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Chapter 358 - Cheap Villa Two-in-One

  Yuan Xue left, and Li Dong stayed in place for a moment. Until the cab completely disappeared from sight, Li Dong only slightly shook his head and got into his car. Today this matter is somewhat out of his expectation, Li Dong previously thought of many kinds of Yuan Xue know that he opened the company's reaction, just did not think it would be this kind of reaction. He actually still doesn't understand that Yuan Xue cares not that he opened a company, nor how much money he earned. It was only a few words he unintentionally said that made Yuan Xue sad to leave. One is the time, two years, one is the knowledge, Qin Yuhan knows, and she does not know. This is the reason why Yuan Xue left disappointed. …… did not return to the company, the afternoon Li Dong directly back home. The parents are not at home, the home looks a little cold, Li Dong sat in the living room to watch a while TV, what is playing on TV, Li Dong did not care at all. I do not know how long it took, Li Dong's cell phone rang. After picking up the phone and looking at it, Li Dong picked up the phone and said, "Xiaorui, looking for me for something?" On the other side of the phone, Hu Xiaorui stammered, "Li Dong, let's play together tonight?" Li Dong refused, "Forget it, you guys can play by yourselves, I have something to do tonight." Hu Xiaorui was dissatisfied: "What can you have to do at night? Don't try to cheat me, my father has said that you are the odd man out in Pingchuan, you never go to dinner parties at night!" Li Dong's original somewhat lost emotions were suddenly washed away, full of black lines said, "Your father really said I was the odd man out?" "Hee hee, anyway, that's what it means, I help my father to add completely just." Hu Xiaorui spat out her tongue with a smug look. Li Dong didn't feel good and said, "Supplement your head, next time talk nonsense, be careful I beat you up." "Come on, I'm waiting for you to beat me up! Li Dong, come out together tonight to play ah, stay at home more meaningless, and tonight a lot of people. Also, if you don't come, I can't agree to what you begged me to do last time." When Hu Xiaorui said that, Li Dong remembered this matter, and quickly asked, "What did Zhou Lele say?" "Humph! Just know care about these things, Li Dong, you are really boring!" Hu Xiaorui hummed, then only said: "I have not had time to say it, tonight Lele sister also came, when you come together, I will talk to Lele sister again, Lele sister will definitely agree." Li Dong thought about it and finally agreed to it. He did have nothing to do in the evening, plus he had promised Hu Wanlin to help her solve the trouble on Secretary Zhou's side. The person behind Hu Wanlin will soon step down, take advantage of this time to take down the Qi family, Li Dong also has the benefit. Other than that, if you take those shares of Hakkasan, Li Dong will be in full control of the initiative. Although Hak Loong has been very low-key recently, but there is still a considerable impact on the business of the far side. Li Dong is now anxious to take the time side, far side needs to be stable, the first to be the counterattack of the Hakone, Jiangbei side can not be chaotic. The first thing you need to do is to take the first step is to fight back. Yao Hong's side is also a wealthy master, if the iron will fight with Li Dong, even if the far side can win, the final loss is certainly not small, which is not the situation Li Dong wants to see. …… 8:00 pm. Tang Dynasty Bar. When Li Dong went in, he was immediately subdued by the booming music. A slight frown, Li Dong secretly little girls are little girls, taste and their own gap is not generally large. To say that the bar, Li Dong has been to several times during this period of time, but not over this, but the last Xu Shengzhe took himself to the bar. Sometimes there is nothing to do at night, Li Dong and Xu Shengzhe also get together. In this piece of Pingchuan, Li Dong and Xu Shengzhe know each other for a short time, but each other are more right, can also be counted on the same level of characters, the relationship is not bad. As for Hu Xiaorui side, Li Dong more like this girl's temperament, but Hu Xiaorui he only as a child who does not understand, there is really nothing in common language. This time, if not for Hu Xiaorui said to help him solve