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Chapter 362 - The May Storm

  Leaving behind his personal vendetta, Li Dong became much saner. He put more energy into his career and devoted more time to the company. Did Yuan Xue go to the class reunion, did not leave Pingchuan, Li Dong did not bother to ask. Qin Yuhan has no vacation, how the dessert house operation, Li Dong also did not care much. He worked up a lot of madness, some lingering affairs in the early distant, Li Dong regardless of the size, one by one, personally asked. If not for the fact that the negotiation team is not yet in place, Li Dong is even prepared to go on a province-wide tour. The number of open plus unopened stores in Far Eastern now exceeded one hundred. In addition to the upcoming acquisition of three small and medium-sized supermarkets, the number of stores has reached one hundred and twenty. Of these 120 stores, Li Dong had actually visited less than one-third of them, and he urgently needed to understand Yuanfang's operation system. The province-wide inspection was not a sudden thought of Li Dong, as early as when the Yuanfang Mall was launched, Li Dong was ready to do so. But a lot of things happened in the middle, things have been delayed until now. …… Just when Li Dong was busy, Pingchuan is also changing little by little. The company's main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to the general public. The Qi family because of tax evasion and financial chaos, coupled with the company's senior defection, as well as various other problems of the Light Group, resulting in a broken capital chain, and finally insolvency by Hu's group to 50 million cash acquisition. Of course, insolvency is only nominal, in fact, most of the $50 million still fell into the hands of the Qi family father and son. I don't know if they reached an agreement with Hu Wanlin, or they felt they couldn't stay in Pingchuan anymore, the Qi family left Jiangbei for Shanghai with all their belongings. As for the tax evasion problem, the Qi family side to make up the tax money, then it seems that nothing happened, and no one held them responsible for tax evasion. In fact, this is normal, to be honest, to do business, no matter how many, at least six out of ten have this problem. If everyone is caught, the prison can not squat. In addition to Hu Wanlin in the middle of the point, things so quietly passed, the light group also officially into the Hu Group. This time Hu Wanlin acquisition of the Group, Li Dong also picked up a not too small bargain. Because the first batch of land payments of Longhua Li Dong did not take a single point, 190 million all returned to the far side, Li Dong is now considered penniless. But he has no money does not mean that he can not borrow money, Li Dong secretly to Xu Shengzhe borrowed 30 million. Among them, 20 million was used to exchange for 15% of the shares of Hakkasan Supermarket in the hands of Hu Wanlin, and 5 million was used to pay for the Lanshan Manor villa transferred to him by Chen Rui. Both of these things were carried out secretly by Li Dong, and few people knew about it. Even Xu Shengzhe did not know what Li Dong borrowed money to do, but he did not ask, 30 million, Li Dong's side there are still seven hundred million in funds left in Longhua side did not pay, 30 million Li Dong is not likely to renege. The shares of Hakkaslong side Li Dong also did not rush to transfer into his name, now still in the hands of Hu Wanlin. Hu Wanlin annexation of the Light Group, by hand to take over these shares is not a problem, but if the transfer to Li Dong, then the trouble is not small. This kind of big company, the transfer of shares must be notified to other shareholders, Li Dong currently does not want Yao Hong these people know that he holds 15% of the shares of the customer supermarket, so there is no hurry to change hands. As for whether Hu Wanlin will hack these shares of his, Li Dong believes she is not that unwise. Because just on May 25, the official field of Pingchuan shook again a little. Chen Hongbo, secretary of the political and legal committee of Pingchuan, retired to the second line due to health reasons, three months earlier than expected. Originally, Chen Hongbo was also to retire this year, but everyone knew it was almost at the end of August. Now only the end of May, originally Chen Hongbo at least three months of the term, now three months ahead of retirement, is not a small wave. Of course, compared to another leader surnamed Chen, Chen Hongbo retirement caused a lot less discussion. A ten-year early retirement, one three months early, the feeling is different, so Hu Wanlin can still be stable for the time being. The company's main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to the market. All this is more or less and Li Dong can be related to a little, but in May Li Dong seems to have disappeared in front of everyone's eyes. In addition to a few days ago, Yuanfang issued a statement that it would no longer pursue the responsibility of Liu Haoming, other times, Li Dong as if he was no longer in Pingchuan general. However, the company was developing smoothly, and the mall and stores were developing rapidly in an orderly manner. The distribution center and the Yuanfang building are also working overtime. It is expected that the Yuanfang building will be completed by the end of August, and one or two hours of post-project decoration should be enough, so that Yuanfang can move into the new building in October. The same goes for the distribution center. There are fewer people in the southern suburbs, so the work starts more smoothly and is processed day and night.