deal, according to Chen Lang, they have acquired Shaoxing's Lekito, and Fubon Group reached an agreement to set up Ningbo China Resources Vanguard supermarket. In this way, six provinces and one city in East China, they have occupied most of the world. Other such as RT-Mart, Hualian, Carrefour, and Yonghui …… these domestic and international stores, have also come to seize the market. In a year or two when they stabilize the situation, how can we still mix? Also, the Gan Province side of the trouble, Chen Lang said they will sooner or later acquired the Hongkelong, although the bragging component is mostly, but when they really took the Hongkelong, we are really trapped dead." Speaking of this, Li Dong added: "Outside of East China, the situation is not good. Beijing and Tianjin area mergers and acquisitions phenomenon is serious, the big fish eat small fish, small supermarkets and small stores are slowly retreating, those large supermarkets are filling their blank areas, two or three years past, they have a firm foothold, we are afraid that even soup can not drink." Others have fallen silent, Sun Tao frowned tightly, staring at the map did not say anything. Shen Xi and Wang Yue also have a similar expression. Several people were silent for a while, Shen Xi asked again: "Even if the rush, it can not be helped. The acquisition of the era requires too much money, we are far away from where to get so much money." Li Dong sight looked straight at her. Shen Xi was stared at for a while, uncomfortable said: "Why look at me, I can not change the money." Li Dong squeezed his eyes towards Sun Tao, who looked embarrassed and stared at Shen Xi, but was too embarrassed to say anything. By two people so look, Shen Xi which still do not understand their meaning, immediately angry: "I tell you, do not hit my idea! A loan of one or two hundred million, with the current capital of the far side can still think of a way, more than two billion, you do not even think about it!" Li Dong laughed dryly, "Who said more than two billion, didn't we make 400 million from the land sale? And then put it together, the far side about three hundred million can still find a way to put together, this is seven hundred million. Times side is not necessarily a one-time payment, talk about it, drag a year, pay a half, 1.2 or 3 billion will be enough.