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Chapter 361: Involvement in real estate

  an/00358007843283744This night Li Dong slept in a trance. In the middle, it seems to have a dream, but when he woke up, Li Dong could not remember what in the end dreamed. But he vaguely felt that it should be related to Yuan Xue Qin Yuhan two. When he got up, Li Dong found that his palms were sweaty and his forehead was also. In the room bathroom took a shower, Li Dong did not rush out, sitting by the windowsill for a while. Picked up the cigarette case ready to smoke a cigarette, thought Li Dong and put the cigarette case down, then looked at the two necklaces placed next to the cigarette case. One of them was returned to him by Yuan Xue last night, and the other was when he gave her a necklace, Yuan Xue gave Li Dong the one he always wears. At that time, Yuan Xue thought that Li Dong had no money, and spent a lot of money to buy her gifts, thinking that they could subsidize Li Dong. Li Dong is naturally not short of money, the necklace has also been left around. When he came back last night, Li Dong took out the white gold necklace that was placed in the study again, and looked at it most of the night without understanding what he really wanted. If you can't give Yuan Xue a future, why do you still haunt her? Maybe you shouldn't give her hope in the first place, maybe you should be ruthless from the beginning. Li Dong sighed a long sigh, if only for fun, he actually did not have a psychological burden, men outside some social, especially or he such a successful man, this kind of thing is too common. But Yuan Xue is obviously not the kind of play can be, which is not what Li Dong wants. And thinking about Yuan Xue's teary-eyed look last night, Li Dong murmured: "This is good, maybe it should be like this at the beginning. <> "After finishing this sentence, Li Dong was dazed for a moment again. Finally got up and put the two necklaces away, found a box and put it up, thought about it and took the box into the study. Out of the study, Li Dong lifted his spirits. Don't think too much about children's love, time can change everything, maybe in a few years everything will be different from now. He is still young, only twenty-one years old this year, there is still plenty of time to fight for love and marriage in the future. The most important thing is still the company's business, from his rebirth back in less than ten years, not to seize all the first opportunity to play a big business empire, ten years later who knows what kind of results. When …… arrived at the company, the time was just after nine o'clock. Li Dong entered the door and said to Liu Qi: "Let Mr. Sun come, yes, by the way, call Qi Yunna to come over, I have some things to explain." Liu Qi hurriedly nodded her head, then looked at Li Dong again, feeling that today's Li Dong was a little different from yesterday. But she did not see exactly what is different, see Li Dong turned around and went into the office, Liu Qi also did not think much, sat down and began to call. …… Sun Tao came, the first feeling and Liu Qi, today's Li Dong seems to be a little different than usual. Specific can not say, but Sun Tao feel Li Dong spirit seems to be a lot of exuberance. The previous Li Dong may have lost motivation, or immersed in the current success, looks a little depressed spirit, sometimes looks more twilight feeling. <> That feeling as if Li Dong this year is not twenty years old, but fifty years old. But today's Li Dong, and when Sun Tao first met Li Dong is very similar. At that time, Li Dong was only 19 years old, single-handedly killed from Dongping to Pingchuan, and he, the vice president of Carrefour some talk, and finally even promised ten percent of the shares reward will Sun Tao stay. At that time, Li Dong was confident, young, open, but did not seem crazy. Sun Tao sometimes doubts, at that time how he believed Li Dong, believed this is still a high school student child. And because of the initial trust, there is everything today. From a small store with a million assets, to today's hundred stores, assets of billions, all this only took two years. These thoughts flashed in Sun Tao's heart, Sun Tao also seems to have returned to the initial period of entrepreneurship, the spirit of a slight uplifting said: "General Li, looking for me something?" Li Dong nodded, did not sit down, but stood up and said, "There are a few things to explain to you." "First, the acquisition of the times! This is the most important task for Yuanfang at the moment, the negotiation team should be completed as soon as possible, and professional negotiation agencies should be found immediately, I want to see a complete negotiation team within a week! At the end of May, the negotiation team must be in place, I want to officially start contact negotiations with Era in June, any questions?" Sun Tao hurriedly said, "No problem!" "Good, then go on to the second thing! Home Xinglong three supermarkets acquisition speed up, the day after tomorrow, Longhua's first funds will arrive, this time we can get our hands on the principal and profit is a total of 190 million, the money is all given to the far side, how to use, you have a number in mind. <>" "Understand!" "The merger and acquisition of several supermarkets in Jiaxinglong also try to complete in early June, I do not want to delay until the second half of the year, June to complete the merger, South Lake and Mingcheng stores are also all open, Yuanfang in Jiangbei will be almost invincible, I do not want to negotiate with the times when Jiangbei civil unrest!" "Don't worry, I will speed up the process." Sun Tao nodded heavily, and then said, "Mr. Li, recently the company has a lot of things to do, and there is a shortage of manpower. This time I want to recruit more talent reserves, and once the acquisition of the era is completed, it will be difficult to take over quickly with our current capabilities. My idea is whether to recruit some high-end talents now and make some expansion in the management as well." Li Dong thought for a moment and nodded, "Yes, not only to meet the management needs of the times, but also to consider the management needs of the Yuanfang Mall when it goes out independently in the future. Far Eastern was established in a short period of time, the lack of talent reserves, we should not completely learn from other companies, young people can also be promoted more. I am not afraid of making mistakes, as long as they are not irreversible, I can afford to lose this. Give some graduates who entered the company last year and this year a chance to speed up their training, and I hope that after taking over the era, Yuanfang can quickly complete the unification." Sun Tao nodded again, and even took out a small notebook from his pocket and wrote it down. Li Dong lost his smile when he saw this: "Don't make it so serious, just remember roughly. How to do exactly I do not arrange, your own discretion." Sun Tao answered, but still recorded what Li Dong said. Li Dong did not say more, then said: "Third, now the company things are getting more and more, I'm okay, you are afraid that this side is too busy, turn back to the graduate recruitment, you arrange for the personnel side, separate selection of some staff out, set up a general manager's office." This point Sun Tao did not refuse, because he is indeed very busy. And the company deal with various departments, and the two vice presidents deal with, but also to manage several large projects, but also responsible for the acquisition of small supermarket stores, but also have to deal with the government side …… these are making him busy, now he has more assistants than Li Dong, three people. But this is not enough, more assistants, the assistant general manager is also somewhat unofficial. Sun Tao wanted to mention this before, but think about it he still did not say, mainly because Li Dong to now also only Liu Qi an assistant, he raised inconvenient. Now since Li Dong said, Sun Tao also proposed: "no longer add a chairman's office, I see Liu Qi recently also busy enough."