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Chapter 357 An unequal contest

  Yuan Xue didn't stop talking on the way, always with a leap of faith on her face. Only after leaving the airport and arriving at Li Dong's parking place, Yuan Xue stopped talking. After looking around the A4, Yuan Xue stared at Li Dong and said suspiciously, "Your classmate's car?" Li Dong smiled and shook his head. Yuan Xue was relieved: "I told you, in school to drive such a car both old-fashioned and expensive, the average student will not choose such a car. Li Dong, do you know people in the community?" Li Dong did not explain, open the trunk while putting down the luggage, while saying, "Is it first to go to dinner or first to the hotel?" "Neither want to." Yuan Xue shook her head, and then she smiled, "I want to go to the place where you live." She knew that Li Dong had rented a room outside, but of course, this was a long time ago, and Yuan Xue was not sure what happened afterwards. Hearing Yuan Xue say this, Li Dong scratched his head and thought about it and said, "I'd rather not, it's a little inconvenient for me there." The parents are also over there in Wanyuan, they are sometimes at home during the day, it is indeed inconvenient to take Yuan Xue back. As for Jinhu Park, since he bought this house, Li Dong is not prepared to take anyone there, and it is not well decorated. Seeing Li Dong refused, Yuan Xue's face showed a little loss. But soon she recovered as before and said, "Let's go eat first, at this hour, you must not have eaten either." Li Dong nodded, put his luggage away and greeted Yuan Xue and got into the car. Yuan Xue sat down in the passenger seat, and then did not talk much, compared with the previous one, the contrast is a bit big. Li Dong also did not know what to say, sullenly driving the car. The car quieted down. Yuan Xue sight sometimes look at Li Dong, sometimes look out the window, slightly lost in thought. Before she had not noticed, now quiet, but Yuan Xue felt that Li Dong had changed a lot. Li Dong think she has changed, but in the eyes of outsiders, Li Dong is the one who has changed the most. Two years, Li Dong from penniless to the current wealth of more than a billion, whether temperament or dress, compared with the original, simply a heaven and a ground. The more you measure, the more you can notice the changes in Li Dong. Gradually, Yuan Xue stared at Li Dong intoxicated, the gaze is a little lax, and do not know what to think. …… half an hour later. The car stopped in front of a restaurant, Li Dong slightly relieved, said to Yuan Xue: "Here we are." Yuan Xue gave a jolt and her gaze regained its clarity. After glancing at Li Dong and looking at the restaurant outside the car, Yuan Xue asked, "It's not cheap here, is it?" "It's okay." Yuan Xue didn't say anything else, opened the car door and got out of the car. The two entered the restaurant, and did not purposely look for any private rooms, they found a seat in the hall, Li Dong picked up the menu and simply ordered a few dishes, and each silent. The restaurant is not too many people, the food is also fast. Li Dong, they ordered the dishes quickly on the table, Yuan Xue probably just came off the plane, not much appetite, just watching Li Dong eat, not much to eat. Li Dong also has no appetite, but the taste of the dishes here is good, but a few more bites. Halfway through eating, Yuan Xue suddenly spoke out: "You've changed." Li Dong looked up at her, smiled and said, "Everyone changes, it's normal to have changes, you should not look at me with the old eyes." Yuan Xue first nodded, then said, "But you change so fast, I feel a little strange." This time Li Dong did not answer again, pitted his head and continued to eat. Yuan Xue didn't care and murmured, "I don't know what happened in the past two years, every time I see you, you are different from before." "The first few times were fine, but this time you've changed especially significantly. You wear a suit, wear a watch, drive a car, and choose to eat upscale restaurants …… Also, you talk less than before, it feels like you're like a new person, in your body, you can only see a little shadow of the previous ……" said In the end, Yuan Xue was silent. Li Dong action also stalled, looked up and stared at her: "Then you think this change is good or bad?" Yuan Xue sighed lightly: "I can't say." She really couldn't say what she felt, everything about Li Dong's changes seemed to be developing for the better. From a commoner gradually to the elite class over, this change in the outsider's view is naturally the embodiment of success, but Yuan Xue steeply exposed to this change, but the heart feels a bit awkward and uncomfortable. The smooth-talking Li Dong is gone, and so is the one who makes people laugh at every move. Now Li Dong does not look like a student at all, which makes Yuan Xue a little disappointed, in her opinion, at this stage, Li Dong should not step into society so early. After taking a light breath, Yuan Xue asked, "Can you tell me about you?" Li Dong scratched his head a bit and thought about it, "I can't say it in a few words, and I don't know how to tell you about this." "Then I ask, you say?" Li Dong nodded and said, "You ask." Yuan Xue stared at him and said, "Did you come out to work? I'm talking about the formal kind." "Sort of." Yuan Xue frowned slightly and asked again, "What about above school, you gave up?" Li Dong said with slight embarrassment, "Sort of."