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Chapter 363 - The First Logistics Park in East Chi

  Li Dong and Shen Xi entered the seventh courtyard in the middle of the brawl. The door was opened by the nanny, and Shen Xi called out to Aunt Wang, and then asked, "Aunt Wang, where is my father?" "The secretary has just returned and is now in the kitchen." The fifty-something nanny said with a kind face. Shen Xi was not surprised, changed her shoes and took a pair of slippers for Li Dong and said, "Put them on, they are new, my dad hasn't worn them either." Li Dong smiled and did not make a sound, the heart is speechless, Shen Xi deliberately said this sentence why. If Du Anmin heard about it, he would be a little more careful and would hate himself later. See nanny Aunt Wang smiling at himself, Li Dong nodded towards her and squatted down to change his slippers. Several people entered the living room together, the living room decoration is not luxurious, of course, not luxurious, just ordinary home decoration. Sofa, dining table, TV, plus some small ornaments and wall paintings, the living room is not much other things. The only highlight is probably the balcony is particularly large, at least twenty square feet or so. Li Dong looked through the glass, the balcony is placed on a small dining table, or desk, a wooden chair can swing, in addition to the table is a few newspapers. It is conceivable that Du Anmin should spend most of his time there rather than in the study when he is usually at home. In his spare time, leaning on the chair, sunbathing, reading the newspaper, I'm afraid that this is also Du Anmin's only pleasure. After measuring these, Li Dong looked towards the kitchen again. Because the kitchen door does not face the living room, Li Dong can not really see, can vaguely see Du Anmin around the waist, is busy next to the stove. When the nanny Aunt Wang went to pour tea, Li Dong asked in a low voice: "Your father usually cooks by himself?" Shen Xi cheerfully said, "That's not true, but when he is in a good mood, he likes to cook and make something to eat. Today you are lucky, it seems he is in a good mood." Li Dong grinned and said, "Shall I go in and say hello?" "Come on, what greeting in the kitchen, you sit here and watch TV, I'll go in and call him." Shen Xi finished pulling Li Dong to sit down on the sofa, and turned on the TV, and only then went into the kitchen. Just in time, Aunt Wang also came over with a cup of tea, Li Dong quickly got up and took it, smiled and said, "Please trouble Aunt Wang." Aunt Wang laughed lightly and said, "Don't be polite, feel at home here, the secretary is very kind." Li Dong hastily nodded his head in response, and when Aunt Wang didn't leave, he didn't have the heart to continue sitting down. Probably seeing Li Dong's discomfort, Aunt Wang smiled again and said, "Then I'll go help in the kitchen, and you can rest yourself for a while." "Okay, thank you, Aunt Wang." Li Dong made a polite remark and waited for the nanny to leave before he sat down and shook his head slightly. Although Aunt Wang said that Secretary Du is amiable, but that is also relative, Secretary Du is amiable to the family nanny, can not say the same to him. If you don't do anything wrong, Li Dong does not matter, Du Anmin is strong again, but not to the point where Li Dong grovels. The key is that Li Dong's back is not solid, he borrowed Du An Min several times, but also has been pulling Shen Xi as a tiger skin, Du An Min must have a number in his heart, this official old man in the end how to think, Li Dong is not clear. …… Li Dong did not sit for long in the living room, three or four minutes later Shen Xi came out first. The first thing you need to do is to get a bottle of wine. Seeing Li Dong looking at himself, Shen Xi smiled and said, "My father's collection, this time you have a mouthful." "Special Maotai?" "Well, thirty years' worth." Shen Xi finished and laughed: "This ration is not much, my father does not have many bottles a year, this bottle will be painful for him to drink for several days." Li Dong laughed and did not say anything, old Du really want to drink, what wine can not drink. As for the heartache for a few days, it's just a show. Shen Xi saw the situation is also a soft smile, and began to go to the restaurant side to set up dishes. Li Dong took a look and got up and said, "I'll help you." Everyone is busy, he is sitting here alone watching TV, some inappropriate, Li Dong is also uncomfortable. Shen Xi did not return and said, "No, you sit and rest for a while, my father will be ready soon." Shen Xi said so, Li Dong did not take the initiative to help, but also did not sit down to continue watching TV, but stood down next to the sofa, staring at the wall paintings and calligraphy up. Li Dong does not know much about calligraphy and painting, and does not know whether these famous calligraphy and painting on the wall are real or not, but he does not care much. Since Du Anmin dares to hang, whether it is true or false, it is not a problem. Fake or real, how many people dare to appreciate his paintings and calligraphy in Du Anmin's house, and how many people will say that the paintings are not good and the words are not good. Li Dong seems to appreciate the paintings and calligraphy, but in his heart he is organizing what to say later. A loan of 500 million is not a small amount, if Du Anmin is willing to support, it is not a big problem. If Du Anmin does not support, it will be a bit of a problem. And if Du Anmin support, the province may also introduce some policies to support themselves, which also has a great benefit to themselves. Acquisition era, will be far out of Jiangbei, to a private enterprise is very important. Of course, Jiangbei Province is also an honor and benefit, not to mention that the acquisition of the times, Yuanfang will pay at least twice as much tax. Far Eastern headquarters in Jiangbei, the tax revenue is naturally this side of Jiangbei accounted for the bulk, the greater Far Eastern do, the more Jiangbei also benefit. If Yuanfang becomes the second China Resources, then the Jiangbei side of the Yuanfang alone is enough to feed tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands of people, these are great political achievements for the officials. China Resources that is still a state-owned enterprise, if private enterprises can do this step, the honor more flourishing. In Li Dong contemplation, behind him came the sound of Du Anmin's mid-air laughter. Li Dong hurriedly turned around and saw that Du Anmin had taken off his waist and was wearing a home suit while walking towards the restaurant and greeted, "Li Dong, come and sit down." Seeing this, Li Dong hurriedly walked over and politely said, "Secretary Du, I'm sorry to bother you." Du Anmin laughed and said, "Don't be polite, this is at home, in private you are Xixi's boss, I am her father, we are of the same generation, what are you polite for." He said and greeted Li Dong to sit down, and then smiled, "Try my cooking later, see if it is to your liking." Li Dong hurriedly nodded his head. Next, Shen Xi and Li Dong Du Anmin were seated, and the nanny, Aunt Wang, did not come over, but dined alone in the kitchen. Apart from the three of them, there was no one else at the table. Li Dong was a little surprised, not knowing whether Shen Xi's mother was gone or not at home. He hadn't asked Shen Xi about this before, and now it's even worse to ask.