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Chapter 366 - Careful Eyes

  Surprised, Yu Bo is not a few people who have not gone through the storm. Yu Bo quickly settled down and asked again, "Mr. Li, can you tell us your requirements? Full acquisition or holding, or acquisition of part of the equity to participate in the business operation?" "Wholly-owned acquisition!" If the previous Li Dong said acquisition times, the crowd was just surprised, now it is shocked. Yu Bo before they came to investigate the information of Yuanfang, a company founded in '04, the past two years of rapid development, said to be the dominant enterprise in the retail industry in Jiangbei. But Yuanfang after all, the bottom is thin, Li Dong behind no consortium support. If we roughly estimate the assets of Yuanfang, we can know that the strength of Yuanfang is not too strong, and if we talk about supermarkets alone, the total value of Yuanfang will not exceed one billion. Under such circumstances, Li Dong actually wants to make a full acquisition of the times, which is really unexpected. If it is said to acquire part of the equity, it is still possible. But the full acquisition, Yu Bo doubts Li Dong in the end can come up with the funds. Of course, Yu Bo will not mention this, they are only responsible for business negotiations, as for whether Li Dong has money, it is not his business. Although Yuanfang is not the top in the retail industry, it can also be called a first-class enterprise. Yu Bo is not afraid that Li Dong can not afford to pay their commission, if even this can not afford, Yuanfang simply close down. The next Yu Bo did not ask Li Dong questions, but picked up the folder and read it. Others did the same, Yuan Chengdao also lowered his head and picked up the file to watch. Seeing this, Li Dong did not bother, and gave a glance to Shen Xi, then greeted Yu Bo and the others and left the conference room. Shen Xi whispered to Yuan Chengdao, and then also followed out of the conference room. …… left the conference room some distance away before Li Dong stopped in his tracks. Shen Xi walked over and asked, "Something wrong?" Li Dong nodded and asked, "Can Yuan Chengdao be assured?" Shen Xi frowned slightly and said, "What do you mean?" Li Dong waved his hand and lowered his voice, "This time, Yuanfang's participation in Era's acquisition is not a big secret, but I don't want to expose it so early. The contact between Yuanfang and Era has always been in secret, and Era is happy to have one more competitor. Our negotiation team used to be confidential, so if Yuan Chengdao reveals the news in advance, it will be detrimental to Yuanfang." Yu Bo's side is fine, regardless of success, the two sides signed a confidentiality agreement, Yu Bo they will certainly not disclose. Yuan Chengdao because Shen Xi invited, Li Dong will not make Shen Xi look too bad, naturally will not sign this thing, Li Dong ask is normal. Who let Yuan Cheng Dao this guy to Li Dong's impression is not very good, otherwise people are invited, Li Dong will not deliberately ask this question. Shen Xi glared at Li Dong, some exasperation: "certainly not! Although Yuan Cheng Dao has a bad temper, but this professional ethics still has, you can not think so badly of people's hearts." Li Dong said, "I'm just asking, after all, so much money is involved, is it wrong for me to be cautious?" "Since you are not at ease, then why did you ask me to invite people yesterday?" "Did I ask you to invite? If you hadn't mentioned it, I would have found someone in the industry and signed a confidentiality agreement, and everything would have been fine!" "Li Dong, are you blaming me?" Li Dong frowned and said, "I do not blame you, forget it, this is it, I do not want to say anymore." After saying this, Li Dong was ready to go back, but Shen Xi grabbed his arm and said with a face of aggression: "I helped the company is wrong? If you don't agree, can I just let people come over?" Li Dong took a deep breath and nodded, "Okay, this is my fault. I have a small heart, okay? I will not let him down in terms of treatment later." Shen Xi was still unhappy and said in shame: "I understand, after all, you still blame him for not giving you face, right? He was late for a reason, I scolded him for that long ago, and, if you think he just disrespected you, you must have misunderstood, he is this temper, people who are familiar with him know that." Li Dong saw that there were already distant staff around, lowered his voice and said, "You have said that only those who are familiar with him know, am I familiar with him? Also, when did I say he didn't give me face? I'm talking to you about confidential matters, you don't need to pull away from me!" Shen Xi grunted: "You think I don't know you, you're just a cautious person!" "Bullshit, you're the one who's cautious!" Li Dong rolled his eyes, secretly said: I am careful about what is wrong. In fact, he is not angry, just think Shen Xi to this senior too much regard and trust, this is also the reason why Li Dong some dissatisfaction. After all, there are some things that involve distant secrets, in fact, according to Li Dong's idea, should also have to sign a confidentiality agreement with Yuan Chengdao to be right. Even if he did not mention, this Shen Xi should also mention. But Shen Xi did not, she trusts this senior, Li Dong does not know the inside story, but he feels that Shen Xi is joking about the matter of the far side. This is not a family talk, just a few words no problem. The success or otherwise of the acquisition of the era is related to the future strategy of Yuanfang, Shen Xi does not seem to take this too seriously. The good thing is that this is the first contact, the two sides also did not talk about something more important, so Li Dong can now accept. As for the next exchange with Yu Bo and the others, Li Dong is not going to let Yuan Chengdao continue to follow. But this matter is not necessary to say now, anyway, before and Yuan Chengdao said only to examine the level of the other party, now Yu Bo and their level of how clear, Yuan Chengdao's task is completed, think Yuan Chengdao will not take the initiative to help Li Dong to play for nothing. …… Li Dong felt that Yuan Chengdao would not help him play for nothing, which is not a wrong guess. But when Li Dong entered the meeting room, Yuan Chengdao's words still surprised Li Dong a little. It took a while before Li Dong frowned and said, "Mr. Yuan, do you mean you want to help Yuan Fang negotiate this acquisition?" Yuan Chengdao nodded and said with a straight face, "Yuanfang's acquisition of Times, once it succeeds, will definitely be a big news. Taking the tiger's mouth from these big group companies like China Resources Vanguard, Bailian Group, and Material Mart Group is also something that we negotiators can only dream of, so I want to try." Li Dong frowned and said, "Mr. Yuan, this matter is not a joke." Yuan Chengdao nodded and said, "I know." Li Dong glanced at Shen Xi, his heart was a bit unhappy, Yu Bo and the others have not yet left, Yuan Chengdao pry the wall in front of some do not know how to measure it! Besides, this acquisition has a huge impact on Yuanfang, and both Li Dong and Yuanfang have spent a lot of money and effort. Yuan Chengdao said he wanted to try, why should Li Dong agree to him?