the matter of Secretary Zhou, Li Dong really did not want to come. Looking at the dim lights, the crowd in the dance floor jumping madly, Li Dong is not too interested, look around, only in a corner to see the shadow of Hu Xiaorui crowd. Li Dong bypassed the crowd and walked towards the corner side. When he got to the place, Li Dong realized that the people who came were really acquaintances, and not only Hu Xiaorui one, many people Li Dong knew. Most of them Li Dong had seen when he smashed Qi's clubhouse, following Chen Rui and the others. Today is the same, Chen Rui is still sitting in the center of the crowd. But tonight Chen Rui seems very silent, Li Dong looked at the side for a while, Chen Rui has drunk three or four glasses of beer. Zhang Lan Yu is sitting next to Chen Rui, looking at Chen Rui with a worried face. Other people have gathered around, and there is no dance floor kind of crazy, the people all look more silent, one bitter face drinking wine, as if this is not a noisy bar at all. Hu Xiaorui is naturally among them, this girl also looks a bit maverick in the crowd. Other people are bitter and drinking, but she is the only one who keeps looking around, or looking for someone around her to paddle and drink. The few people next to her are not good enough to not pick up, so they have to face bitterly while paddling with Hu Xiaorui, a little lively atmosphere is not. Hu Xiaorui made a fuss, probably also feel some boring, looked up around, just saw Li Dong. As soon as she saw Li Dong, Hu Xiaorui was excited: "Li Dong, you're finally here!" Hu Xiaorui likes to play with Li Dong more than others. It was especially exciting to play with Li Dong, first smashing the Qi family's clubhouse, and then smashing the Yao family's gate, and before that, beating up Yao Hong's son Yao Li. These things alone are enough for Hu Xiaorui to reminisce, and every time she thinks about it, she can't help but giggle and giggle. This time, the party is actually to send off Chen Rui, originally Chen Rui and Zhang Lan Yu was not prepared to invite Li Dong, but finally or Hu Xiaorui insisted, had to ask Li Dong to come, which is why there was a phone call before. Once Li Dong came, everyone greeted each other. The silent atmosphere was also slightly broken some, Chen Rui swayed and stood up, lightly smiled: "Li Dong, finally wait for you." Li Dong was slightly surprised, Chen Rui's words can be a bit meaningful, he waited for himself? To be honest, before coming Li Dong did not know that the crowd is to send off Chen Rui, naturally did not think Chen Rui will be here. But Li Dong thought about it a little, and roughly guessed what. Lightly nodded, Li Dong opened his mouth: "General Chen ……" Chen Rui did not wait for him to finish before interrupting: "Call what General Chen, call me Chen Rui, or call me white hair is okay!" Chen Rui said Chen Rui burped, shouted to the next person: "Xiaoliu, give way, let Li Dong sit here, I want to drink a few glasses with him!" "Chen Rui, Li Dong was invited by me!" Hu Xiaorui puffed out her mouth with some dissatisfaction. Zhang Lan Yu next to Chen Rui glanced at her, with a little pleading in her eyes. Hu Xiaorui saw the situation and did not say anything, she does not like Chen Rui, but and Zhang Lan Yu relationship is good, otherwise and Chen Rui this circle can not play together. Li Dong also did not have a problem, waiting for that small six to give way to the seat, Li Dong then sat down. Chen Rui laughed and said to Zhang Lan Yu: "Lan Yu, pour wine for Li Dong!" Without saying a word, Zhang Lanyu, the daughter of a provincial party committee bigwig, picked up the wine bottle and filled the cup in front of Li Dong. Li Dong hastily thanked, raised his glass towards Chen Rui and said, "Chen …… Rui brother, go a cup!" Chen Rui laughed loudly, picked up the glass of wine in front of him is a drink, finished wiping his mouth and laughed: "Honored ah, on you this Rui brother, I have to drink a few more cups! Pingchuan and even Jiangbei, there are a few people who can make you Li Dong called brother, tonight I have earned!" Next to the crowd also have coaxed, the atmosphere is finally lively some. Next, Li Dong drank a few glasses with Chen Rui, and also drank a little with Hu Xiaorui Zhang Lan Yu. About half an hour later, another song of powerful music, red-faced Chen Rui said to the crowd: "You guys go dance, I'll talk to Li Dong a few words!"