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Chapter 360: The Necklace

  The two sisters fought for a few moments, and Li Dong did not interrupt. When the two had subsided, Chang Yueyue's eyes rolled up again and said, "Li Dong, are you going home now?" Li Dong nodded and looked at Yuan Xue and said, "You've been on a plane all day, go back early and rest too." Yuan Xue lightly hummed and did not say anything, still angry about what just happened. This guy accompanied by a few women to come to the bar is fine, they just entered the door, or to supervise the cousin, this guy did not even ask a clear word to get angry, too angry! Yuan Xue did not speak, Chang Yue Yue immediately picked up: "Li Dong, why don't you send us back, we two girls how dangerous." Li Dong smiled and nodded: "Okay, I'll send you back." After thinking about it, Li Dong waved his hand towards a short distance. In the darkness, the Maybach with black light came slowly, Tan Yong parked the car, opened the window and said, "Mr. Li?" "You take a taxi back first, I'll just drive myself." Li Dong called out Tan Yong, Tan Yong got out of the car, looked at the two Yuan Xue, recognized the girl Li Dong went to pick up in the morning. Although Tan Yong has never seen Qin Yuhan, but also know that this woman is not Qin Yuhan. Zhou Haidong a few people are still in the capital, if Qin Yuhan back, Zhou Haidong they will not not come back. Thinking of this Tan Yong hastily lowered his head, the boss's personal business they still do not see it, and did not persuade Li Dong, and so Li Dong finished, Tan Yong footsteps accelerated, and soon disappeared in the dark. …… Tan Yong a go, Yuan Xue two eyes are cast to the Maybach. Yuan Xue frowned and did not speak, this car she naturally know, how much is sold at home she does not know, but in foreign countries is not cheap. At noon, Li Dong drove A4 she thought that Li Dong earned a little money, now it seems that they underestimated this guy, this guy actually has money to drive this kind of luxury car, it seems that the business is indeed doing great. Chang Yueyue did not recognize the car, but once she saw the car she felt very handsome. After looking around the body and touching it with her hand, Chang Yueyue couldn't help but ask: "Li Dong, what kind of car is this?" Li Dong touched his nose and said, "Maybach." After saying that and not waiting for Chang Yue Yue to ask again, Li Dong opened the car door and said to Yuan Xue: "Get in, I'll send you back." Yuan Xue glanced at him, frowned and got into the car. Next to Chang Yueyue has long been impatient and hurriedly got into the car. Inside the car, Li Dong asked where Chang Yueyue's family lived and did not speak again, driving the car towards Chang Yueyue's home. Yuan Xue also did not speak, only Chang Yueyue face excited East look at the fine look, from time to time ask some car problems, Li Dong absentmindedly answered a few sentences, to the end Chang Yueyue also feel wrong, simply do not ask. About twenty minutes later, Chang Yueyue home arrived. This is an old neighborhood, the street light at the entrance of the neighborhood is very obscure. The car just parked, Yuan Xue said to Li Dong Dong: "You wait here, I will send Yueyue back, I have something to say to you!" Li Dong hurriedly said, "I'll give you a ride." "No need!" Rejecting Li Dong, Yuan Xue pulled the reluctant Chang Yue Yue and got out of the car, and the two quickly disappeared into the light. Li Dong also got out of the car, fished out a cigarette from his pocket and lit up to smoke. Before a cigarette was finished, Yuan Xue came over and saw Li Dong leaning against the car smoking, Yuan Xue asked, "When did you smoke?" "It's been a while, not a lot of smoking." "Smoking is bad for your health! Quit if you can." "Hmm." Two simple sentences ended and the two were silent. Only after a while Yuan Xue said, "What business are you in now? Even Maybach can afford to buy, business is probably doing a lot of it." "It's okay, do you know about Far Far Away Supermarket? I opened it." Li Dong said softly.