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Chapter 365 - The Defeated General

  The next day. At ten o'clock in the morning, Li Dong met this professional business negotiation team in the conference room of Far Eastern Company. A professional negotiation team, naturally, would not have fewer personnel. This negotiation team from Shanghai consisted of eight people, five men and three women. The leader of the negotiation team is a forty-year-old man with glasses, always with a warm smile on his face, so that people have a sense of cordiality at first glance. The other party introduced himself as Yu Bo, a very handsome man, a handsome middle-aged man. The handsome, smile and sunshine, in addition to a little older, Yu Bo can go to the university as a schoolboy. Of course, older is also an advantage, many girls are more like a mature man, Yu Bo such a middle-aged handsome man, if you go around the university, to ensure that you can hook up with a few girls. Li Dong has a good first impression of Bo, which is also the success of this team of Yu Bo. Although business negotiations, talking about the interests, talking about the ability, but the appearance is always the first perception. If Yu Bo looks ugly, so that people can not stand to see, even if he is capable of strong, in the negotiation field can only play at most half of the strength. If the opponent is a woman, maybe because you are too ugly, could have been negotiated, and finally stirred up. Li Dong and Yu Bo shook hands with each other, and then introduced the members of their team to each other. On Li Dong's side, there are general manager Sun Tao, financial director Liu Hongmei, assistant to the chairman Liu Qi, and Sun Tao's assistant Lin Na. As for Shen Xi and her senior, the scene did not see a trace, Li Dong also did not say much. But Li Dong deep in his eyes still reveals some dissatisfaction, Shen Xi called him in the morning, her senior is free, people can come, but something to delay. This a delay, from eight to ten o'clock, Yu Bo's team have arrived, the two are still missing. Li Dong heart some vague displeasure, if not for the person is introduced by Shen Xi, Li Dong directly let him get out! You are more powerful, more capable, Li Dong can not beg your head. Since you promised to come over, not late is the minimum respect for both sides, this formal occasion, you promised to come, and the result is late, the frame is also too big to take. Or simply do not promise, you have something to do to busy themselves, why empty promises. Of course, this is all in Li Dong's mind, now people are not in, Li Dong will not give Yu Bo pose face to see. After Li Dong introduced his side of the people, Yu Bo also opened his mouth to introduce: "This is Wang Hao, responsible for the team's business work, but also our team's auxiliary talk, this is ……" Yu Bo finished introducing, Li Dong also has a simple understanding of their team. Eight people, Yu Bo is the head of the team, but also the main negotiation, Wang Hao is the auxiliary negotiation. Others are responsible for finance, legal, technology, as well as two behind-the-scenes staff responsible for data collection and collation, and finally a young woman is the team's translator. Once he heard the word translator, Li Dong could not help but look at the young woman. It's not that the other party is so beautiful, but Li Dong felt some unnecessary, before it has been agreed that it is domestic negotiations, we speak Mandarin, this time get a translator out, superfluous, right. As if to see Li Dong's doubts, Yu Bo smiled and explained: "Mr. Li do not think that domestic translation is not important, when negotiating, sometimes a small opportunity or even a sentence may change the whole situation. Zheng Rao is fluent in English, French, Japanese, German, as well as nine local languages in China. If the native language of the opponent we are negotiating with is one of these, it can be easier to communicate then, and maybe it can change the whole situation." Hearing what Yu Bo said, Li Dong couldn't help but nod his head. This is still a little bit of truth, to push others with oneself, if someone is talking business with Li Dong, speaking the local language of Dongping. And at the same time the other party has a competitor, two people offer similar conditions, Li Dong ten ** will choose that speaks the local language of Dongping. Because the other party has something in common with himself, the first perception will certainly be stronger than the other party. Thinking of this Li Dong nodded, and did not pick a thorn in the side. His perception of this team is not bad, a random girl is an expert in the language, and the strength does not look weak. Of course, this is only the first impression, as to whether the other party has real material or is just blowing the atmosphere, will be able to talk more naturally to distinguish some. After introducing each other, Li Dong greeted the other party and took his seat. The two parties just sat down, the door of the conference room was knocked, through the glass door, everyone saw a man and a woman outside the door. Li Dong frowned slightly and gestured towards Liu Qi. Liu Qi hurriedly got up to open the door, then Shen Xi and a sunny handsome man around thirty years old entered the conference room. Li Dong swept a glance at the man, his heart was a bit depressed, does a negotiator have to be a handsome man? Although somewhat dissatisfied with the other party's tardiness, but Li Dong still got up and greeted, "Mr. Shen, Mr. Yuan, you sit." After saying that, Li Dong also introduced towards Yu Bo and the others, "This is Ms. Shen Xi, the vice general manager of Yuanfang, and this Mr. Yuan is ……"