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Chapter 359 - Bar Encounter

  The Qi family, Li Dong did not say much. The thing is also simple, Hu Xiaorui mentioned a mouth in the middle, Zhou Lele did not do much hesitation on the painful should be down. Of course, Zhou Lele said she would also mention it to her uncle, as to whether it would work, she did not dare to pack a ticket. This is enough, when Hu Wanlin's request is this, Li Dong is also lazy to add to the picture. After talking about this, Li Dong's purpose tonight is complete. The next few drinks with the crowd, Li Dong looked at the time, it was already about ten o'clock. He glanced up at Chen Rui, this guy drank a lot tonight, at the moment drunken eyes, it looks like it is about time. Li Dong was about to say he had to go first, when Zhang Lan Yu got up and said, "Chen Rui is drunk, thanks for your hospitality tonight, I'll send Chen Rui back first, you guys go on playing." A few people mentioned that they would like to see them off, but Zhang Lan Yu refused. Seeing this, Li Dong got up and said, "I'll see you guys off, it just so happens that I'm also going back, a side trip." Zhang Lan Yu smiled and said, "Mr. Li won't play for a while?" "Forget it, just about." Li Dong laughed, once Chen Rui and Zhang Lan Yu left, the field is full of kids, what can you talk to them. In addition, the sound of music in the bar was too loud, Li Dong's ears were almost deafened, and he was too lazy to stay on. Seeing that Li Dong said so, Zhang Lan Yu also did not refuse, and Li Dong left and right to support Chen Rui is ready to go out. Hu Xiaorui, who was talking with Zhou Lele, saw that they had left, and immediately pulled Zhou Lele to chase after her and said, "Wait for us, we're leaving too." Li Dong looked back at her and said, "What, you don't want to play?" Hu Xiaorui pouted and grunted: "What else to play, people are gone, no fun." Said also added: "Usually this side often see people fighting at night, today there is not even a fight, really boring." "Boring!" "Yeah, you feel bored too, right?" Li Dong said, "I mean you are bored!" Hu Xiaorui puffed out her mouth and said, "You're the one who's bored!" Next to her, Zhou Lele quickly advised, "Cut the crap, let's go, my mom just called, I have to go back early too." Li Dong and Hu Xiaorui heard the words and did not make a fuss, a group of people together towards the door. A few people just walked to the door, there is also a group of people walking in the door. Li Dong held Chen Rui slightly side, but the opposite side of a lot of people, the doorway corridor is not spacious, or by the other side touched. Li Dong did not care, the red-haired girl who hit them was not happy, puffed out her mouth and drank: "Hey, hit the people do not know to say sorry?" Li Dong frowned, looked up at her. As a result, the words to the mouth is held back, Li Dong sight to the red-haired girl behind the man, said in a deep voice: "How did you come here?" Originally Yuan Xue here to see Li Dong is still a little weak, but once you hear Li Dong questioning-like words, immediately fire up, no good: "I came here how!" "Didn't you say you went to your great aunt's house? This is your great aunt's house?" "You care about me!" Li Dong swept her a glance, and finally nodded gently and said, "Okay, forget I said that." After saying that, Li Dong helped Chen Rui continue to walk forward, Zhang Lan Yu saw this and came over to hold Chen Rui by herself and said to Li Dong: "If you have something to do, you should be busy first." Li Dong shook his head and said, "Nothing, let's go." Zhang Lanyu sniffed at Li Dong, and then looked at Yuan Xue, who was biting her lip and not talking, and finally sighed softly and did not answer again. They were ready to go, but the little red-haired girl's eyes turned and shouted to Li Dong: "Hey, the uncle who hit me, you're just going to leave?" Li Dong ignored her and continued to walk on his own. Hu Xiaorui is a leap of faith, pulling Li Dong's arm smiling: "Li Dong, people call you uncle, you express your feelings?" Li Dong lazy to pay attention to her, has helped Chen Rui walked to the door. …… Seeing Li Dong a few people just out the door, the little red-haired girl spit out her tongue and said to Yuan Xue, who was biting her lips and not speaking, "Sister, did I say the wrong thing?" Yuan Xue said softly, "It's okay." Said Yuan Xue took a deep breath, said to the little girl: "We continue to play our, are more than ten o'clock, I and the great aunt but to ensure that you go back before twelve o'clock, hurry up." The little girl smiled cheekily and rolled her eyes: "Sister, who is that just now? Your boyfriend?" "No!" "Cut, still lying to me, I'm not a kid anymore." The little red-haired girl gave a smug laugh, then said to the next few men and women, "Yuan Yuan, room music …… you play by yourselves, my brother-in-law is angry, we go to see, next time we will accompany you to play together." Yuan Xue glared at her, but the little girl is smiling and does not care, and the crowd after greeting, pulling Yuan Xue to run outside. …… Outside the bar. Li Dong stuffed the drunken Chen Rui into the back seat of the car, slightly relieved.