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Chapter 364 Everything is ready but the east wind

  Du Anmin closed his eyes and pondered for a moment, not knowing how to calculate in his heart. Li Dong quietly glanced at him, he was actually curious about Du Anmin's choice. Li Dong actually understands the future of Du Anmin, who was transferred at the end of 2007 and no longer holds the post of the first brother of Jiangbei. His future is not to be relegated or relegated to the second line, but to a higher level. At the end of next year, Du Anmin entered the capital as mayor, and after four years in this position, he then went to the next level in '12 and took over the position of the first brother of the capital. The capital is the national capital, the political center of China. Du Anmin can go that far, it can be seen that he is not a simple person. Of course, these Li Dong is actually not too concerned, he cares is Du Anmin still have more than a year's time to leave Jiangbei. And investment in logistics park is a more time-consuming project, Du Anmin if this time proposed to invest in the construction, even if there are results, the fruit is not his. And if there are no good results, maybe he will also be affected by a small impact. At the end of next year is the time of the change of term, this time Du Anmin even if he does not know his future destination, but probably still can guess that he will not be re-elected in Jiangbei. In this case, Li Dong wants to know how Du Anmin will choose. But after all, Du Anmin is an official in the field, even if the performance is more amiable, will not be in front of Li Dong mouth. The project involving tens of billions of dollars, even if Du Anmin has plans in mind, he will not say to Li Dong. After a while, Du Anmin opened his eyes and did not continue to dwell on the topic of logistics park, but talked about the main purpose of today. Li Dong's purpose is a loan, five hundred million, guaranteed by the government. Government guaranteed loans, in some countries the law is allowed, but not in the country, there is no such rule. Of course, there are many ways to workaround. When the investment fever, many local governments have done so, and even more than this. A few hundred million is nothing, just into the twentieth century, a prefecture-level city government, guaranteed loans of more than ten billion have. The result is naturally good and bad, the good is the development of enterprises, indeed, to the local development of not small, the government also followed the benefit. But the bad side is more, of which a variety of winding things will not say. The local government was cheated a lot, absconded with a lot of money, a lot of business bankruptcy, and in the end, many officials have fallen on hard times. Jiangbei side of this situation is naturally not uncommon, Du Anmin heart must be more clear than Li Dong. Five hundred million, not too much, but also not less. The good thing is that the supermarket is a high-quality enterprise, a lot of fixed assets, even if something goes wrong, the money can be recovered. But the downside is also there, if Li Dong ran away with the money, then the matter will be a big deal. People's hearts are unpredictable, although Li Dong think they will not do this kind of thing, but also impossible to do this kind of thing, but who knows how Du Anmin think. He and Li Dong have not dealt with several times, at most through Shen Xi to Li Dong some understanding. In this case, he will support Li Dong? Li Dong came before some tangled and apprehensive, but talking about the present, Li Dong is not tangled. Can accomplish into, can not accomplish forget. Five hundred million only, really can not, the far side of their own loans, two or three hundred million can still be loaned. As for the rest of the money, the big deal is that their own private three hundred million also put in, which is enough. Of course, this is the last resort, otherwise Li Dong still want to loan. The more than three hundred million in his hands is useful, this year to next year is a big bull market, this time to invest in stocks, they can certainly make a fortune. Also, the real estate industry as previously mentioned, this area uses more money, more than three hundred million is actually nothing. Next year, the price of housing is soaring, if you want to get involved in real estate, before the end of the year, you must enter the field, then the far side can not have much money. Li Dong has made his own investment in the preparation, this time if the money spent on top of the times, turn around and I'm afraid they can only dry watch. These thoughts keep flashing in Li Dong's mind, and I do not know how long it took, Du Anmin finally spoke. "That distribution center you do a good job, and fresh supermarket this piece, you do not seem to do much, I heard that the far side recently and a number of new stores to open. I personally suggest that you put some effort into this piece of fresh supermarkets to support the national 'vegetable basket project'. If these two projects are done well, the plight of Yuanfang will be solved naturally. The Ministry of Commerce and the provincial government to you private enterprises, support the policy can be a lot, learn to pay more attention to the political …… "Du Anmin said a lot of words, but most of Li Dong did not understand. Can not blame him stupid, it is Du Anmin said too cloudy. But Li Dong vaguely heard a little meaning, Du Anmin should be to support their own, but the government guaranteed loans this piece of non-compliance after all, Du Anmin should be pointing out their own way. Although Li Dong did not fully understand, but he will still Du Anmin words all down.